Hidden Treasure! Awesome Video Fluid Head 717AH

Ok, i'm really excited to talk about this item, it's such a great find for me. I've seen this item many times but couldn't find a single YouTube or Vimeo video review about the 717AH Video Fluid Head (note that the number on the box doesn't always match the number on the fluid head). Other search results on the Internet come back as just product sales information. Am I the only one reviewing this item? Have I truly discovered the next DSLR hidden treasure? LOL.

You gotta watch my short video review above as to why this thing rocks. I'm comparing it to 3 different style Monfrotto brands. As you know i'm the happy owner of a Monfrotto 701HDV Fluid head (I demo it on the 99 dollar slider video). Don't get me wrong, the 701HDV works totally awesome. But as many of you might know, i've been working on a Skater Dolly type project 'Spider Trax Dolly' and one of the delays have been researching the perfect Camera Head to mount. Since there will be an option to purchase the dolly 'without' a Video Head, I wanted to make sure I found the right options to suggest to people.

I've already invested in 4 different fluid heads (not cheap blah!) trying to find the right one for you guys. One of the problems I was trying to solve was the 701HDV mount. Everyone out there with a Slider, Skater, or Dolly knows what' i'm talking about! The lower locking knob doesn't clear very well when mounted on flat surfaces. This means you need to DIY some type of spacer. A simple spacer doesn't always work well either. The fluid head is quite firm so you need to drill out some locking screws to make sure it doesn't come loose. Sure I love the 701HDV, but it has problems mounting to anything other than an actual video tripod.

Here's where I struck Gold. When i'm just about fed up with Fluid heads, and figured I'll have to come up with a special adapter for the Spider Trax dolly project, I run into this little Gem. I've seen this online before, but was hesitant about the build for a brand I wasn't familiar with. It was pretty much my last resort in trying to find the best Fluid Head to suggest for the dolly project. It's available from a US seller which means super fast shipping - (no four week waiting period). Even better, It's half the price of a Monfrotto 701HDV and as far as i'm concerned it's twice the build quality. This thing is compact (same size as 701HDV), but it's beefy! It's designed with lots of metal, the fluid head is smooth, has incredibly strong locks to support lots of weight, and comes with a very very nice adjustable (very long) Video handle for extra leverage. In fact you can mount two handles for smoother panning shots. With the adjusted length, this handle actually is perfect for the Spider Trax Dolly use too! It performs same if not better than fluid heads more than three times it's price.

Why isn't anyone else talking about it? I feel like i'm breaking new ground here much like when I started blogging about those 126 LED Video lights. I'm not sure, but I was sooo happy with the first one, I purchased a second one so I don't have to keep remounting my head onto different sliders, tripods, and dollies. The cheapest i've found the 717AH fluid head was on eBay by this seller, while others sell this upwards to $100 dollars. Click here to visit the USA seller that I received mine from..

click image

Update: Just contacted the company to see if they can supply me with alot more for the Dolly project. They mentioned there's a limited amount in stock until the next shipment. This will be the official Fluid head that will be packaged as an option with the Spider Trax Dolly, so if you're shopping for an awesome quality Video Fluid head, now might be the time to grab one.

Oh and i'm still a Monfrotto fan, in fact I love love love my Carbon Fiber 190 CX3 sticks from Monfrotto. Great quality build for the price.

Remember, the numbers on the Head don't match the box - weird.

find-price-button Click image to find 717AH Video Fluid Head

194 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure! Awesome Video Fluid Head 717AH

  1. How do you level the Weifeng WF-717 tripod head? There is one spirit level in a place where you can not get a vertical site on it. The sticks are great, the head looks good, has a nice smooth movement yet is impossible to get a horizontal 180 degree pan on the horizon.

  2. Eric Plante

    Just got a couple of these for travel heads, having the same problem with panning some have mentioned. Not quite ready to replace the grease, but I have noticed if you warm it up (say a heat gun for 30 sec or so) it pans really nice till it starts cooling down. Not a real practical solution but if you're in a pinch it can help. Also I'd hesitate to use spray grease and use the pan lock for tension, as its a lock and turning it while locked may cause damage. But maybe use some grease that just a little viscous at room temp.

  3. I've added one of these to my Glidetrack 1m SD slider rig, using an elastic band to slide the head in a smooth motion and cutting out jerkiness.

    It's the best fluid head I've seen for this sort of set-up. The adjustable handle is great for handheld stuff too. Other heads have parts that interfere with the Glidetrack, but this one doesn't. Fab piece of kit.

    I've also heard these are being rebranded as "Fancier" instead of "Weifeng" so look out for the name change if you're purchasing and think it's a knock-off.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Thuckenstein - It looks like it probably would, but that's quite a price tag on it.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Thuckenstein - It's a completely different head, and not a simple attachment. You would need to purchase the other head.

