Gitzo 1542T Travel Photo Tripod Review

YouTube member Arthur Woo writes in and shares his thoughts on the Gitzo 1542T Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod. [Thanks Arthur]. At $550 dollars (without ball head) it's pretty darn expensive, but it's actually one of Gitzo's least expensive travel tripods. For those with that have been looking towards the Gitzo Carbon Fiber systems, you can find the 1542T via Amazon (click here).

Gitzo Travel Tripod
find-price-button Gitzo 1542T Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

There's also a number of them listed on eBay auctions (brand new) which might land you a better deal at one of these high priced traveler tripods (click here).

Gitzo 1542T Travel Carbon
find-price-button Gitzo Carbon Fiber 1542T Travel Tripod - via eBay

If you're looking for another option for a decent quality travel tripod, you can look to Benro. Not quite as tall, Benro recently released a new series of mefoto travel tripods found via B&H (Click Here).

find-price-button Benro MeFoto Compact Folding Travel Tripods

10 thoughts on “Gitzo 1542T Travel Photo Tripod Review

  1. I use one of the original Benro Travel Angels as an every day tripod but only because it fits to a backpack so great. It's not the best tripod by any stretch but I've taken it everywhere...certainly got my moneys worth out of it considering how much less expensive it is compared to the Benro.

  2. Tony

    @Danhowl - interesting business address for Feisol. I guess the owner is sticking to his humble beginnings or something like that. Thanks for the tip. Google Maps street view FTW.

  3. One thing I forgot to add in the review is the folding size, which is around 16", which is enough + a few inches to spare in a standard sized roller. It's another spec to consider when traveling light - you don't want to have a tripod that doesn't fit into your case.

  4. Danhowl tripods match up with Gitzo in terms of quality while shaving a few ounces and 10-25% less cost on comparable size. I have been quite happy with my Tournament grade tripod after years of owning numerous Gitzo of from Reporter to Studex: small, medium and very large. I discovered Feisol at PhotoExpo last year and have been carrying the Feisol Tournament 3442 on virtually every location shoot since.

  5. I own both of these and they are totally different. The Benro is very impressive but not as diverse. It would be good if you had two on a rail or just wanted to use it for travel. Every day use would be terrible.

    The gitzo is amazing!! You could shoot video or do anything with it. It is also super fast to shoot with and much much more stable. It is worth every penny!

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