Lanparte Hard Stop Follow Focus Review

Vimeo member LJ Lee shares a review on the Lanparte Follow Focus with A/B hard stops, removable marking disc, and quick release 15mm clamp [Thanks LJ]. Lanparte has various DSLR equipment which all have excellent reviews, but they can be a bit pricey at times. This Follow Focus with manual stops can average about $400 dollars on eBay (Click Here for more information).

Lanparte DSLR Follow Focus A B Hard Stops
find-price-button Lanparte Follow Focus A/B Hard Stops

3 thoughts on “Lanparte Hard Stop Follow Focus Review

  1. Tony

    Nice plug Steven lol. A/B hard stops are nice and my 2nd rig will probably go with this type of FF. Now I just use two Fotga 500 FF... My thumb and the adjustable marker is my A-stop. =)

  2. Steven Shepard

    This is an excellent follow focus and excellent price. I will be distributing Lanparte products in the next few weeks.

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