Konova Motorized Slider Upgrade

YouTube member JennGrover shares a look at the Konova Motorized Slider upgrade kit. [Thanks Jenn] Konova is said to be releasing at least two different motors (speed variations), and different remotes. Others have shared more information about Konova's motorized upgrade kit in the comments of the earlier article here: http://cheesycam.com/konova-motorized-upgrade-kit-now-available/

Konova Upgrade Kit
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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Phil - The rails on the Stage One are quite massive so it should hold up a very very good amount of weight. The initial assembly of the Stage One took a bit of time, but afterwards you only need to undo the belt, and unscrew the rails. Not a difficult task, but you will always require two stands to elevate.

    The Konova can be elevated with one tripod, but does not break down as small as the Stage One. The simple one would be the Konova, the more advanced one for Time Lapse features would be the Stage One.

  2. Phil

    Just discovered this discussion. I need to buy a slider in the next week or so and the Konova K5 and Dynamic Perception ones ( prob Stage One for mobility) are front runners. Reading these posts on my phone (I'll read properly later at home) what I see in a nutshell is that the Konova system wins as an easy to set up package out of the box since the Stage One can be fiddly to set up. But the DP stuff might be smoother. I haven't seen the DP ones yet but hope to soon. I have seen the Konova K5 and the build quality was good but the slow movement on a 264:1 motor was not smooth - it had a kink in it - this was a new motor. It may have been a gearing issue that a slower motor will sort out but I'm concerned. I need a robust and portable system that can do horizontal and vertical moves and work well with time lapse as well as very smooth slow moves for macro And work well at more regular speed moves.

    I guess the K5 can also hold more weight that the Stage One.

    Any advice from users out there would be great.

    Thank you


  3. Ken

    Ok, final update from me (I hope). I got the new motor today, but rather than a speed of 1/51 this one is 1/264. It works MUCH better. I do wish the fastest speed were a little faster (it takes about 20 seconds to traverse the entire width of the 80cm track at '10'), but the slowest speeds seem quite good in my limited testing. Certainly not like the experience I had with the 1/51, which was totally useless.

    My only real complaint is with the ramping feature, which doesn't seem to work well. There's very limited ramping going on at the start, even with the dial set to 10. The opposite is true at the stop point, where it takes far too long (at 10, it can take over 5 seconds to stop). But I hope I can work with it anyway, even though it could definitely be improved.

  4. Ken

    To update, the new belt arrived last week, but I wasn't able to test it out until this week. It did not help matters at all. Konova says the next step is to replace the motor, so we're going to try that and see if it solves my problem.

  5. Ken

    Bill & Paul, thank you for your comments, even though they are very discouraging to read. Frank originally said late last year that the motorized version would be out in December. I'd have thought that given the extra time until it actually came out, they'd have perfected it -- but it sure doesn't sound like it.

    I don't hold out much hope that the new belt they are sending will suddenly make everything fine. Sounds (and looks, based on Paul's video) like there are more problems than that.

  6. Paul


    Le me preface by saying about 50% of the time Im happy with it. heres a quick test of results. httpss://vimeo.com/40509108

    1. It can be shaky( better on the k5 I'm guessing)
    2. sprocket is wobbly so sometimes not smooth. Ive tried to tighten more buy can't seem to get it right.
    3. turns off on its own a lot.
    4. won't work below 2 setting
    5. Surprisingly poor battery box quality and the buttons on the controller are cheap and hard to push. Also the battery box is underpowered and if you get it to work, the fastest speed goes much slower than my car jumper.

  7. Bill L

    Two things I cannot resolve with proper setup and adjustment: 1.) Careful alignment and tension of the belt/pulley assembly never provides smooth travel. There is always some binding in the travel. Even the crank handle will not move the camera smoothly along the track. A cause may be due to the following observation: I removed the belt and when I spin the free-wheeling pulleys in their housing, I notice there is a very slight wobble in the sprocket as it turns with the shaft. That suggests there is a cam effect, and as the shaft/sprocket rotates the tension on the belt changes enough to cause binding. There are set screws on the sprockets, and fine adjustments to center the sprockets with the shaft may help. That is a tedious process I was not willing to test. Whatever the cause, the erratic binding is unacceptable.