  6. Please help, I have the opposite problem as other people on here trying to adapt my head to other devices.

    I purchased a WF-717AH head and a set of EI-717A sticks from different places. I didn't realize the WF-717AH doesn't come with the ball mount.

    Does anyone know where to get just the ball mount that will let me attach my head and sticks together?

  7. Hi!

    I just ordered one of this fine piece of gear, thanks to your review!! I have one dilemma though because I'm planning to use this video head as my primary head (i will sell my manfrotto 701hd) but I need to be able to quickly change from this fluid head to my glidecam hd2000. I've been searching through the internet for a separate quick release mount for the 717AH quick release plate but I haven't got any luck until now...=( Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot. I'd really appreciate your help. I have to shoot a wedding in 2 weeks!


  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Musouka - There are some slight differences which i'm still confused about too. Some are the same head but come with different tripods. They are bundled and a have a name for the 'bundle'. Some of the heads have a bowl mount, and some have the standard 3/8" mount. Then yes, some are being rebranded all together.

  9. Musouka

    Great find. This might be my first fluid head.

    It's confusing how the product has many names. I have seen it as WF-717A, WF-717H and WF-717AH. I wonder if there are all the same? There is even a EL-717AH but it seems to be from a different company (or maybe just different branding).

    For those of us outside the U.S, this eBay seller has a great price of 69.96 (plus 32.99 international shipping from China), bringing the total to $102.95.


    I wonder if the whole tripod set is worth the investment, however. Someone said the head was great but the tripod was not. I currently have Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod. I don't suppose this will fit on it? Any suggestions for a good light tripod?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Austin - Lift the tripod neck up. Look under the fluid head and there are three small set screws (very small). Loosen those screws all the way and then you'll be able to remove the fluid head. Grab the base of the head and unscrew counter clockwise.

  11. dan virlan

    Man 300 $ is much far away from 74 $
    I just checked the ebay link and is listed with 300$


  12. Emm

    Post author

    @misha - Correct. You can take any QR system and place it on top of any fluid head, slider, dolly, crane, or anything you want.

  13. misha

    So i can basically get the head i want and just slap a manfrotto QR system right on top hey?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @misha - If you want to get into QR systems, you may want to look into Manfrotto stuff. The workaround is that some people place a Manfrotto QR system on top of other fluid heads to stay compatible.

  15. @ Emm Ive been thinking about purchasing this head. My only concern is i want to have a quick release plate mounted onto my Flycam so i can quickly take it off and put it onto my tripod. Are there any plates that would be compatible with this head?

    Manfrotto makes one but then your stuck buying Manfrotto video head.

  16. This head isn't very good. You will have no control over the drag and it is stiff as hell. I would never recommend it to anybody. Keep your money and invest in something well made that you will keep for a long time...

  17. sigmund

    I had one of these and I think it is good depending on the purpose you want to use it. for run and gun and fast shooting like weddings, the fluid head is not smooth for adjusting it faster up or down. actually, it is a hell of a drag to adjust. for other purposes, it will get the job done though.

  18. Angela

    I've only had this tripod head for about 5 months and it was working for me pretty well (i shoot a lot of live performances with the camera on a tripod). The past month I started getting too much play/wobble in the first joint at the base of the head (where the two cylinders meet). I ended up taking the head apart and found that one of the little black hex screws (there are 6 in that particular area) had snapped off. I'll have to find a replacement screw but I just wanted to share this issue with all of you in case you were having a similar problem. I haven't put it back together to know if the problem is totally fixed, but at least I found where the issue was!

  19. Crypple

    I bought this model and have been using it for a few months now on a small production. It's ok, but not great. Honestly it's not really all that smooth and the adjustments available in the fluid drag are just poor. There is no option to have a friction free release and the drag control sucks. For macro shots forget about this being smooth, it's just not. For general use, this is a great little head and not a bad buy if you're on a super budget, but don't expect to get professional level results out of it. Consider saving a few bucks and getting a cheaper manfrotto or gitzmo fuid head from B&H. Sure you'll spend $350 or so ( like the sweet new 503HD) but you won't want to replace it after a few time using it.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @ZestyKy - A bowl mount Fluid Head is not easily adapted to just other tripods. You will need a tripod with a bowl mount to use it. Also the tripod you are looking it is a photo tripod, not a video tripod. The biggest difference is that the Video tripod has locking screws under the head so that when panning it doesn't come loose.

  21. ZestyKy

    Thank you for this review! It's very helpful. I'm only wondering about the 75mm bowl design. Is that compatible with other carbon fiber tripod legs or does the head have the option to be mounted on a set of legs that isn't a bowl design? I'm looking at a relatively inexpensive carbon fiber tripod that goes for $99 on amazon but I want to make sure it works with this head before I buy it. https://www.amazon.com/Opteka-Carbon-Tripod-Release-folded/dp/B00465ZYJ2

    Thanks for your help!

