F&V K4000 Studio Panel & R-300 LED Ring Lights Available

I'm still working on organizing my LED Video Light tests which should be posted up soon, but I can tell you right now the F&V lights are high on the list of quality output with both CRI and LUX readings. Having said that, a few people mentioned how the K4000 Studio Kits and R-300 LED Ring Lights were out of stock, but I received notification that they are currently available again (links below).

find-price-button K4000 Studio LED Video Light Panels

find-price-button F&V R-300 LED Video Ring Light

7 thoughts on “F&V K4000 Studio Panel & R-300 LED Ring Lights Available

  1. Mike

    Need to get a light in the next week or so - could really use that review of yours right about now 🙂 Specifically, I have the R300, which I like but is a bit too weak for a key light even at higher ISO's .. I'm guessing the K4000 would be the perfect match for it but do want to get the best bang for the money .. so need advice!

  2. Emm,
    I might have missed it but did you ever finish the light tests you did like a couple months ago? Any complete results?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Charles - The R-300 can easily be diffused with their milk filter for a nice even spread. The trick to these LED lights is if you want to flag or control the spread.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Multop - I have not worked with the Flolight Microbeams, but I hear Flolight makes good quality lights.

  5. Charles

    Hi emm,

    Have you use the r-300 with any kind of diffuser/softbox for your key?
    Is there anything that you have used that would not require a separate stand?

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