Killer Deal on LowePro Roller X50

Lowepro X50 Roller Bag

Here's a great little roller bag kit that normally runs well over $200 dollars. The kit can be separated into two separate bags or just used as one padded roller. The small roller can be emptied to hold clothes, and a padded insert can hold a camera body + lens with two additional lenses and room to spare for a laptop computer. On Amazon they are still listing the X50 for $213 (seen here). Currently on B&H they have a huge huge discount dropping the price down to just under $80 bucks via B&H (click here).

LowePro X50 Roller Bag KitX50 LowePro Roller BagX50 Roller Bag
find-price-button LowePro X50 Attache Padded Camera Roller Bag

11 thoughts on “Killer Deal on LowePro Roller X50

  1. Greg

    Biting on this one. If anything, I'll have a portable shoulder bag. Plus, I intend to use this over the holidays.

  2. Tempting but reviews on B&H keep saying how small it is. While I know it won't replace my Pelican 1510, I could see this fit into my "Have a photo assignment that doesn't require me to bring all my shit" hahah

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Reza Molavi - I picked one up also. I was just traveling and needed this. My other bags are already full and setup properly. Normally I would unload all my gear and throw it aside. At this price, it's worth having a spare bag I can use when i'm traveling and not have to dismantle my other setups. I bet you can even sell it on eBay for more than what it costs right now. LOL.

  4. Reza Molavi

    Awesome deal; i just picked one up from your link. STOP costing me so much money (say this laughingly).

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