  22. They have a version for the tripod that is flat not on a bowl adapter. That will help oyu. If you go to the SLIK web site you will see the same legs but not bowl adapter and them in there you can place the head, the flat part, it is two parts head.

    Also a italian brand (can't remember the name now) use the same head but flat with a 3/8 screw. Take a look

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @frank suero - I have a tripod similar to that and the head is very good. Unfortunately I find that using a bowl mount head slips under weight sometimes under the crane that I have.

  24. I have this legs and head and they are good but, the locking system does not work. I agree that this is great for most projects but please do not place it under a jib, it will just cause yoy problems.

    We just ordered 3 more of this for studio but got another one for our (not yet ordered) cobra crane. Our support for the cobra is the Davis & Sanford PROVISTA7518XB Provista Tripod with FM18 Head. That tripod is great for this Jib.

    Another pain (and if you have a better solution) is that the 717 is not compatible wit manfrotto plates (501) and on top of our ginii rig and all other accessories we have the manfrotto adapter.

    Our solution is to mount the adapter (manfrotto) on the 717 plate and like tkat we just move the camera alone. Working for now but not a elegant or final solution. Any better alternative will be welcome.

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - The GH2 is a very small camera. Almost anything you put it on will block the battery door. For Canon DSLR's the battery grip solves that problem. For GH2, I don't think they make a battery grip.

  26. Daniel

    I bought the W717A fluid head and tripod. I mounted my GH2 to the quick release plate onto the tripod but it blocks the BATTERY DOOR! So, I can't swap batteries without having to unscrew the camera off the QR plate.

    What do I do to resolve this issue? Any suggestions? Much appreciated!

  27. Bob

    On the 701, all you have to do is pull the knob to reposition. No tool required. This is the same for all manfrotto products.

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Lex - That's a totally different type of head mount. You have the bowl type and I have the standard threaded fit.

  29. Lex

    I bought one of these but the whole tripod. It's the same but the one Fancier Weifeng WF-717H Fluid Head Tripod.

    You only bought the tripod head and it comes with another piece attached at the bottom.

    I have the one like in this video.


    The one you show in your video has another piece at the bottom and you easily mount it to the spider trax dolly.

    I want to know how can I get that bottom piece for my tripod head?

  30. I have been using it for almost a year, It is really great in terms of the price and function, good review, I think the tripod company should thanks you for doing a review and makes more ppl getting this=P


  31. Would this be smooth enough to work high very high zoom? I have a video camera that does 25x optical and 35x "enhanced" zoom and would like to be able to pan along with skaters from across a canyon.

  32. angel

    I just purchased the Fancier Professional Heavy Duty Tripod w/the Weifeng FT 717 fluid head I didn't realize it has a ball head. How can I use the fluid head with my cowboy studio shoulder mount??? Also will I be able to use my 701 manfrotto head on this tripod? Are there any adapters im supposed to get?

  33. danilo

    damn I need some german seller. i def want to buy that video fluid head but buying it from ebay/amazon and let it ship to germany will cost me ALOT (Taxes + Shipping)anybody got some advice on how to get it for merely the same price?

  34. By the way, will EI717A also work ?
    It seems to be the same. I can only buy that one because they dont ship the other to Portugal

  35. I want to buy this head, but I dont have legs for this.
    What good set could I buy ? I willing to spend about 100$ more or less. 3 options would be great.

  36. Max Anderson

    Can someone give me some input on these two options? I will be shooting with a 7d.

    Libec T68 legs w/ H22DV head- $400


    Libec T72 legs w/ Cheesy 717 head- $400

    I am mostly using this for stills, product shots and stationary video use but would like to have the panning ability available if needed.

  37. Jamie

    Does anyone know if the standard fluid head 717 will fit on the legs that come with the ball head 717? I have the ball head and hate it, and was wondering if i could sell it and pick up the standard fluid head to put on the legs that were designed for the bowl head to fit onto.

  38. Those screws go to nowhere. They just remove the panning portion from the tilt. You need to go from the top to get to the tilt portion.

  39. Taking off the 6 hex screws, there is another four underneath. Before I go taking those out just wondering if anyone has already. I'm trying to get at the tilt portion to see if I clean that up as well. When I tilt I can hear the gunk rattling around in there.

  40. Totally Agree! I just bought a Velbon FHD-51Q at a camera store here in Singapore...its amazing and amazingly affordable. I never thought i could get such a cheap fluid head. Loove!

  41. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo Telles - I believe if it says 717 it's the same stuff. The 718 is slightly different as seen here httpss://cheesycam.com/wf718-fluid-head-tripod/

  42. Leo Telles

    @Emm Yeah, I know about the mounts, i was referring to 'brands' name. And the 717 (withou 'AH") that comes with WF717 tripod is the same quality as the 717AH? (Just different name?) I wanna use both at same project but keep the same quality.

