Laing P-03 Video Camera Stabilizer

Nitsan writes in and shares a new stabilizer called the Laing P-03 which has shown up with one of the same sellers that carries the Wieldy Carbon Fiber Stabilizer (article here). Looking closely at the design, the Laing P-03 stabilizer has a strong resemblance as the Wondlan Magic Stabilizer (found here on eBay).

Wondlan Mini Stabilizer Magic
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The Laing P-03 has an adjustable center Gimbal and round sled counterweights. The top stage has adjustable fine trimming and a quick release plate. Although it looks to be much smaller and slightly less expensive than the Wondlan Magic Stabilizer, I still feel the Wieldy Carbon Fiber i've been flying would be a much better stabilizer. Still, if you're interested on finding out more about the Laing P-03, you can find additional info via eBay (click here).

p-03 stabilizerLaing Stabilizer Carbon

laing stabilizerlaing p03 stabilizer
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