Kamerar Brightcast Flexible Water Resistant LED Panel now with Sony U-Mount Battery

Kamerar Brightcast LED Panel
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Here's a new update regarding Kamerar's Brightcast Flexible Water Resistant LED Panel. The first version was only available for V-Mount batteries, possibly something not many people had or was willing to purchase. The new model is now available to support Sony's U-Mount battery. The U-Mount battery might be best known for use with the popular Sony EX1 camera, but is also used on today's Sony FS5 and FS7 cameras - so many of you may already have these. These batteries are available in different capacities (smaller to larger) such as the BP-U30, BP-U60, and BP-U90 sizes and offer 14.4V output which allows the Brightcast LED to operate at it's max brightness.

sony bp-u30sony bp-u60sony bp-u90
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7 thoughts on “Kamerar Brightcast Flexible Water Resistant LED Panel now with Sony U-Mount Battery

  1. Phillip Brock

    I have two of the U-mount version. I have my FS-5 batteries on it but it doesn't work at all. I'm not sure how those batteries are supposed to work. I've been emailing the company and they are useless. I first asked how the u-mount battery powers the light and they said" "Thank you for your email. The back of the light is just a battery holder. You will need to connect the battery to the LED Light with the D-tap. Please let me know if you have any questions."
    I told them my battery model and that it doesn't have a d-tap on it and they said : "Thank you for your email. Sorry, we do not carry the BP-U60. You will need to contact you seller for more information. We appreciate your time and understanding."
    I then asked if they recommend a certain battery and they said: "We do not carry that particular product, so we are not sure what kind of battery it use.
    We are sorry that we are not able to help you out.
    We appreciate your time and understanding."

    So pretty much useless. Anyone have the U-mount and have it working with any certain types of batteries?

  2. Brent

    I got 2 of these lights, they seem ok but one was defective and went back. How ever I couldnt get either light to work with Sony bpu batteries at all

  3. Post author

    @Barry Murphy - There are two models. One with the D-tap for V-Mount and you attach a v-mount on the back. The other is a BP-U battery mount. So they are different mounts on the back. You should be able to use one of them.

  4. Barry Murphy

    Hey Emm,

    Thanks for the listing... my light just arrived, love it.

    I love that I can use my Fs5 batteries... It hooks up easily with the Dtap, but I don't see a spot to latch it onto the back of the light? Am I missing something or os it on us to come up with a holder for the battery?


  5. Post author

    @Rob Norton - Contact them again. They just released a newsletter a few days ago stating they do International Shipping. Not sure if that includes Australia, but I would double check.

  6. Rob Norton


    I contacted Kamerar a while ago about shipping to Australia and they won't do it. Any idea if that'll change in the future?

    These are really appealing!



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