  43. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo - Yeah they would feel all the same, but there are different mounts. The Ball Head mount and the standard 3/8" mount.

  44. Leo Telles

    All the 717AH is exactly the same? i mean, the one from EI and WR and Fancier....

    And that 'fix' is for all the units (all come with problems?) or jus some bad ones?


  45. Emm

    Post author

    @Paulyfuntimes - There's two different models. There is a standard 3/8" tripod Fluid head and there's also the type with a Ball Mount. Make sure you choose the one you need.

  46. Paulyfuntimes

    Thanks for the follow up! Im looking at picking up the ephoto combo with this head. Was it worth it?

    Also this site rules. Its been a great resource for me.
    thanks for all the great info.

  47. Paulyfuntimes

    What is the size of the attaching hole on the bottom? is it the same as the 701? same thread count?


  48. Leo Telles

    hey emm, i'm impressed with this one because looks very beefy and you've been talk a lot during a long time. I have a velbon vf 7000 , it's cool, sturdy, but the fluid head it's made of plastic, but i can use it on my indislider.
    Do you know this velbon heads? do you think, being made of metal and seeming to be good, i will notice any improvement by buying this?

  49. mike

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I bought the similar head the "Fancier FT717" with the fairly decent 5' tripod for about $150 shipped. The head feels so perfect! I can now pan smooth up and down and even both ways at the same time. I never thought I could have something like this for under $300.

  50. alezan

    Just entered in this amazing world of HDSLR with a 60D,
    and your site is incredible... many thanks!!!

    I'm thinking to buy this head + gorillapod focus.

    Do you think they can fit together?

    Thanks again!

  51. Alksion

    Honestly guys, I got the same tripod, but the Varizoom labeled edition and it works flawlessly. I did pay about $30 more for the legs and head than the ePhoto tripod, but I am glad I did, it works perfectly.

  52. I received the head today. Just like everyone else, I found there was some weird gunk sticking up the panning mechanism. I followed the advise above; cleaned it all out, replacing with ball bearing grease. Result: while it's easier to pan, it's still a crappy head. I threw a 5D MkII and a 24-104mm lens to test. I shot 10 test clips of slow and extremely steady pans and a few tilts. Every clip is hampered by segments of panning stutter. The problem wasn't the gunk; it was poor manufacture. While I was cleaning the innards, I kept imagining some back-alley mini factory in China churning these things out using foot-peddled lathes.

    It's going back to Amazon tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for trying out cheap "magic" equipment. I'll stick with my heavy 10-year-old Sachtler. You get what you pay for.

  53. Emm

    Post author

    @Stephen - LOL, someone should sell 'refurb' 717AH's. Cleaned and reconditioned units... They are a solid build and very strong, just too much gunk sometimes, and that's inconsistent.

  54. I too had horrible pan friction and frankly the tilt wasn't much better. I've pretty much disassembled and cleaned out the entire tripod including the friction plates. After re-greasing with silicon spray and a few dollops of silicon grease-- all is MUCH better. Good thing cause I was getting very close to just selling it off. Now it's very usable on my slider. For some of you-- better add the cost of a few hours and some lubricants to the purchase price! It feels like a whole new tripod. It's disheartening to see how simple these tripod heads really are. We spend a lot of money on a whole lotta nothing!

  55. Emm

    Post author

    sorry, not compatible with anything. some people have used quick release adapters on the tripod quick release.

  56. Aaron

    Hi Emm: Love this review and love this site!
    Need some advice. I am in the process of shopping for a quick release for my 60d so that I could mount it on the glidecam. Could you let me know what the 717AH quick release plate is compatible with? I would like to be able to load my 60d quickly between the 717AH fluid head and the glidecam. Any recommendation appreciated!

  57. PK


    Here's a suggestion so that you look like a bigger god to your readers (if at all possible). You reference it on another blog post but if you updated this blog post to refer readers directly to comment #104 by Shaveblog, you would be doing a huge favor to those of us who have bought this fluid head.

    I had the same problem with the pan hardly moving. Insanely hard to move. So I followed Shaveblog's instructions and it's now working really well. I'm not the most mechanical of people but this was really easy to do. HOWEVER, there is one thing that had me scratching my head for a long time until I stupidly figured it out.

    When you unscrew everything, the main piece is a metal ring. I cleaned it all off but I still couldn't see how the panning would be better. And then I realized that the ring is actually two pieces. You just push the inner ring out from the outer ring. Once you do that and clean the gunk off of them, you are all set. You really don't even need silicon spray as it will turn freely although I used the spray since I was following Shaveblog's instructions.

    For the life of me, I can't figure out why they put all this gunk in there in the first place.

