Lensse UniqueX Video Camera Stabilizer

Lensse is a company that makes very simple and affordable Video camera stabilizers that support iPhones all the way up to heavy DSLR bodies. These stabilizers balance your camera over a ball socket gimbal, attempting to prevent the transfer of shaky hands into the camera while walking, and also keeping your camera level with the horizon. You can see the complete line of stabilizers they offer (here).

Recently Lensse has just announced a new Stabilizer version called the UniqueX. It shares many of the same features at their other line of stabilizers, but the highlight of this new stabilizer is the adjustable Gimbal which can be relocated to the center of balance. Just another way of fine tuning the balance of your setup. Specs state it will support cameras up to 3 lbs and retails for about $100 bucks. Check it out via Amazon (Click Here).

Lensse UniqueX Video Camera Stabilizer
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5 thoughts on “Lensse UniqueX Video Camera Stabilizer

  1. Chrys

    I don't really like the way you have the slack all the thing and use "trial and errors" to find the good setting. Others make it easier to fine tune your settings without losing it all apart.
    my two cents

  2. Chrys

    ...Unless you are very experienced with your other hand so you control the movement a little...I used to do that with the smoothie with very good results... But still, it's really hard when it's windy

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @homing - You're right. These work great for casual walking or speed walking, but I don't think it's made well for full on running.

  4. homing

    Really not conviced by the demo footage at the beggining of the video.
    I know it's an entry level stabiliser, but way to much wobbling for me !

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