LanParte External Battery Power for Canon DSLR Test

So I just received the LanParte Li-ion Battery Packs a short while back. I was pretty curious to see what the run time was actually going to be like, so here's a video showing a continuous time lapse test with a Canon 5D Mark II. Specs state that the LanParte External Battery is equivalent to 4 LP-E6 batteries. The overall run time during this continuous shooting test ran for just over 5 hours.

The only problem was that my order did not come with was the proper plug for USA outlets, but we happened to have a converter on hand to charge up the pack. Or maybe you may already have a 12V 2A adapter with a 2.5/5.5 tip like this (found here). These battery packs are available in LP-E6 or LP-E8 battery adapters so it can power most Canon HD Video DSLRs (including all REBEL HDSLR cameras) out on the market today. You can find the LanParte External Battery for Canon Cameras via eBay (click here).

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24 thoughts on “LanParte External Battery Power for Canon DSLR Test

  1. joostvs

    Which release/timer device did you use (for activating the canera at a given interval)?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Tery Wilson - If you're talking about the adapter on the wall charger, it uses a 5.5mm 2.5mm tip.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @David - The Tekkeon offers far more options since you can adjust the output voltage to work with a variety of other accessories. This LanParte can surely power a DP4 through an LP-E6 battery plate.

  4. David

    how would you compare this to the Tekkeon external battery pack? Are there any pluses or minuses to using either? Can this be used to power a DP4 or some other source that has an LP-E6 adapter plate or equivalent adapter? Thanks!

  5. @emm I understand the time issue. I will test it out once I get the battery delivered and update you so everyone can know.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick - I have not tried that, and am not sure if it will run any longer. Good question, but I don't think i'll have time to test that out.

  7. @emm I just purchased the battery pack and the adapter that you posted. I was curious if you had it plugged in (both in the wall and camera) would it double as a constant power source for the Camera. This would make indoor timelapses possible for longer then 5 hours.

  8. Travis W

    I second the comparison to the Tekkeon pack. Which is $40 extra, but looks better built with more adapter combinations.

  9. iP337

    So if I get the "E8" version kit but also get the "E6" dummy battery adapter alone, would this battery work on both rebel and standard Canon DSLRs alike?

  10. @ Emm
    Thanks for this post Emm - how would you compare this to the Tekkeon external battery pack? Are there any pluses or minuses to using either? Can this be used to power a DP4 or some other source that has an LP-E6 adapter plate or equivalent adapter? Thanks!

  11. Blake

    Awesome stuff, I might invest in one of these!

    Can the cable be changed? Would love it if this was also compatible with the BMCC by just changing the cable

  12. Steven

    As far as a mounting option goes, I saw on one of the product pages that they just had it hanging it its protective bag beneath the tripod for weight. I'm not sure how heavy these are, but at least it wouldn't be in the way.

    I also though that strapping it onto a shoulder pad would be a solid idea for keeping it out of the way & close enough to the camera for the cord to reach. I know it's got a belt clip on the protective case. You could just slip it onto a zip tie or something. Velcro is also a potential option.

  13. @emm I really like this Thank you Emm. To bad it hasnt any mounting point but the price is amazing.

    @Anthony if you can get a dummy batery it will work, I think

    - also be aware to get the good version for your battery E6 or E8

  14. I wonder if this could be somehow rigged to use with other cameras? I just purchased a GH3 and now have about 8 canon batteries from my t2i just laying around.

  15. Simeon

    Looks really nice. And the price is absolutly great.
    I was wondering if you can use this battery as an adapter between the Camera and the socket. Cause there is no direkt adapter as far as I know. If you know a direct adapter It would be great to let me know where to find it.

    Greedings from germany


  16. Jerry

    I received mine, I tested at one of my wedding event over the weekend. I had my assistant use it for b-roll, I foooken love it. He didnt have to come and ask me for batteries, it woudl be nice if they made hotshoe mount for it. Many I'll buy 5 more of these.

  17. Joseph

    I was curious to know if it worked with the new 6D, I have had communication errors with my older 3rd party LP-e6's. Thanks for the help!

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - Mileage will vary, especially in full HD Video use with more processing required you will have shorter run times than this time lapse test. Still this little pack runs much longer than the standard OEM Canon battery.

  19. Was the camera in live view for the duration? I'm curious how long it would run if the lcd screen was turned off. Thanks for running the test, that's super helpful info.

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