    Hope this helps your readers save time.


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  59. Emm

    Post author

    You can remove it and reposition the knob each time, or get a riser plate in between. There's ways to make it work.I don't pan much when sliding so the 717ah was good for me as it was real solid and reduced vibrations for cheap.

  60. Peter

    @Emm yeah thought about that as well. I actually didn't think about possible taxes which would even increase this price.

    Thing is with the 701HDV - I also want to use this head on my slider so I'm worried I'll have the same problem as you with the locking knob ... sucks :/ what is this locking knob for exactly? is it impossible to tighten it without pulling it down completely?

  61. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter - it's nice for a cheap price, but if you're going to spend more than $74 dollars, you might want to look into a 701HDV from Manfrotto.

  62. Peter

    I found one on ebay shipping from China for $115,99 incl. shipping. Do you think its worth paying for or should I spent more on a better one?

  63. I have worked with a myriad of megabuck fluid heads and the movement on this unit is as good as you can get without dumping a massive amount of jing on a topper. The entire unit, head and sticks, cost less than the cheapest Manfroto head alone and performs just as good as many of their higher end much more expensive heads.

    Love the site BTW... Makes a great homepage!

  64. Magdalenha


    Found your site by accident as I found the 717 on Amazon and thought the price was way to low to be a good tripod head. I'm so glad I found your review because I'm not going to get one! Great product review. Also, I really like your site and plan on visiting regularly.

    Thanks again!

  65. Guys, I just hacked my WF-717H tripod (same Fancier/Weifeng 717 head as Emm's review plus a very nice Fancier/Weifeng video tripod) for smoother panning and it's not that hard.

    What you want to do is remove the three hex screws on the bottom of the head, and pull the bottom cover off.

    Now you'll see and remove the 6 smaller hex screws underneath. You should see a clear, sticky gunk all over the inside -- this is the "fluid" that makes panning so sluggish. Use solvent to remove it and clean it off all the metal surfaces (I used Goo Gone and paper towels).

    Apply either lithium or silicone grease to all of the metal surfaces you just removed the clear sticky gunk from. Reassemble the head, and wipe off any traces of grease which may have gotten on the exterior.

    Panning should be as fast and smooth as you want. Tighten the head down to slow it up, or leave it fast and loose. Now you have options.

  66. MelG

    An amazing video head and tripod kit from this company..just bought mine, fast shipping, easy setup and the head is so fluid and smooth...very, very impressed with the product and the padded carrying case is amazing! Here's the link to the EI717 I ordered... https://cgi.ebay.com/EI717-Pro-Heavy-Duty-Video-Tripod-Fluid-Drag-Head-Kits_W0QQitemZ110545436218QQcategoryZ3319QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp4340.m263QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DSIC%26its%3DI%252BC%26itu%3DUCI%252BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%26otn%3D15%26pmod%3D130443759

  67. ScottyHarry

    Just received this head and tripod today and i have to say "its the real bargin you said it was". It came packed very well triple boxed and on time. The whole kit was $139.00 including tripod, head and carry bag. This kind of price and the quality makes for a nice bit of kit.

    Thanks for the good review and great find, you have a reader for life.


  68. Lucent


    Still no fix on this yet. I see there are two screws on the bottom of the head, afraid to mess with those though!

  69. Olivier

    Hey Lucent, Same issue..the panning is nearly impossible AND thats REALY BAD!! Did you find a way to smooth it? In the video here the pan seem much more smooth than mine.

  70. Hello,
    Cheesycam is the best!

    There just has to be a difference in 717ah and just 717... There is also a 718 model... I mean why would they change the model number? Just like hvx200a dvx100a is way better than without "a"... 5D mark II, if it's not mark II it's not 1080p ya know... Why would it be different in this case?

    Newer model with maybe better components?

  71. Max

    I bought the 717 on a tripod (75mm bowl version) on Amazon (free shipping) for $139. There is a $129 version with 2 handles, made by the same Chinese company (Fancier) but the head looks different and didn't want to take the chance to ave $10. Any tried this head:


    Fancier AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Drag Head By Fancier FT9901 Black.

    Is the FT9901 head any good? Anyone tried it?

    Someone must find a hack for the 717 to get smoother pans.

    Any recommendations for my GH-1. I'd like the lightest wait, fastest to set-up/bread down tripod for my GH-1 with just a lens, for street shooting. light and fast. A small ball head.

    I went shooting with a heavy old Bogen still head last night and it was murder, setting up on a Downtown street.

  72. Lucent

    Anyone else buy this but find that panning/rotating the video head is nearly IMPOSSIBLE?! I have no clue if there is any adjustment, someone help!

  73. Emm

    Post author

    I went with the Manfrotto brand very expensive Carbon Fiber sticks. The cheaper ones are nice, but I haven't found one that has a good 'locking' system. I really haven't tested very many tripods, but i'll try to take a look at some soon.

