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The web is buzzing about a possible new GoPro Hero4 camera capable of 4K video at 30fps. There is also mention of the new Hero4 to offer more manual exposure controls and a built in LCD monitor (no bacpack attachments). If this info is true, it will be another camera i'm guaranteed to pick up.

Not just for drone use, but i've really been keeping an eye out for the most compact 4K video camera combined with an extra wide field of view. Using a wide FOV is perfect for capturing small interior spaces, and the 4K resolution allows you to de-fish while maintaining more than 1080p quality for final output. If the manual exposure works well and the sensor is decent in at least dim lighting, this would be great for some of you guys doing Real Estate tours.

[Update September 29th] Here's the first video from GoPro showing off the new Hero4 4K Camera.

With such a small camera, the only thing you'll need is a mini 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer (like these).

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find-price-button GoPro Handheld Mini 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizers

The new GoPro Hero4 4K Camera is already listed on the website showing an October 5th release date. You can check it out at the GoPro Website.
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19 thoughts on “GoPro Hero4 4K 30FPS Action Camera

  1. Jason

    The Hero4 Silver = 3+ w/ a monitor. You're not getting anything new spec wise, just a new package w/ a bundled LCD. Save yourself some money and buy a 3+ when the prices drop and a touch LCD.

  2. I took off the bracket that screws the camera to the bracket and just used a tight rubber band. Hold beautifully. I am a performer and have been setting it up and then giving to other people in the audience to shoot with and have had no problems. Sunday I was performing at the Turkish Festival in Washington, DC (outside) and even put on an ND4 filter. Still no problems at all.

    I am looking forward to the Hero4 Silver though because the lcd is built into the camera.

  3. Luke Kwan

    Bob, how did you get the lcd on their? is the 3+that much thinner than my 3? it wouldn't fit but i only have a 3.

  4. I bought the Feiyu G3 3-axis a week ago from Amazon prime and absolutely love it. I had a 2-axis and sent it back because my Smoothie was much smoother. The 3-axis is fantastic. It also comes with a charger, wall plug, rechargeable batteries, usb cables (2).

    I've been using it for a week constantly now with the LCD back on the GoPro 3+ and have had no problems at all.

    I highly recommend this unit.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Luke Kwan - Both look like excellent stabilizers, but I may go a different route. I think I would be more stable with two handles as opposed to one, and I may want to add an external USB charger, and possibly a small HDMI monitor.

  6. Luke Kwan


    i have been searching for a mini gimbal as well. to help speed up the process…

    I found these two are the best Choices for now. Feiyu Ultra 3G Axis and Pilotfly Funnygo 3 Axis.

    There is one another prime eligible gimbal for $30 less but i'm not certain if it is the ultra.

    Includes BT so you can adjust PID setting w/android only. no love for iOS!

    A lot of these gimbals appear to similar, but the funny go has made some improvements to the design. The funny go looks to be the feiyu G2, but it is not!

    Of the two… I think I might go with the funny go. It has adjustable PID settings with BT, greater range of motion bc it sits higher in the mount, and includes a charger that will charge all it's 3 batteries.

    At first you might think the feiyu is cheaper, but it only includes a 2 bay charger when uses three cells! Most people will want to upgrade the charger.

  7. Joseph

    TY Emm - Looking VERY forward to your hands on reports of these mini gimbles - I believe IKAN will release theirs soon. Defiantly looking into purchasing one sometime early next yr.

  8. Jason

    I'm more concerned with the focal point. The 3+ moved it to close subjects vs a farther range. My primary use is on my Phantom 2 and while I do some biking and other things I would prefer most ranged objects to be in focus. I did not want to manually adjust the lens in mine knowing I would probably sell it for the 4 and hopefully the focus is better in this version.

    Especially as some of their promo shots shot things at a distance...

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Joseph - Good question, but no I haven't tried the smaller ones. I'm currently shopping for one right now, and i'll post on here which one I may end up with.

  10. Jason

    Aaah finally. So glad I waited and passed on the 3+

    The only disappointing thing is the price, as they keep adding $100 w/ every flagship release. But it's an amazing little camera, so who it could be a good value.

    Can't wait to get mine.

  11. Ryan

    @RobS That's the same question I had. Dug around and found this vid . The FunnyGo from PilotFly seems to be a clear winner. Looking to get one of these myself. Trying to get all Michael Bay on my next vacation minus the explosions.

  12. Rob S.

    Aside from only offering 15 fps in the 3, is 4K on the GoPro any good? Seems as if that small lens and sensor size would limit image quality. Also, anybody try one of those gimbals? I like the look of those. A lightweight steadicam.

  13. insider

    Available in early October. $499 retail. Unfortunately, it does not have the manual controls everyone is chattering about. Still limited to exposure compensation and ISO limiting.

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