LAING Steadicam for RED Scarlet Sony FS700

I pretty much hang in the small DSLR video camera side of things, but I am often asked for a good Steadicam Vest type system that can be used for larger cameras such as the Sony FS700 or RED Scarlet / EPIC. ProCinemaTools has a video review about a steadicam system that many RED Users have been discussing on the forums called the Laing M-02 Laing M-02 Camera Support Vest Stabilizer Kit.

The video mentions the Laing M-02 Camera Support Vest Stabilizer Kit is rockin' a 22 pound RED Scarlet setup with rails and a MatteBox over the top. The top stage can also mount the camera at a tilted angle (up/down) for more creative shots while still being balanced. It's designed to work with an LCD monitor up front on the lower sled, and the Gimbal can be adjusted up and down the telescoping post. If you're looking to fly some big cameras, this is being called a high quality affordable system. You can find the Laing Stabilizer Vest Kit via eBay (Click Here).

Laing Vest Steadicam Sony FS100 RED Epic Scarlet FS700Laing Steadicam Vest Sony FS700Procinematools Steadicam Laing M-02 RED Scarlet
find-price-button Laing Camera Support M-02 Stabilizer Vest Kit - via eBay

23 thoughts on “LAING Steadicam for RED Scarlet Sony FS700

  1. Howard

    Hi, what battery and monitor have you used with the Laing?

    I am going through all sorts of fun to try and get this bit of kit working. Connection plates for the FS700 etc.

    Can you help please?

  2. Joel

    Hey, i'm thinking of purchasing the Laing Stabilizer (0.5-5kg) because I use dslrs and two sony digital camcorders (The NX70u & the HXRMC2000u) so I think that this would be the better buy because I know the larger steadicam with the dual arm is specifically for larger cameras and wont balance my cameras properly.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Nasir Rahim - A glidecam works great with 7D. Which version so you have because ideally the stabilizer should be as small as possible and is loaded up close to it's max weight capacity. If the stabilizer is too big it will flop all over.

  4. Joe

    @Peter thanks for the input I own a Fly Cam 3000 and a shoulder rig so I am looking into a rig that fly large studio rigs. I was kind of planning on making some sort of attachable weight system to counter balance the DSLR.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Greg - Yes you can always load up the weight to reach the minimum required. This is not always ideal though when you just need a quick shot in with a small camera. This is the reason why I own several products. One just for light cameras, and one for heavier cameras.

  6. Greg

    I plan on using a steadicam for both my DSLR as well as a higher end Epic or Scarlet. Can't I use my 5/7D with heavy L glass, metal cage, mattebox and external battery with 5" monitor and get somewhat closer to the heavy weight required for this Laing M-02?

    There's nothing wrong with loading up the weight, if I can tell. It's just a cheaper price for lower weight Steadicam rigs, right?

  7. Peter

    @Joe. It does appear that the bracket can be switched from left to right from the picture provided. its a simple dovetail style lock knob so should be easy to flip. What I found is that Steadicam Rigs tend to work best when they are closer to their max load. If you were to put a barebone DSLR on it, the inertia of the lower portion of the sled might throw it off quite easily when you are moving.

    My rig with everything is looking to be around 8kgs and sometimes I have to throw small weights on it on certain steadicam rigs to keep the weight up. Hope this helps

  8. Michael Solomon

    Your DSLR rig is probably too lightweight for this particular steadicam. You should look at just getting a handheld stabailizer. Something like a Glidecam or Blackbird

  9. Joe

    Hey I was wondering if this could be mounted for both a right hand and left handed user. I was also wondering what if any data there is that suggest that this steady cam wouldn't be ideal for DSLRs?

  10. Michael Solomon

    Ah.... yes, well I need the extra load capacity. I use an FS-100 but it's typically fully rigged with v-mount, monitor, rails, mattebox, wireless FF, external recorder etc. And then I often also use my buddies fully kitted epic. So we'll see how it runs with both cameras =p

  11. OldCorpse

    @Derek - that load (AF100+battery+lenses+monitor+nanoFlash+matbox+rails+follow focus+?) is still going to be no more than about 10lbs, no? If so, why not go for the one that Emm recommended not long ago, vest+arm for about $800 or so, which is half or less than what you linked to? I mean that one is listed as load capacity of 1-7kg, which is up to about 15lbs upper capacity. Even if it can only carry like about 10lbs really well, that is still an advantage, because of the lower capacity of 1kg, which means you can fly smaller DSLRs. Basically, you can fly from small DSLRs up to smaller video cameras like the FS100 or AF100, or C100, or BMCC with all the accessories.

    What we are seeing here is capacities of 2-15kg, which excludes most smaller DSLRs, and really are suited to heavier cams like the RED.

    If most of your work is on larger cams, then yeah, you should get that one, but if you mostly work with DSLRs, then perhaps the smaller one is more versatile.

    I bought the smaller 1-7kg one that Emm recommended, because I intend to fly the DH3 on it - though a friend of mine has the FS100, and I've been wondering if perhaps I should try flying the FS100 too, just to see... anyone tried an FS100 or AF100 on the smaller "CAME" (or whatever they call it these days - the 1-7kg)?

  12. Peter

    Sounds good Emm. I think I have finally found a decent rig to get into for Steadicam work. Practice time!

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael Solomon - Well if it's good enough for some RED users..... The only thing that people need to consider is that it will only work with heavier camera setups. This is not something that will fly a light weight DSLR.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter - It's the same system, but some have additional pieces and may be priced differently.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Derek - It looks like the older version. I would suggest the ones on eBay as it has the more updated features.

  16. Peter

    So is the system third down on the link with the seperate bracket for monitor the same system? that seems like a much better setup than the one shown on the video since you can bring the monitor higher/closer to your body.

    This one(to be exact):

  17. Interesting. These may be selling under different names (Check out . I own an XT4000, which is a pre-production model that may or may not be released, so you won't find it anywhere, but is the same as in the video. I fly an AF100 with v-mount batteries, nanoFlash and Ikan VX7e easily. Dynamic balance is easy to achieve and the vest is fairly comfortable, but can become frustrating when the padding slips out from under the buckles, easily fixed by sewing a "belt loop" strap of sorts to keep it in place. The action is very smooth and the arms are easily adjusted (especially if you carry around two allen wrenches for it).

    Emm, I'm not sure the ebay links are to the product in the video. The vests have different knobs, the sled has different features, and the arm seems different as well.

    I haven't posted any videos using the stabilizer, but did recently shoot a music video with it and got fantastic results. (Still editing down the footage)

  18. Hampus

    Glad to see more people getting this, I own an updated version with separate monitor bracket and other added goodies. But this videos doesn't really do this rig justice, the operator is either a beginner or don't know how to properly balance the rig.

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