Jieying Modified Lenses Micro Four Thirds Sony NEX Leica

Constantly poking around for a good set of lenses for the Sony NEX-7, this eBay seller takes old vintage lenses and modifies them to fit (without adapter) to most Micro Four Thirds, Sony NEX (e-mount), and Leica cameras. That's right, no adapters needed. He seems to always have some interesting modifications for these small sensor cameras including modifying a Canon 50mm F/0.95 and a 55mm F/1.0 lens for the Sony NEX. If you're looking for a good set of cheap portrait lenses for your small sensor cameras, check out his constantly updated auctions (click here).

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8 thoughts on “Jieying Modified Lenses Micro Four Thirds Sony NEX Leica

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @como - I hear it's very important to get it shimmed perfectly from the sensor. If you're just 1mm too far or too close to the sensor, the image won't be sharp.

  2. como

    Pretty intriguing stuff he has. Some of it, like the AFGA color for the M43 is pretty cheap, but I can't find any reviews online of how the lense performs. That said, most of what this guy sells is pretty cheap for what is custom work. I'd be interested in learning how to lathe and turn metals to make my own mounts. Sounds like a lot of fun and a good way to earn some cash on the side from enthusiats.

  3. The lowest I've seen that Canon .95 online was $1800 and he's got a couple modified for Leica at $3000 and $3600. The Voigtlander 25mm 0,95 new is around $1200. He's got a couple f1 by Kowa and Rodenstock between $400-550, which sound closer to the definition of "cheap". But exciting as all these old fast lenses may be on paper, I'm reading conflicting reports about how sharp they are online, so I'll try to go visit the guy at this house/shop and test some of them.

  4. An adapter goes for $20 and gives you the same benefit without committing it to one particular body. a Canon vintage 0.95 lens goes for over a grand (Super mint over 10k) which could be mounted on many cameras with these adapters.

    I like the idea and he does have some awesome pieces thought.

  5. MN

    My GH1 stinks in low light to begin with --and finding an affordable short/fast (24mm equivalent @1.4 or less) lens for that camera is probably never gonna happen.

    Still, direct mount mods of old glass sure are fun.

  6. Very nice tip, thanks. The guy is close to me. I'll ask him if I can go visit his shop to see what he's got and test some lenses. I'm always on the lookout for fast glass for my m43 cameras.

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