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Ok, so you got your DSLR and fancy new Rode VideoMic Pro with +20db feature. If you've got AGC on the T2i (without ML) or Canon 7D, then you need a way to disable AGC. Or maybe you don't? Maybe you've got a Canon 5D Mark II or 60D with Manual audio levels - no AGC to worry about. You're still short of a way to monitor the audio levels via headphones.

There's been different ways of trying to get clean audio into your camera, but it normally came at a hefty price. Here's where this new JuicedLink DS214 comes in. Just recently announced as available for purchase for under $145 bucks, this little black box provides all the missing features of running a stereo jacked microphone into your camera. The DS214 provides you with Audio meters, a Low-Noise Preamp, Headphone monitoring, and even AGC Disable if needed (everything that sucks for a DSLR). Ok, yes you can use an MP3 player with constant tone to 'tame' the AGC, but still no way to adjust levels from the Mic, or give a little low-noise preamp boost to the signal. Any way you cut it, this thing was thought out to include all the different 'workarounds'. For the price and convenience, it can't be beat.

This version doesn't have inputs to support XLR Microphones, but there's a swamping new audience using the Rode VideoMic Pro that sure could use something like this. For XLR phantom power you'll want to check out the DT454. Only 1 stereo input? The DS214 also has seperate L/R potentiometers which makes it possible to run a splitter to two different mics and capture mono on each channel.

As of now the new JuicedLink DS214 is only available on the JL site with a bunch of information which I suggest you checkout to see if this will work for you. There's also some different Audio Samples from a variety of possible Audio setups with the Rode Mic + Zoom H4n you can listen to.

visit-button JuicedLink DS214 Low Noise PreAmp with Headphone Monitoring Audio Meters

20 thoughts on “JuicedLink Pricing on DS214 – Now Available

  1. Hugh

    After watching the video one more time, it sounds like he is saying that both channels of the mic (in the case it's a stereo mic or you have a splitter going to 2 mono mics) are mixed to the left side with the right side reserved for the ACG tone. I think, though, that he is referring to the line output, not necessarily the headphone out 🙁 I guess this might be useful as long as the mic levels are adjustable before it's sent to the line out.

  2. Hugh

    I just tried turning on the AGC and monitoring through head phones. My Rode comes in on the left and the AGC white noise is loud and clear on the right. Can anyone confirm this? As I thought that it was supposed to send the left signal to both sides of the headphones. Maybe I have a defective unit.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan P - It does not have 1/4 x 20 top and bottom. It only has it in one place (which you might see how I mounted it on the JL DIY Bracket). It's very lightweight, so there's probably other ways to make it stick like with velcro or double sided tape.

  4. @Emm, question about mounting. I plan to mount this to my express35 shoulder rig, and then mount my T2i to the juicedlink.

    1) Does it have 1/4-20 female threads on both the top and bottom?

    2) is there such thing as a dual 1/4-20 male thread so that i can screw one end into the juicedlink and screw my camera into the other one?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @nas - No sync in post necessary. This is all designed to help control the audio coming in to the camera and tailor it to your needs.

    The Rode is a great microphone that can be used in many different situations, but as you grow you may find yourself buying different types of microphones for different situations. To make the Rode a little more flexible, you should also look into getting a stereo extension cable and a stand so that you can place the microphone closer to the subject. I bought a 10' Rode extension cable that has been helpful in placing the camera far, and moving the microphone closer to the subject.

  6. Hello Emm , so that I am clear once I purchase this d214 and attach it to my Rode mic , will I still need to sync with software on the computer. Also If I have the d214 and Rode pro will I absolutely need the h4n zoom? Please help me.

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  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Hugh - Not true. In the video he mentions that when AGC is on, it sends the clean signal to both left and right. You won't hear the tone.

  10. Hugh

    This probably too much to ask, but it would be nice if the headphone out somehow switched to mono when the agc disable was turned on so you could hear the left signal on both sides. It might be my imagination but that 19kh tone gives me a headache after a while...

  11. Finally did it.
    I ordered the Juicelink and a lilliput monitor!
    I have a t2i and AGC is always annoying. The 37$ cable is great when I need to run and gun and can't have a lot of gear...I mean, it's good, but not GREAT.
    Looking forward to the juicelink.
    I've wanted something similar but couldn't afford it. for $168 with tax and shipping. WORTH IT!
    Thanks emm for throwing this up!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Christian - Nice assembly. Are you able to adjust levels with this setup? I see you can monitor two mics as well, does the MP3 player adjust levels for each channel?

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Allen - I think you meant T2i, the 5D Mark II was updated with manual audio controls in a firmware release maybe over a year ago. If you haven't updated, you can do that. But yes this will disable AGC on cameras that have it, but most importantly adds headphone monitoring.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan P - Interesting, i'm sure everyone will have a different take on this question. Maybe i'll run a post.

  15. @Emm,

    Can you recommend a brand/type of headphones to use for monitoring audio? I've been searching the boards and forums but can't seem to find any quality recommendations.

  16. allen

    are you saying you can disable AGC on a 5D with this piece of hardware, essentially eliminating all the flakiness that comes from running magic lantern and it's only 145 bucks?
    what a deal.

  17. Finally, I was waiting for pricing on this thing. I'm going to use this on my GH13 for Run N Gun events like parties and such where using an H1 and syncing audio is more hassle than it's worth.

    Thanks for posting this update Emm. I've been checking JL site for a while and it never had pricing and availability. I woke up this morning, checked cheesycam and boom... NICE.

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