IndiPRO Tools External Power Sony L-Series Mounting Plate with 15mm Clamp

If you're looking to power up a small camera or accessory for an extended period of time, Sony L-Series batteries are a popular choice. It's a very common battery used to power anything from small LED lighting, monitors, wireless video transmitters, etc.

Sony L-Series Batteries are also available in a variety of capacities from small to large depending on your needs and are generally inexpensive. Especially if you don't want to deal with the size, weight, and expense of v-mount (or gold mount) battery solutions, you may want to check out these Sony L-Series Battery Mounts from IndiPro Tools.

While there are existing Sony battery trays that can be modified to use in a similar way, there are a few differences with the IndiPro Tools Sony L-Series Battery systems. The first would be the integrated Dummy Battery. No need to purchase one separately and no loose cable connections to deal with.

The IndiPro Tools Battery Mount comes ready with a 1/4" thread and 15mm clamp mount which makes it easier and cleaner when mounting to any rig. The build quality exceeds that of the cheaper plastic battery trays as well. IndiPro Tools has a rubberized coating, lower profile, metal backing plate, and the batteries lock in rock solid with no play.

So while powering your camera and accessories with Sony L-Series Batteries may not be something entirely new, IndiPro Tools has designed a nice solid streamlined product for those that want a more quality solution. For more information about the IndiPro Tools Sony L-Series Battery Mounts (click here).

Learn-More-sm IndiPRO Tools Sony L-Series Mounting Plate w/ 15mm Clamp

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I'm using lightweight carbon fiber 15mm Rods from, and for the fairly universal 15mm Baseplate seen in the video (click here).
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5 thoughts on “IndiPRO Tools External Power Sony L-Series Mounting Plate with 15mm Clamp

  1. Agree with Hogo, uninterested unless they had a universal plug (I have dummy batteries for my GH4, GX8, and Sony cams already that all use the "standard" barrel plug to connect to the transformer.) Would be grand to run my GH4 for hours without a battery change in the field. (I can record 4k for 5hr straight using AC and a 256GB SD card.)

    Also, in your video, you mounted your battery right behind the screen of the camera. Mount the IndiPRO underneath the 15 mil rails (upside-down) and it's totally out of the way.

  2. hogo

    i think its unfortunate that they chose to hardwire the cable into these. A universal barrel adapter would've been perfect. hard to choose this over the new smallhd option, even without the mounting option.

  3. Uhuru

    Hey Emm!

    This is a great solution for the a7sii. Thanks for the info.

    I'm looking for a small monitor to use with the a7sii.

    I generally shoot weddings but im trying to moving into some corporate/commercial work as well.

    Which monitor would you recommend?
    I've looked at the BMA, SmallHD 501/502, Aputure V5 or the Aputure V3.

    Thanks in advance.

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