Got time to Kill?


Random post, ignore this if you're busy. But if you're truly bored, and you've got time to kill, check out Mast Photography around Google. Interesting hobby and some crazy setups out there. Might even be some new equipment you'll use on your next Video or Photo event. Follow this link, but don't blame me if you waste the next hour researching Mast Photography.

One thought on “Got time to Kill?

  1. I have actually been working on this!!!

    I want to shoot video from the top of a 50ft mast I have borrowed from a friend (for a particular project).

    I can't figure out how to activate the video button from the ground.

    Any ideas!!!???

    I have an hdmi cable running to my monitor, and a cable to the motorized pan/tilt head.

    I bought a RC-6, but in daylight and 50 ft up, it doesn't work.

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