Get $150 with Purchase of BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Despite all the new camera buzz, I know a few people have decided to stick with the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. If you decide on grabbing a BMPCC consider this deal for $150 Adorama Gift Certificate with your purchase of a BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera. Considering you'll need a few extra items like the Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC Cards (a must have for RAW video) or possibly spare batteries, i'm sure you'll appreciate the extra credit. Find the deal following the link (click here).

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find-price-button BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Body with MFT Mount - Includes FREE Adorama $150.00 Gift Certificate

11 thoughts on “Get $150 with Purchase of BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

  1. Ryan Farnes

    @Derek - Yeah - its cool to see where tech is going, but at the same time, kind of crazy.

    As for the relevance of release this weekend: Maleficent. In 2K.

    When Hollywood stops mastering to 2K, then I'll worry about it too. Until then, plenty of time for a low budget 4K wide dynamic range camera to come out. For now, the BMPCC seems nice. For $999 and a $150 card at Adorama...even nicer. Very tempting.

  2. Derek

    They will be giving these away soon enough. 4k is the future and the future is now.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @pops - I haven't used the GH4 heavily outdoors as anytime I want to do an outdoor shoot, i'd grab the BMPCC. I'll have to do more stuff with the GH4 outdoors, but right now i'm more focused on perfecting a setup for tight interior shots. I'm building up a very special rig which i'll share when I get a few more parts in.

  4. pops

    @Emm - Interesting and logical. Thanks for the response as always. Another issue that nobody ever mentions is the BMCC and BMPCC both have issues with IR when using heavy ND. Have you noticed any issues with the GH4? Or does it have a IR Filter built in like some of the canons? I just purchased the recently released Tiffen IRVND. In my preliminary testing it's really cleaning up the blacks. I'm sorry if I'm taking this off topic. That's not my intent. I'm happy to hear you're still finding the BM Cameras to hold their own even when down converting to 1080. It helps me a lot since I've not been able to get my hands on one yet.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @pops - Yes I do use the BMPCC when I'm working with projects that need to have better image quality. I think the BMPCC in 1080 still looks better than the GH4, especially when you have plenty of light and color (outdoor scenery). I keep a full BMPCC rig setup ready to go at any time. For the quick projects i'll always try to grab a different camera. I must admit though I have been using the 4K crop + fisheye extensively over the last few days. I've been testing a gimbal indoors and nothing grabs the entire room like a fisheye and then de-fish in post. The gimbal allows me to cover an entire space with professional results eliminating many other tools I would typically bring and speeding up time not having to swap tools and setup.

  6. pops

    @EMM - After having your GH4's for a while. Do you even use your BMCC or BMPCC? I have a GH4 on order and a slew of cameras and gear. I just am at a loss. I find I must force myself to use my BMCC and BMPC.

    I also have the ability to fly a BMPCC, Hacked GH2 or GH4 (if it ever arrives). But.. the only appealing thing about the GH4 is the ability to crop in from 4K from in the air. What are your thoughts?

  7. I think this a great deal, on top of a already killer price for the type of quality your getting. I will be purchasing 2 more while this deal is on, for ease of matching footage alone. To many times I've had to reshoot scenes when shooting alone side my d600 which it blows away. The bmpcc is not for everyone, but it is more then capable of shooting films

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Carson WA - A camera capable of shooting RAW in camera under $1K - no competition so far - unless you're talking about a hacked Canon with Magic Lantern. The BMPCC also outputs that nice 10bit 422 from the HDMI which not even a hacked Canon can do.

  9. Carson WA

    Am I missing something!? Besides URSA and their 4k camera, does the BMPCC have any real competitors in the market? Saw PBloom posted something on a new Sony with an APS-C sensor that fairs well in low-light..Not seen anything touch the DR the pocket camera produces...albiet a timely process.

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