  74. J Toha

    Thanks for clarifying, Emm. They do look slightly different though aesthetically, if you look closely enough. But if they're the same, no reason to buy the more expensive one.

    I went ahead and bought one at $90 +18 shipping to Singapore from the link given by Mike M (thanks!). It's the cheapest one I've found so far :O

    Probably can mount it onto Indislider mini or something. As for legs, I really need a lighter one than the one that came with it (heavy duty).

    What sticks do you recommend that go very well with this head, Emm? For video work, events, and definitely not heavy-duty? 😀

  75. Emm

    Post author

    They are the same. Again, it's a great 'sub $80 dollar fluid head', but if you're going to pay money there's plenty of other options out there. I raved about the $74 dollars I got it for, but you have to spend a few hundred go Manfrotto. This is a great head for a dolly, slider, or other nice projects for the price.

  76. J Toha

    I don't get the difference either, between this:


    and this (as mentioned by cheesycam dude):


    If you look at the pictures, they look different although very similar. The knobs are different, but they both carry '717A' model name.

    Can anyone elaborate? *confused*

  77. Hey does anybody know who sells this head and tripod in Europe? They are all in the US or shipping from China, as Europeans we will have to pay customs to that and those prices go up real fast.

    So if anybody's got a link to a seller in Europe, they would be very welcome!

  78. Alksion

    Plus $17 dollars shipping, making the same price...

    I actually wasn't really promoting Samy's, you can get it on Amazon too,
    just though I would throw it out there, mine comes in tomorrow, which I actually ordered of Amazon. Good price for a great tripod and head!

  79. PaulP

    VariZoom is using this same Head with some legs that are Chinese built and also sold under various names on ebay. check out http://www.varizoom.com The legs are great but heavy and the head, as you have pointed out is a hidden gem. I picked it up from Samy's Camera in LA for under 200

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  81. Alksion

    Okay so don't pay $90 for this one? Wait till it is back in stock?

    I am curious cause I am about to buy this head and am wondering if I should get this one?

  82. Emm

    Post author

    I mentioned it was a great head for 74 dollars, I wouldn't pay overpriced for it. There's plenty of heads in the 130-150 range.

  83. Michael

    Did anyone test out a quick release plate system that works with this head? Interested in getting one of these, but want to get a quick release system for my shoulermount rig.

  84. Emm

    Post author

    The Zoom is awesome, and it's only $99 bucks. In DSLR world you can always find ways to use more than 1 recorder. There's pros and cons with both, and i'll write up a full review with photos side by side soon.

  85. Paul

    shucks, i just bought the bowl mount + tripod from ebay...does that mean i cant use it on my normal tripods.. and other sliders? wished i'd read up more carefully before i made my purchase.

  86. Lensdude

    I just got one of these. Not bad for the asking price. The vertical (up and down motion is pretty fluid with a decent range of drag resistance. The panning (side to side) motion is way too tight though. Even with the lower control nut almost all the way out the side panning is just way too stiff. This makes quick pan shots almost impossible...

  87. Mark

    As posted above the Monforto 557 plate(701 head) doesnt fit but how about the 357 plate would it work on this fluid head? I believe the 357 is a much wider plate. Please anybody with the set up tell me asap I want to order this product so bad but I need it to work with my 357 plates.

    Thanks in advance.

  88. Pingback:

    Double Camera Stap with More Function » CheesyCam

  89. Emm

    Post author

    I believe that is the 'bowl' type of fluid head and not the one with a standard screw underneath. Pretty much the same head, except that one is a bowl fit.

  90. dorn

    I found a reseller in germany 717 head + tripod for 199€
    thats cheaper than ordering from hongkong because of taxes..

    do you think theres a difference between the el717 and the wf717a??

    walimex is a brand that rebrands asian camera products und sells them in europe they also have the Samyang 8mm f3.5, which i like very much.
    but i ordered it from foto-tip.pl

  91. to keep quickreleases consistent - I have a bunch of RC4's - low profile - so i screw the base into the 701 quick release. Works perfect. So it's a quick release mounted to a quick release - but it works great. Allows me to move from mount to mount really easily.

  92. Big Al

    Hey, is it possible to unscrew the 75mm bowl from the head? I just purchased the WF-717 and I want to make sure it can be mounted onto a glidetrack.

  93. Emm

    Post author

    I guess it would be great if someone can make a quick release adapter for it. Maybe i'll take a crack at it and send it to the CAD guy who drew up the SpiderTrax dolly.

  94. Alex

    MJ, I tried contacting the ebay seller and he doesn't know what adapter is compatible with it. I tried contacting weifeng directly but have had no reply, this was about a week ago. I'm slowly running out of hope. It's a shame, as this is what is really holding me back from purchasing a second head, and I may need to sell off the one I have if a compatible adaptor can't be found.

