Keep your Sony A7sII A7RII Powered Up when on Gimbal using D-Tap to USB Adapter

Since many of the new Sony cameras can now be powered through it's USB port, here's a quick tip. This little D-Tap Adapter adds a USB out to any V-Mount or Gold Mount battery, but is also handy for taking advantage of the D-Tap out on the DJI Ronin gimbals or new CAME-TV ARGO Gimbal to add USB for powering up (and charging) your Sony A7sII or Sony A7RII.

The Adapter splits to both a USB and D-TAP so you won't lose a D-TAP out if you're still planning to power up an accessory like a wireless follow focus system too. With a short USB Cable no need to worry about wires tangling up, so it's the perfect way to keep that Sony going (because the OEM battery life sucks)..

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15 thoughts on “Keep your Sony A7sII A7RII Powered Up when on Gimbal using D-Tap to USB Adapter

  1. @Gabriel guerra - It's a feature of the newer Sony cameras. Have you checked in the menu if there is a setting for USB? You should be able to charge the internal battery of the camera via USB.

  2. Hello,
    I tried this with a Ronin and a A7sII and it did not work. I used several cables, I tried the adaptors in other ways and it works. Ronin and cameras are fine.
    Then what could be happening?
    How do you make it work since USB outputs up to 5V and the camera needs 7.2V ?!?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Gene Sharp - People will ask about which gimbal they should choose, but this is super super dependent first upon what camera and lens setup you are planning to use. The Birdycam Lite is awesome but it's smaller than the ARGO or Ronin-M. The Birdycam Lite can only support around 3.2 lbs. If you are shooting a tiny pocket cinema camera with a 12-35mm lens, then I would say the ARGO / Ronin-M would be overkill.

  4. I am thinking hard about getting the Argo for an upcoming shoot in DC. Is it something that you recommend? I am also thinking about the Varavon BirdyCam Lite. Do you have any footage of the Argo?

    By the way, I really enjoy your website and appreciate all of the hard work that goes into keeping it going.


  5. Emm

    Post author

    @David Frank - No it will not stop on A7s2 or A7r2. It is like your iphone. When usb is plugged in it is charging. When disconnected it runs on batteries.

  6. David Frank

    What happens if the USB cable gets unplugged during filming accidentally? Will the camera shutoff even if you have a battery inserted?

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