How to Adjust Konova Video Slider Bearing

Vimeo member Marthin Fort put this video together on how to adjust the bearings on the Konova Video Camera Slider [Thanks Marthin]. Over time, you may end up with a little play on your slider so to correct this you will need to get the top part of the carrier off, and then unlock the bearing underneath. Once the bearing is unlocked, adjustments are made by turning the bearing clockwise or counterclockwise until it fits well between the rails. The Konova Video Camera Sliders (found here) are available in a variety of different sizes, but generally the bearings can be adjusted in the same way.

Konova Video Camera Slider
Konova Video Camera Sliders

12 thoughts on “How to Adjust Konova Video Slider Bearing

  1. Konova sliders are a piece of junk, they always begin to fall apart after continued use. Soon enough the rail will warp and the bearings will become unfixable on the carriage. Their customer service is utter crap and they use every excuse to deny repair services to their customer. Never again!

  2. Jerry H

    Would the Konova K2 120cm work with just one tripod support or should I look at smaller versions?

    Mostly used with 5D3, 24-70 or 14mm.

  3. Alexandr Abramenkov

    I had some problem on my konova slider and I contacted them thru then get an answer very fast.
    I got a manual and fixed that successfully but I am told not to adjust it too much otherwise some parts might be loosen easily.
    I think you can contact them to get a manual or some replacement part.They answer fast

  4. jonas

    @ted - i also had issue with my screws, the edge broke off one of them and it takes some fiddling to get it to move at all now, i'd love to replace them too. did you speak to konova about replacements?

    @samuel - if the rails have corroded you may be out of luck as any dips in the metal will be like potholes for the bearings, unless you can find some sort of metal filler in which case, sand the rails back to remove the corrosion, fill the holes, then sand again to silky smooth and coat with an oil like Emm suggested.

    @claude - adjust it to the correct tightness, then undo one of the tiny screws and put a drop of locktite on the screw thread, screw it back in, wait 5 minutes (or until dry), then repeat to screw 2. if the issue is the round silver section (which the 2 screws sit in) spinning even though the screws are tight, try roughing up the metal which the screws press against so they grip a bit better.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Henry - I would just use a light oil and wipe it down so as not to have excess. Stuff for bikes are really good, check out the local bike shops for some good recommendations on non greasy lube stuff.

  6. Henry Adegbite

    What type of fluid or grease should i use on the slider? Thanks for this site Emm.

  7. Derek

    I had the issue of it getting loose too. But I finally did the right adjustment and it has been perfect for the last month or so. I recommend contacting Konova if you are having an issue. They have been very helpful with me.

  8. Hi,
    I got the same problem as Ted, it get loose all the time. As if by sliding, it unscrew the bearings! Very annoying. If you have any idea on how to fix this, I'd love to hear it! Thanks

  9. Samuel N.

    While we're talking about Konova sliders, mine just got dunked by a high sneaker wave at the beach last weekend. Corrosion began to set in before I could clean it out. Emm, do you (or anyone else) have any ideas on how to clean out something like this correctly? First time I've had to deal with it, so I'm unsure of where to turn. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Ted H.

    I love my konova slider, but this is my only frustration with it. I have to adjust the bearings almost every time I use it. Now those little set screws have been stripped, the hex key sent with the slider didn't seem to have a perfect fit. I'd like to replace those set screws, and I can probably still get them out but where on earth do you find those... Maybe I should try contacting konova. Its just that they stripped so easily it was ridiculous, hope this doesn't happen again.

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