  95. Emm

    Post author

    I have the 701HDV which might be the same Monfrotto plate as other heads. It does not work.

  96. mj

    To Emm (OP?) or anyone else who has this fluid head:

    Thanks for all the great info, but I'm still searching for the answer to the key question posted above by alex (#50), mike (#49), michaelauknz (#39), dagan (#33), sam (#13), herb (#8), etc.

    **** Is the quick release plate also the same as the Manfrotto? ****

    If so, is the Manfrotto 577 the right adapter to match this plate? If not, is there a compatible Weifeng adapter? On the big auction site, I have only seen the Weifeng QR plate for sale, but not the adapter. I would REALLY like to buy this head and extra adapters and easily switch my one camera between a tripod, a stabilizer, maybe even the spidertraxdolly. 🙂

    I think a lot of commentators have the same idea as me, so we thank you in advance for providing the definitive answer. Love the site. Tough on the wallet though. 🙂

  97. I had the same issue with my manfrotto. There's a two minute easy fix. Remove the alan head screw that hold the little switch on. Take the little lever off and adjust it. Screw the alan head screw back in a voila. Literally two minute fix to the lever problem.

  98. Emm

    Post author

    LOL, after my post the whole inventory was wiped out in the first 4 hours. It shows up every now and then. Now don't go paying $200 dollars for it, I just mentioned it was an awesome deal for the $74.00 dollars. If they are listing it for $150 or so, you might want to just grab a Monfrotto.

  99. Leo Telles

    Hey, looks great, but i'm not finding it on ebay, they changed the name of the product?

  100. Lee

    Thanks Cheesy..

    Ordered both the head and the tripod, great product find.
    Keep up the great work.

  101. Emm

    Post author

    It's a great head for $74, but if you have to pay too much + excessive shipping, you may want to look at the other brands.

  102. Alex

    Ditto Mike! Anyone know what quick release plate is compatible with this head so it's easy to move between kit?

  103. Mike

    Anyone know the answer to this question? If I want to quickly move my camera from this video head to say, the Cheesycam cage with the quick plate still on the camera, what is the thing the quick release plate locks into that I would need (sorry for the amateurish terminology)?

  104. Emm

    Post author

    That still doesn't solve having to pay twice the price for a comparable fluid head that actually works properly.

  105. Great site and thanks for recommending this head, would never of found it...

    I received mine in the mail today and I'm trying to work out how you get the handle to extend out like in your video. I've tried turning that middle 'buckle' but the handle end comes off and I can see the extension tubes inside?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  106. Emm

    Post author

    Yes there will be more coming in, and at the same price i'm assuming. If you can hold off, just wait.

  107. Mike

    So is this suppose to get more in? Im interested but not for 100 dollars, maybe im blind but how much you pay for it. Cant find it anywhere up top

  108. Clay Bitner

    The heads are still out of stock, so I just ordered their tripods that have the original 717 heads (not 717A). They looked sturdy enough.

  109. Michaelauknz

    Hi, Great review, One KEY Question,
    Are the quick release plates hopefully the same and swappable between 701 HDV and this 717AH Video Fluid Head..?


  110. Alex

    This head looks awesome...any word on when more will be available? The ebay seller is all out it looks like!

  111. Hey appreciate this blog. I have already built to DIY projects from this blog including the fig rig and the skater dolly. I tried your link for the ebay seller and it led me to a no results page. Just thought you would like to know. I will try and post a vid showing my DIYs inspired from this blog!


  112. about 6 months ago i was walking through best buy and I needed a new tripod, and i was looking for something cheap and they had a clearance markdown item that they gave me even cheaper for 35 bucks cause the tripod head was missing some things....and this was the head on the tripod!? holy moly, what a deal i stumbled onto now that i see this. I got some DIY screws and had to make a makeshift handle but it works perfectly, excited to see this review, i'm glad i made the purchase.

  113. Tony

    Mine should be here on July 1st. Got my 550D about three weeks ago and this should come in really handy. Shaky video sucks! Also built an aluminum "fig rig" after seeing your project.

    Thanks for all the great ideas, you're doing a great service to the DSLR community.


  114. Matt

    Hmm.. I recently bought a T2i so I've been trying to pick up a few items to get started in video (although, to be honest I still have no idea what to shoot!). I do mostly still photography at the moment but trying to get more into video (as I mentioned). Would this be total overkill for mostly stills work and occasional video? In other words, any reason NOT to use this for stills? I will be buying a new tripod soon regardless so if I can pick up a set of legs to match this head for a good price then that's what I'll do 🙂

  115. Dagan

    Hey could you possibly tell me if that quick release plate works with 701/501 manfrotto heads? I already have a bunch of quick releases from Manfrotto that are the 501 plate. No point in trying to save money and then spend another $70 on a quick release adaptor (manfrotto 577). It looks like the bottom of this plate might actually fit and vice versa?

