High Power LED-5080 Video Light

Just posted up an article about using three LED Video lights on a single shoe adapter, and Herb shares a link to an LED-5080 video light [Thanks Herb]. This dimmable light uses a few high power LED bulbs, comes with barndoors, built in diffuser and tungsten filter, powered on Sony Batteries (comes with battery and charger), and has optional DC input for external power source. This light has been around for a few months, and i'm curious if anyone has experience with this light? If so, comment below. You can find the LED-5080 all over on eBay (click here)

find-price-button LED-5080 Dimmable Video Light with Sony Battery and Charger

3 thoughts on “High Power LED-5080 Video Light

  1. Eric

    Would love to see some more tests or comparisons of this light, this business about there being a fan in there is pretty frustrating... is it RELLY necessary? Surely a good heat sync would suffice, it's only 30W afterall.

  2. Chris

    I got mine today. I like it a lot so far. The lights are definitely brighter than the CN 126 LED light by Neewer. The battery pack is a 4600mAh but I haven't tested how long it lasts on its brightest setting. The barn doors are stiff and doesn't seem like it would get looser over time. The hinge by the shoe mount requires a flat head/coin to adjust. Wish they had a knob there instead.

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