    2.) The FAST motor vibrates the whole slider carriage and is visible in the footage. I need a smooth travel in the range of 15 to 30 seconds over the 80cm slider length. The FAST motor cannot travel that slowly without visibly vibrating the whole rig. The SLOW motor cannot travel at that speed (according to Konova specs. it travels no faster than 60sec/ft.). In combination with the lack of smooth travel of the belt (creating erratic drag on the motor) and excessive motor vibrations, the resulting video footage is useless.

    As designed, I think this motor kit is great for daylight time-lapse footage, and with an added stepper controller, it may be excellent for nighttime. Unfortunately, for me, without smooth motorized pans the kit has no production value. I do like the slider and will continue using it, and perhaps Konova will improve the motor kit for smooth panning. I may return my order.

  8. Well after way to long of waiting for my motor... I arrived home tonight from NAB to find two FedEx Slips on my door (wed & Thur attempts) I went directly to FedEx tonight and picked up my package and YEA! it was my Konova motor. I have it put together and it appears to be running fin. I am running some tests right now timing belt travel. I'll try to post something in the next couple of days.

    FYI... The Tekkeon battery seems to be working fine with this. I am so glad i got this thing. Thanks for turning me on to this Emm!

    Oh and a shout out to Olivia... It was great bumping into you at the show!

  9. Ken

    @pops -- No, I ordered only the fast motor for now, as I'm mainly interested in it for (consistent, smooth) real time moves. I was especially hoping I could use it off-horizontal (say, at a 45-degree angle), something I have a hard time doing well manually.

    Konova looked at that footage and concluded that there is a problem with my belt. It is a bit warped, but I assumed not enough to cause a problem. A replacement is on the way for next week, so I'll find out if it's the belt or not soon enough. Though I'm going out of town next week so I may not have time to try it out until I get back. 🙁

  10. pops

    Double Post... sorry Emm.

    @Ken - did you purchase both motors? I just reviewed your footage. Wow... that isn't what I signed up for. Simply not usable. I'm hoping it's a fluke. I'm sure you will be able to resolve the issue. Kinda disappointing though I'm sure.

    @Bill - It seems you're not having any better luck. Do you have any footage we can see?

  11. pops

    @Ken - Thanks for keeping me updated. Nothing as arrived to date. Frank has emailed with the same statements. It should be coming. Although.. I don't know what this means (I've asked for clarification many times)? Is the fast motor coming to him (from being delayed) or has he shipped everything and its on it's way and should have arrived. Below you will see his last response. Again... I'm trying to be understanding of the language barriers.
    It should have arrived now I suppose
    Thank u
    So sorry for that we have problem for the first bulk fast motor so we r changing it and would be ok this week

  12. pops

    @Ken - Thanks for keeping me updated. Nothing as arrived to date. Frank has emailed with the same statements. It should be coming. Although.. I don't know what this means (I've asked for clarification many times)? Is the fast motor coming to him (from being delayed) or has he shipped everything and its on it's way and should have arrived. Below you will see his last response. Again... I'm trying to be understanding of the language barriers.
    It should have arrived now I suppose
    Thank u
    So sorry for that we have problem for the first bulk fast motor so we r changing it and would be ok this week

  13. Bill L

    Finally received motorized kit w/SLOW motor for a K5 80.
    Major problem: At speed settings below 4 the motor vibrations travels to the camera (which is mounted on a Manfrotto 701 head) and is visible in the resulting panning shots.

    I have tried adjusting belt slack through tight, checked to make sure both belt sprocket pulleys move freely, and checked motor drive smoothness off mounting block. At slow speeds, this motor really vibrates the whole slider carriage. It appears the fast motor is okay at speeds above 3 seconds/ft., but at slower, more appropriate pans moves (5 to 6 sec/ft.) the motor growls and drags the camera carriage roughly along the track. As designed this setup is not an improvement over control by hand.

    I will continue trying to fine-tune the setup, but I think this motor may be bad or the wrong choice.

  14. Ken

    @pops - I thought I'd posted something here, but I must have done something wrong. 🙂 I got the rest of my parts today, so hopefully yours will be coming shortly, if it hasn't already.

    There seems to be a problem with mine, though:

    It acts the same whether I use the battery pack or AC, so the problem is either the motor, the controller, or (perhaps most likely) the belt.

  15. pops

    I just sent a email and... this was the automated response.

