Laing P-03 Stabilizer DSLR Overview

Laing P-03 DSLR Stabilizer. [Thanks Nitsan] This small vide camera stabilizer features a gimbal that can be repositioned on the telescoping post and fine tuning knobs at the top stage for simple balancing typically not found on other entry level systems. Priced at just over $200 dollars and found (here).

p-03 stabilizerLaing Stabilizer Carbon

laing stabilizerlaing p03 stabilizer
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38 thoughts on “Laing P-03 Stabilizer DSLR Overview

  1. Steven

    @MiguelNovelo - The "CAME" vest Emm reviewed in the past will work with the P-03. The opening at the bottom of the handle is 3/4 of an inch. With Emm double-checking the post on the dual arm, they should be able to work together.

  2. Steven


    I got a new gymbal from orpheus_c and I am experiencing the same issue.

    See the video link on comment #33.

    Hopefully he can ship me a completely new P-03.

    I really want this to work out, but it looks like I have to be the one guy that needs to jump through hoops in order to get the results everyone else gets w/o any issues.

    More updates to come...

  3. ricland

    What about the Laing, then?

    I want a stabalizer that can really fly the G2 without getting arm weary.

    PS: Steddiepod deal is beginning to develop serious issues. Trying to resolve them. Full report soon.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @ricland - I can tell you right now the GH2 is 'too light' for the Wieldy. Stabilizers require a minimum amount of weight to balance correctly. The larger the stabilizer, the heavier the minimum weight it requires.

  5. ricland

    A few questions:

    1. Is it better than the Wieldy? (for the Gh2)

    2. Follow-up reports, please, from those who bought it.

    3. Follow-up video clips would be nice too.

    4. Are you getting the vest? If not, why not.


  6. Emm

    Post author

    @MiguelNovelo - I don't know if this vest will fit into the handle of the stabilizer. I don't see these two things bundled, so it may require some modifications.

  7. Steven briant

    I just got one too, I already had a mz steadycam which is the best compact stabilizer I've tried before.
    I wanted a glidecam type of stabilizer, so far is way harder to stabilize than my Mz stabilizer, but I'm still learning, the quality is really good, and it's much lighter than the glidecam worth every penny.

    this s the last video I made with the MZ steadycam

    I'll upload one video with the laing stabilizer when I master it.

  8. Paul C


    The seller is now selling another stabilizer that looks awfully similar to Gildecam. I guess that's the "Wieldy" one we saw before but it's now under another name

  9. Erik

    i just got one in the mail today actually.
    it's great build quality.
    love it so far. but still figuring out how to dynamic balance it.

    actually like it better than my merlin which im probably going to sell tomorrow.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Takata - The HD2000 can support a good amount of weight, and I think is still the better stabilizer.

  11. Takata


    In my country Glidecam HD-2000 has the same price as Laing P-03.

    What can you advise in this case?

  12. Patrick

    I hope gets restocked soon. Orpheus says he's waiting on stock still. Anyone know where to grab one besides that amazon seller?

  13. William

    I also would like to know if this will work with the wieldy vest you recommended earlier or similar?

  14. Nang

    Paul C, when did you order yours? I've been searching all over the net and it seems to be sold out. There's a seller on Amazon, but after I made an order, it said estimated delivery is May 22 to June 19 because it's unavailable right now. So I cancelled and waiting on it to be in stock again.

  15. Paul C

    Got it yesterday. Adjustment was a breeze. I managed to get the whole set up balanced and ready to fly in 15 minutes

    Build quality is simply amazing. The tool-free adjustment on the gimbal and mounting plate are godsend

  16. Nang

    Anyone know what type of carrying case is good for the Laing? I'm really interested in this steadicam, but I travel a lot and need to be able to carry this around.


  17. ...this looks pretty good...nitsan does some great reviews...but as much as i love my flycam c5, i would still give this a look...

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @impoze - The Wieldy will hold more weight. This small stabilizer is mainly for DSLR bodies.

  19. Paul C

    I got one last week after I saw this video. I got mine from the first batch. Then I saw the seller had another batch about two days ago and they are all gone again.

  20. Scott

    I don't have the link, but if you go to this review on YouTube you can click on first link in description for test footage.

  21. Jerry

    I just received their Laing M-02 equal almost to the steadicam zephyr, I gotta say the gimbal is well made and I like it. This hand held stabilizer top stage is better then glidecam and the gimbal is great.

    I did not go thru their site but an email with Tracy.

  22. AndyH

    Dammit, just got the opteka steadyvid pro, this looks good, the gimbal design seems better. Re; the opteka - Can't get it to balance good yet (if ever!), problem being the gimbal seems to get sticky so when balancing it, you get it good, then a little wiggle or drop test puts it out again. Also when locking the locking screws once 'balanced', you shift the centre of gravity and are thus out of balance again but locked from being able to change that!
    Tried with 60D & Tokina 116 but couldn't get it, too heavy I think. Tried with Canon 35mm f/2, seems a better weight but aforementioned problems still persist.

    Any tips?

  23. Dan

    Great review!
    But, As always with those reviews, No initial test footage? not worth bothering watching the whole review.

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