GoProHD Camera – Hero 2 (new version)

GoProHD was already surprising film makers with it's quality to size ratio, but they seemed to have found a way to make it even better. Not just 2x sharper images (bigger sensor), but more FOV (field of view) options, 120fps (yes!), more TimeLapse options, faster 10 photos in 1 second, but also mini-HDMI and external Mic input? Holy cow.

GoPro Hero 2

You think that's crazy, what about the other features that include Wi-Fi Remote Control, Wi-Fi video preview + playback, Wi-Fi streaming to web,Camera control via smartphone, tablet and computer app?? Yeah it's really something to see, and you can only find it available right now at the GoPro site. This will sell out for sure. You can also check out a video tutorial about all the new features and innards at the product page (click here)

GoPro Hero 2 Wi-Fi Bac-Pac & Remote

find-price-button GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Motorsports Edition CHDMH-002

23 thoughts on “GoProHD Camera – Hero 2 (new version)

  1. jarrett

    I'm tempted to get one of these for my quadcopter...but I know its just gadget lust...the hx9v is still more capable for helicopters...

  2. For all those who have purchased within the last 30 days... They do have a money back guaranteed. Return it and get the 2.0 version.

  3. Greg

    While the new camera looks AWESOME, I think them listing the 120fps was kind of gimicky since no one is going to use the lower resolution.

  4. mike_tee_vee

    I wish at the very least it had exposure compensation. Sure, I know this isn't a 5D, but when you're shooting into the sun, it meters conservatively, and most of the scene is black.

  5. Austin

    Tempted to actually sell my 2 week old gopro since I bought the motor sport kit for only 230. If I could sell it for a decent price I might upgrade, wonder how much I'd get. The wifi feature, 120 frames, sharper image and more area of view are all really tempting.

  6. Lensdude

    Very cool technology!

    The main issue I have with these cameras is how wide the lens is. That fisheye look is way cool on your first day but the look gets old pretty quickly...

  7. Juan

    my question is ... GoPro Hero can use my hd 2 (naked) with my former housing accessories and old hd hero 1?

  8. jarrett

    Austin, you might look at a sony hx9v...its not 120, but its a solid 60p at 1080p...the slo mo is magnifique!

  9. Austin

    And I literally just bought the HD Hero 2 weeks ago >.> Oh well At least I got a decent deal on mine. If they had 120 fps at 720 I would upgrade in a heart beat, but wouldn't we all?

  10. jarrett

    they should really think about making the lens interchangeable. I'm not sure what size the sensor is, but there are a plethora of small fast c-mount cctv lenses, from 4mm to 17mm, f.08 to f1.7, that are cheap. Make the exposure lockable, and you have a magic box...

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