Konova Dual Stage Swing Away Matte Box


Konova has added a new Matte Box to their list of products. The dual stage Matte box with full Flags comes with two fully rotatable (360 degree) filter trays to support Grads or CPL filters. The Matte box mounts on 15mm standard rails and includes the highly sought after swing away arm for fast lens changes.

Description:* Made of high-grade ABS and heavy-duty aluminum * Precision Engineered design with robust Swing-Away design* 2 filter trays, supporting both 4x4 and 4x5.6" filter(rotating 360degrees)* Sunshade Material : ABS Plastic* Swing-away bracket & filter holders : Alluminum black anodized * French Flag & Side Flags : Alluminum texture coated

Konova has a pretty good reputation among the products they carry, and compared to the other matte boxes, the price is one of cheapest swing-away / dual stage rotating / rail mount matte boxes available right now. You can check out more following the link (click here).

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21 thoughts on “Konova Dual Stage Swing Away Matte Box

  1. I ordered one of these a few months ago and so far I really enjoy it. The build quality is a little on the cheap side but still very functional and 4x4 filters fit just fine for me. Like billyboy, I doubt the plastic adjustment knobs will hold up for very long. But even if they broke off, I'm fairly confident I could replace them.

    Overall, it's more than a fair price for a decent piece of equipment that will probably last me at least a few years of active, regular use. I'd much rather settle for this and have to repair/replace in 4-5 years one than spend triple or quadruple the amount for a 'industry-grade' product.

    P.S. Let me know if you have any specific questions about it!

  2. RbaradoY

    Wrote konova

    thank u and regarding the center problem
    He used rods that's too thin and he didn't tried to adjust it
    For the second one his filter is too thin that we have made the filter adapter thick to fit that things
    Thank u

    - konovacamera

  3. billyboy

    I just got mine in the mail. The sucker is HUGE! The rear opening is about 5 3/8" without donuts (sorry, no ruler with mm in the house). The front of the box is 10" across. It weighs somewhat over a pound, but no scale, sorry. Fit and finish is OK. The shade, filter holders, mask and collar are ABS plastic. The plate that the collar and box mount on is metal. The flags are metal, as are the mounts for them and knurled knobs to hold everything in place. The mount arm is aluminum, but not as nice a finish as, say, the Gini rig stuff. You have to pull pretty hard on the release knob to swing the box out for lens changes, but that may ease up with a bit of use. The box can move in and out on an adjustable side rail, but the knob on the side and the knob to mount the box to your rail system or rig are both plastic. For $260, this thing seems like a pretty decent buy. I'm only worried about the plastic knobs and the above poster's complaint about filters(there are a couple of metal inserts for the filter trays, so maybe the previous poster didn't get them??)

  4. I just ordered this from the same link provided here 3 days ago. There are no other sites that give either reviews or any other information besides what is already described on their eBay page.

    Will let you know about the size.

  5. Steve

    I really need to know the size of the rear opening (without any donuts) before I buy this. Is the rear ABS plastic or aluminum? I want to machine it to be able to use my 138mm filter ring on it.


  6. Jarrep

    I bought one and have problems with filters.. mechanism for filters is larger and filter falls through.
    Do you have same problem?

  7. Just picked one up! I'll let you know what I think when I get it in. I picked up a Konova Slider last month and set aside my igus based slider nc I'm loving the Konova.

  8. I paid $300 for the RJ rig that looks IDENTICAL to the shoulder rig/FF on this auction and I love it! Of course I ordered it from overseas before they shipped a bunch of them here. Either way, this looks like a sick deal for the video guy on a budget!

  9. Tony

    I agree with Emm. Before I click cheesycam links for products like these and waiting for the page to load. I mentally guess a price it will be. So yea I definitely guessed higher for this matte box given the specs. I guess makers are still seeing "blue". (screws/holders)

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick - Very well could be, but prices aren't identical. Looks like we're seeing cheaper prices for these mattes with more features.

  11. Bronx

    Looks solid...

    Merry Christmas Emm! Thanks for another great year of reviews and helping a lot of indie and not indie filmmakers out with gear reviews and findings!

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