Konova K3 vs. K5 Slider w/ Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit

Just a quick look at the Konova K3 and K5 sliders. Average users won't notice the difference, but the K5 is overall heavier, has a larger inside rail, and larger bearings inside the carrier. So the new upgraded legs with the unusual platform design was something Konova planned several months ago (way back in November). The notched out platform on each end of the new sliders are used for attaching future upgrade kits such as the Crank Pulley system and (not yet released) Motorized Upgrade Kit.

If you don't already have the new legs, you can purchase the upgrade kit from Konova's website. The new legs should also come with the new Carrier stage that is designed to align with the Crank Pulley belt guide (as in the video). If you are planning to upgrade the legs on your slider, you might want to wait until the Crank Pulley system is officially available to see if they might offer some type of 'Upgrade Legs + Crank System Bundle'. The new Crank Pulley system should be available in a few weeks, and I have no exact pricing yet. Some are saying it might run approximately $150 dollars. [Update] The new Crank and Pulley system is Available Now.

Konova sliders and upgrade parts can be found online (click here)
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36 thoughts on “Konova K3 vs. K5 Slider w/ Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit

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  3. johnson

    I've adjusted this thing over and over. I adjust until there is tight tension with no movement but as soon as I add the fluid head and cam, there's tiny movements that is enough to show up on my shots. We been fine before with running multiple passes, however wit live events its the one shot deal and move on.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @johnson - The Konova bearings can be adjusted to have little or no play. Have you tried adjusting yours?

  5. johnson

    Emm I have the 1st gen slider and notices it has play. Does this k3/5 have reduced play or zero? Ours is stacked with 717 head with our 7d and its been calibrated over a few times by two different people, still the same. Looking to upgrade to a slider with zero slop.

  6. Just got mine in today. Very solid build. The belt was much stronger than I thought it was gonna be. I tried some vertical shots with a 7d, tokina 11-16mm and 717ah head and the belt is strong enough that it doesn't even phase it. I found that keeping the crank handle extended all the way and turning with medium speed rotations gets the best slow and even "cinematic" dolly shot without sudden unexpected jerks. Also, it's extremely quiet too!!

  7. Sata

    The term "jury-rigged" springs immediately to mind...

    I'll wait for the next iteration when hopefully everything is internalized like the other sliders.

  8. Hey guys,

    I asked Frank when the motorized version is due, and he said March 10th is when they'll be available! Didn't say anything about price, but I'm very much looking forward to grabbing one.

  9. Thanks Emm! I thought it was the same one, but when you cycle through the images on Amazon it also shows pictures of the 1st gen slider, so I was a bit confused.

  10. Chris

    Yeah those are gorgeous.
    Im gonna buy crank handle kit.
    I asked to konova about website problem they told me that in under construction for a while.
    anyway, they recommended order from amazon.

  11. J Hanna

    and ordered. with the upgrade. 4$ off when you buy the crank.
    not bad. so 221$ for the crank and upgrade.
    with the initial 350 for the slider its a 570$ slider. as opposed to the still $1000 sliders that dont have cranks. work for me.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Jayhas - Good question. Not sure. I was already examining the Pulley system to see how I could add my own motor.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @pops - I feel like the belt and parts are strong enough, but there is no counterweight to the system so cranking it consistently upwards could be tricky.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Darius - I think it's the same rail, but has the old legs. I would check with Konova to find out if it's compatible for an upgrade.

  15. I was considering to sell my IndiMiniSlider for Konova K3 (60 or 80cm) because of motorized upgrade, but if THAT cost $165! How much will motorized upgrade cost?! Overpriced! Perhaps I will stay with IndiSlider.

  16. Darius

    I'm a little confused still about model versions here as just back in December I purchased a 31inch model w/new legs from Amazon which is labeled as the model K NA-8. Am I right in assuming this model is not compatable?

  17. pops

    It looks well implemented. However, I have the earlier slider version (4 bearing with longer length option). It would be very thoughtful if they would keep us original customers in mind as well. If I must pay for the upgraded stage and feet plus the crank pulley or electric system. I'll need to pass and do something on my own.

    Can she go vertical?

  18. Calvin

    I have a silly question. Why do you need the crank? Is it for smooth even motion throughout the whole slider? Maybe I'm just poor, but I've been using my hands to push it. And I don't think I'll upgrade for $165 because that's almost 40% of the original slider!

  19. @Emm - if you get the crank kit now do you think the motorized version will be a step upgrade or you still have to get the full version?

    Even though I have motorized my K3 60cm (vimeo.com/37044572) using a servo and getting great result, I am still interested in getting the motorized kit. It looks to be solidly build and also quick to set up plus easily removed for travel.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Kelly - Yes it's will pull the slider vertically. I'll try to get some additional footage tomorrow.

  21. The Konova is looking like a great slider. I might wait for the motorized version, but this crank looks great. Can we get some test footage? Also, I am curious to see if it can pull in the vertical position.

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Joel - I wasn't the only one, or the first in fact. There were so many other great DIY versions out there using this same type of idea. I have to admit that they did a good job implementing it and still adding some type of backwards compatibility with their first versions. I forgot to mention in the video, but all the parts are metal (except belt), even the Crank lever itself. Really high quality machined stuff, and fits like a glove.

  23. Joel

    Interesting...I wonder where Konova got the idea to make their slider move just by attaching the belt guide to the outside edge of the carrier.

    Reminds me of how you tied a string the same way to the carrier in the motorized JL slider mod a few months back.

    I bet Konova saw the same video lol.

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