    Thank u very much for ur mail and currently I am leaving to NAB at
    Vegas and I can't read u mail for the moment.Would reply u later at
    the night.


  16. Ken

    Thanks for the update, Paul, that's a relief, though I do wonder about the battery pack. And thanks again for the info about the motor speed, that was very helpful.

  17. pops

    @ Ken - Thanks for the response. Tomorrow will make a full month from when my original order was placed. At some point in the near future I will need to cancel my order. A month is crazy without product or a tracking number being issued. I'm really trying to keep calm. But...

  18. Paul

    Ok I got it working. The wall plug I was using was bad and the battery box was either is too week or strong. There is a switch on the inside to switch voltages but it's up to 9v or over 14. I'm wondering if using 6 alkaline batteries would help instead of recarchables but it would be too little volts or too many with 8. Itried the car battery I use for Dp slider and everything works great.

    It was a real pain getting all the parts Now the everything is said and done, I am happy with the purchase and it works pretty well. I was actually surprised how quiet the motor is compared to the Dp slider.

  19. Ken

    Yep, I agree with you, pops. When I ordered, it said there would be a one-week delay for the fast motor. That's fine (though they really shouldn't have charged the credit card on the order day). It's almost exactly one month later, and I'm still waiting for the complete order. They have sent 2 packages already, with a third promised to be shipped today, so it's cost them money.

    Frank has sent me a tracking number prior to receiving the first two packages, which I also appreciate.

    Worried about Paul's experience, though. That's very bad to read.

  20. pops

    I'm still waiting for mine. Did you guys ever get tracking prior? Or did it just show up. I'm growing very frustrated. FYI Frank has been pretty responsive via email. Although, he's been kicking the shipping can/date down the road. One thing as a consumer I can't stand is not setting proper expectations. If there are delays... tell me. If there are issues.. tell me. But... don't just string me along.

  21. Paul

    Ok so i tested it out and it worked for a few minutes but now my controller keeps shutting off by itself every few seconds. Tried a wall plug and recharged batteries to no avail. Anyone else experiencing this?

  22. Paul

    Just got the fast motor, yes 1/51 is the fast 1/1000 is the slow motor. On my way home to test it out.

  23. Ken

    I got the motorized kit (without the battery pack, but I did get the AC adapter) today.

    Unfortunately I did not get the crank kit, so it's completely useless at the moment.

    Can anyone verify that I did get the fast motor? It has written on it: "Speed: 1/51".

    Thanks in advance.

  24. pops

    Same issue for me. I ordered both motors the day of the release. Patience is a virtue I guess. I am excited to get it though.

  25. Ken

    As a followup, I've just heard from Frank with an explanation of what has happened. Apparently they've only just decided on what motor to use as the "fast motor", so those have started (or will just start) shipping now. Additionally, they've run out of battery boxes, so those are also holding up orders (or orders are being shipped without them) but they expect to get those in stock this week as well.

  26. Ken

    I ordered mine on the 14th (a whole week before you) and I'm still waiting to get anything. I just received an email from Frank that one part shipped today and the rest are out of stock. This after he promised me a week ago that the whole thing would ship (this past) Monday (without any explanation of why it was delayed that long).

    Not happy.

  27. Well i ordered a Konova motor kit on the 21st of March and I received a kit for the crank handle but no motor KIT. Do these things ship in two packages? I wonder if they didn't have the motor in stock like they said they did? Online my order shows as complete and "Frank" (with Konova) and I have been emailing back and forth and getting nowhere (Language translation errors i suspect). Anybody else have problems like this?

  28. Emm thanks so much for showing me all these. I recently bought the legs the crank pulley and it's so much easier now more accurate shots. I couldn't be more than happy with ur postings n updates. Next, is the motorized one i will be getting. Thanks for all the help!

  29. paul

    @vin @osiris

    As it is now, I agree with you the the dp slider is better. It works great and its open source nature makes a lot of things possible for those who know how, are want to expand the dollies capabilities.

    My biggest issues are that its a pain in the ass to set up, screws are always falling off, the baseplate is big and heavy, and the motor is super slow so its only good for time lapses. For regular video, I think its too slow unless your doing macro. I guess there is a recommended faster unit but if I remember correct that still only went 90 inches a minute.

