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Want Slower than Slow-Motion from your cameras? One of the hidden gems in the latest edition of the GoPro Studio 2.5 is an option called Flux. If you're familiar with Twixtor, or Optical Flow in FCPX, it's works in the same manner to create a faux high framerate slow motion clip. Here's a very exaggerated clip shot from the LX100 in 1080/60fps that I slowed down to around 8% playback (very exaggerated).

Product Description:
Flux™ enables super smooth ultra slow-motion and fast-motion speed changes. Flux analyzes the footage frame by frame, inserts new frames as needed, and blends them all together to smooth out the action.
While editing your clips in STEP 2, Flux™ will automatically be enabled when you change the speed of the clip.

There are certain conditions where the feature works best like having a static camera angle and not panning around. Using the highest framerate option in your camera, and working with a high shutter speed can also achieve better results. I'm still a pure rookie at this stuff, but it's an interesting option to learn about and come up with more creative uses. For more information about the FREE GoPro Studio 2.5 with FLUX check out the website (click here).

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7 thoughts on “GoPro Studio Flux Slow Motion Option

  1. Jason

    I dont think GoPro bought twixtor...I've read nothing about it and nothing comes up in any searches.

    You may be confusing twixtor with cineform.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Chi Lee - Awesome, thanks for pointing that out. So I guess people are getting some truly time tested high quality software for free now!

  3. Archie

    Thanks a lot Emm.
    I am getting some free time after 2 weeks.
    I am thinking of doing this test:
    1) GH4 HD 96fps at 24fps
    2) GH4 HD 60fps stretched 1.6 times, interpreted at 24fps
    using 2.1) Premiere Pro rate Stretch
    2.2) After Effects Timewarp
    2.3) Twixtor Trial
    2.4) Flux
    3) GH4 4K 30fps -> HD stretched 3.2 times, interpreted at 24fps
    (repeating cases above as 3.1 - 3.4)

    I am no expert in any of these but wondering if people have any other recommendations (which have a trial or are free or hidden in Adobe CC).

  4. Chi Lee

    It doesn't just "work in the same manner" - Flux *is* Twixtor. GoPro bought it and changed the name.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Damian - I haven't used rate stretch in Premiere, but this does not just turn 60p into per say 24p. It actually creates fake frames in between the real frames. It's pretty much how Twixtor or Optical Flow works in FCPX. Which one does a better job at creating these 'fake frames' is a matter of testing them all.

    The biggest difference is that it's FREE. You have to pay for Premiere, FCPX, and Twixtor, but for anyone who wants to create Slower than Slow Motion for free, they now have this great option in the GoPro Studio.

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