HDSLRNOW – Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Review

The latest HDSLRNOW Quck Tip runs through a few different versions of the Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Kits. These are excellent lighting kits that throw soft diffused light, but they'll run a bit higher on price for the build quality and convenience they offer. The Linco lights offer quick setup portable softboxes and more robust head units that will hold up better for travel. For more quick tips, follow HDSLRNOW via Twitter.

You can find various kits of the Linco FLora Lighting kit on eBay (Click Here) and via Amazon (Click Here).

Linco Flora LightsLinco Flora Lights
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2 thoughts on “HDSLRNOW – Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Review

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Bart - The Linco lights are better quality, and better for travel, but On location i've been using LED lights (optional battery use). In studio i'm using cheaper ePhoto stuff because I don't need to break them down and travel.

  2. Bart

    Which lights do you like better the Flora Brand or the Ephoto lights. Seems like the Flora lights would be faster to set up for location work.

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