    The fast konova will move across the 4ft rail in 4 seconds I believe. Im waiting on the fast motor as I was sent the slow motor. I know that some people may think its "lazy' to not hand slide it but honestly, It usually takes me more than one time before I get the slide shot I'm happy with. I have a project now where I'm shooting every neighborhood in the bay area and that saves me a huge amount of time. Mo time mo money.

    The konova package is much more of a finished product. When the real time lapse controller comes out I think the two systems will have similar offerings for the majority of longer time lapse use. I can add a 6ft k3 and then swap out motors and cranks as needed between the 2 sizes.

  30. osiris majestic

    @vin....... YEP....you said the magic words. DYNAMIC PERCEPTIONS. Someone made a time lapse video with it; almost made me buy a crappy ford taurus

    (STAGE ONE DOLLY, ginger HDR, after affects)


  31. jhog

    It's obviously not meant for high end time lapse work, it wouldn't be slow enough and it doesn't stop for long exposures between intervals. Also, if you're producing semi professional work you're not gonna use the slider mounted camera audio anyway. It seems like some of you people think DSLRs are meant for making hollywood quality demo videos about DSLRs and their accessories.

  32. Emm

    Post author

    @Everyone - I thought the video was very informative and straight to the point. This doesn't have to be a highly produced video, just need the details. Good job Jenn.

  33. Tom

    jeez, a little tough on the critic aren't we? I found the video informative and it put me off on purchasing this for the time being, due to these problems:
    -As a timelapse tool - it lacks the proper controller
    -As a "live" tool - it is too noisy and slow.

  34. pops

    I hope I don't regret this recent upgrade purchase. This didn't appear to be impressive in the least. Meh. I guess I'll just wait and see. Anyway, I agree it wasn't the "best" presentation. But... honestly it's more than we've seen so far.
    Thanks Jenn for posting it up. Critics are a little rough in here.

  35. reluctant commentator

    her video was fine for what it was people! almost thought i was browsing 'grumpycam' instead of 'cheesycam' for a second.

  36. Any idea when the timelapse motor is expected to be release?

    The time lapse motor is the one that will move - stop - shoot - repeat process, right?

    The Konova website has "Adding Interval Shutter Release"...is that not the time lapse version?

  37. vin

    Why would you buy this instead of a dynamic perception slider? They are pretty much the same price.

  38. Tony

    I'm agree with HD-tog. For someone who owns a motorized K slider, this is a terribly produced demo video. shaky cam, super shallow dof, and the audio is horrid. actual demo of the unit operating is like 13 seconds at the end. And that thing is LOUD, even if you're not shooting for live audio... I just think about general people around, like clients, when I'm using that thing. I'll wait.

  39. steve

    Is just me, or does it look sticky and joggy.... something you defiantly don't want in a slider shot.

    ???? I would not find that acceptable at all. Can anyone that has used this chime in and say definitely it runs smooth?


  40. Neil

    This looks like it could be fine for timelapse applications where sound is not an issue providing it can go slower than the speed shown.

    I really don't see the need for a faster, silent motor - what would you need to do a motorized shot for when recording sound? What's wrong with just using your own muscle power or are those wanting a fast motor just being lazy? 🙂

    If it's about consistent speed along the length of the rail then it would be more useful to have a workable tension solution that you can dial in to create resistance. That said, I still don't really see why you would need a move from A to B at exactly the same speed throughout - surely in 99% of applications, your subject movement is going to be different every time anyway so you wouldn't want to motorize the move. Go with the flow and as a certain Jedi master once said, "Use The Force!"

  41. JP

    By 2012 I expect even amateurs to be able to do a proper review video, otherwise why bother guys? This was slow and painful...

  42. Chris a

    The motor seems to be extremely loud compared to what I imagine. That could cause some major poroblems if you need clean audio for your shot. Maybe a small padded case or sleeve to go over the motor to dampened the sound. Can't wait for the time lapse controller!

  43. HD-tography

    You may wish to skip till 2:46 for the demonstration, a mere 13 seconds.

    A little too shaky handheld, please use a tripod next time and for God's sake... STOP IT DOWN already... my eyes hurt terribly.

    That said thanks for your effort anyway.

    IMO, the motor seems to be way too loud to be usable on any shoot requiring audio and as mentioned that speed is only good for time lapse, get the faster one for video!

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