Konova Master Pan Kit AutoPanning for Konova Sliders Review and DEMO

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The Konova Master Pan Kit is an add-on for Konova Sliders that can automatically pan your camera as you slide from one end to the next. Once set, the same panning motion can be repeated continuously and consistently.

The most desirable use of the Konova Master Pan Kit is to automatically pan your camera keeping a subject in frame creating a parallax effect. Here's a video showing you how the Konova Master Pan Kit works and how to assemble the kit with your Konova Sliders.

Konova Master Pan Kit cheesycam
Konova Master Pan Kit AutoPanning

For even more consistency, the Konova Master Pan Kit can be combined with Konova's Motorized Motion Control Kits. This setup will allow you to repeat consistent panning and tracking along with other features such as timelapse, stop motion, and looping.

Konova Motion Control with Master Pan Kit

For more information about Konova's Master Pan Kit, Konova Sliders, and Motion Control Systems visit the website at https://Konova.com

Konova Master Pan Kit Slider motion control
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7 thoughts on “Konova Master Pan Kit AutoPanning for Konova Sliders Review and DEMO

  1. I own this and used it once on a shoot for a client.

    For the price, this thing isn't great -- it's too expensive. Price aside, it takes way to long to set up as you have to assemble an unnecessary custom quick release plate.

    After assembling the quick release plate, the camera now sits way too high above the slider and is now top heavy. Once the camera is this high, it can easily wobble around, creating bad footage.

    Em published a review of a universal auto panning par that works with nearly every slider. I also own that and have had better luck.

    In summary, Konova makes a great slider, but for the price, this thing isn't worth it as it is a pain to set up and has the camera higher than it should. Below is a link to a short clip I've edited which was shot using the universal auto pan bar:




  2. Hi Emm,

    Do you think the kit might fit a Cinivate Atlas10 slider? The Atlas has mounting hole on the tops of the ends that are quarter twenty. It would be nice to add this to my Atlas and there are a lot of Atlas 10s out there.


  3. This is great, I have been waiting for something like this! Love the cheesy music on the product shot - sexy!!
    By the way the Find Prices link is linking to something else...

  4. Dan K.

    We paid the big bucks for a full boat Kessler Cineslider with its Parallax auto-panning bar, then this Master Pan came out. I already had the Konova K5-80 slider so I bought the Master Pan.

    It's terrific. Then again, I'm using a 2-lb GH4, not a larger, heavier camera.

    The Master Pan is very easy and fast to set up and works very smoothly for inside or outside panning. It also integrates well with the Konova MS motor system.

    The MS motor system has limit switches on it that allow the Master Pan to go back and forth from stop to stop autonomously.

    Be aware that the motor is certainly not silent and will need to be far enough from your mic to avoid it picking up the stepping motor whirring/grinding sound. And the faster you make it go, the louder the motor is. Slow moves are fairly quiet, but still audible.

    Then Konova came out with the "Nitsan" flywheel system that makes the whole rig move so remarkably smoothly that I don't need the motor at all anymore unless I want to have it operate remotely or for long timelapses.

    My recommendations if you're just starting:

    - K5-80cm (or longer, if you desire)
    - Master Pan device
    - Nitsan Flywheel weight/toothed belt accessory.
    - Benro S2 head. (Small, light and not too high. Easier than a ball head to adjust.)

    The whole thing can fit (mostly assembled, albeit snugly) in the included nylon soft case. Carry it carefully though and don't crash the case into things or you could bend something. You'll need a stonger case for shipping.

    This will get you going in style. Add the motor later.

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