  116. Olphus

    It's the same for me in europe. With shipping and possible tax duties it's more expensive than the 701HDV or 501HDV.
    Would you say it's superior to the 701/501 and an absolute must or just about the same if you didn't consider collar issue?

  117. admin

    Post author

    The price is not jacked up. That's a different seller. The other seller is just out of stock and doesn't have auctions for it right now.

  118. George

    Too bad wanted to order to Europe.Another seller ships to Europe for 40something USD for shipping, and another 100 USD for the head which is barely a bargain since for that amount i can buy a HDV701 locally.Good thing is he has the "make offer" available,but before i really give it a go i'd like to make sure that the head really works as a video head.Thought i saw some base "wobble" on your video but maybe that's just my imagination.

  119. Olphus

    I too want to know if the quick release plate is standar or non-standard, cause that would be an issue if I was limited to one standard, please let us know?

  120. And the ebay seller is out of stock, crazy...
    Now I have to search for another fluid head.

    Thanks for your videos! 5/5

  121. Blucross

    Hmm doesn't see to be any more in stock. I'll stay tuned to see when they are re-stocked, or maybe I can just get mine in the kit you will eventually be selling. Either way, I want one!

  122. keith

    Looks like they are sold out. Now we just have to sit back and hope they dont raise the price.

  123. obvious

    Im not sure how long you have had the 701hdv, but you do realize that the 'knob' that you were complaining about can be 'pulled out and ratcheted' into a new position.....

    Im not seeing how you can have problems mounting it on a flat surface, just pull and ratchet to change the angle/position of the knob.

  124. Hehe, a friend of mine recommended the WF717 tripod from this seller when I was looking for a solid video tripod. I absolutely love it. It's very solid and has that same head.

    Sadly, he's now out of the head, so I'll have to wait on getting a second one.

  125. John

    Ok so I purchased the head..Thanks for the review and your responses..I'm going to be shooting a lot of music videos and performances, so Ill probably be moving the camera a lot while recording. Any recommendations on a video tripod I should get with this head? thanks

  126. admin

    Post author

    Wow, did they mention why? I wonder if they'll just lose out on the free shipping, maybe if you paid more?

  127. admin

    Post author

    Grab it while it's available! I might be using all the inventory on my SpiderTraxDolly project!! Hahaha.

  128. First - absolutely love the site. Come everyday to check up on the newest DIY projects.

    Second - I've been going back and forth between what kind of heads to buy. Thanks for your help...again!

    Oh, and I would also like to see a review/suggestions on mounts to go w/ this head.


  129. admin

    Post author

    It was late when I shot that clip, I can test the two together tonight if you can wait. I'll even post a video of the mount. In my head I don't see a problem.

    You may not want to go Carbon Fiber if you're worried about cost. I've owned many Tripods, but I finally sucked it up and bought a Carbon Fiber one, because I found myself never bringing my heavier ones on shoots.

    CF sticks are much more expensive, but the goal is to buy equipment that you will use and make you more productive and not leave it at home cause it's too heavy! LOL

  130. John

    I'll be using the t2i to capture videos and photos..So would the 190 CX3 be a good match for what I'm doing?

  131. John

    Also, would you recommend the Carbon Fiber 190 CX3 sticks from Monfrotto and this head? If so, I'll go ahead and consider buying both today. Thanks!

  132. admin

    Post author

    This head should work fine on a proper 'video' tripod. Video tripods can mount all types of heads, but photography tripods may not have the proper locking screws for video fluid heads. Before buying one, just let them know you need it for a Video Fluid Head.

  133. John

    Thank you so much for the review, it looks awesome..I'm very new to dslr and just bought a T2i last week..I'll be purchasing a tripod today..Should I just buy this as the head? Or do you only recommend these for dollys? It's such a great price and I'm just looking for a great head at an affordable price. Thank yo

  134. Herb

    Thanks for the awesome recommendation. Looking at the quick release plate... it doesn't look like a standard size. Is it interchangeable with anything?

    Thanks for the great information you provide on this site.


  135. I just bought one - looks cool. Too bad it doesn't have a bubble level. I don't think it will match the quality of my Sachtler 🙂

    #CheesyCam " It does have a Bubble Level. The photo gallery shows the level. - Thanks.

  136. MalcolmM

    I purchased the next model up, fixed 75mm bowl, very impressed with the quality for $220 compared to more expensive brands. E-Image.


  137. THANK YOU! I've been looking for a good affordable pan head, as I'm dabbling in video along with my photography. It's hard to commit to a $300 head when it's only going to see about 10% of my time spent using the camera.

    Always love coming to your blog, keep up the awesome work.

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