Full Inverted Mode with the CAME-SINGLE 3-Axis Gimbal

The CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE Gimbal has hard limits built into the frame to prevent a full 180 rotation. This design protects the wires from tangling up. Most Alexmos gimbals can easily be inverted but typically the camera itself has to remain 'right-side up'. Gimbals like the DJI Ronin or Ronin-M when used in inverted mode actually flip the camera upside down. So in post editing you have to flip your video. After hammering through the software a bit, I managed to find a way to keep the camera fully inverted so I guess it is possible.

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At this time I DO NOT SUGGEST attempting to tweak your CAME-SINGLE settings. If you screw up your configuration, it can be a very lengthy process to restore your system due to the new 'encoders' tab. Downloading profiles from the Internet will not guarantee that your system will be restored as 'Encoders' are calibrated individually (per gimbal). Until I find the time to create some type of tutorial on tweaking PID settings, I suggest you keep the default settings as much as possible.

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  1. Emm
    I have been using the came single for quite awhile now and came across your post about inverting it. I can't for the life of me find your setting for PID and whatnot. Also was thinking about mounting my Sony a6300 upside down on the gimbal to make it work. I can't invest in the their newest game naval so I'm looking into this. Thanks for your help

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Sofia - You could point the handle forwards, but because the weight changes, it might not be ideal to handle it this way. You could attach the Single on a monopod and that might be better to use when you need to hold it horizontally (pointing forward).

  3. Sofia

    Can the gun arm rotate 90 degrees comfortably to a horizontal hold, or must it always be vertical?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Stix - The Argo literally just came in stock like two days ago. i don't think anyone has received one yet.

  5. Stix

    If you had a choice between the DJI Ronin-M and the CAME-ARGO which would you go for? Having trouble finding any reviews or you tube footage of the CAME-ARGO. I'm mainly looking for most user friendly and durability. Will be shooting music videos.

    Thanks again for the help!
    I greatly appreciate it.

  6. Emm

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    @Stix - At 2.6lbs you're looking at something around the size of the CAME-TV 7800, DJI Ronin-M, or CAME-TV CAME-ARGO Gimbals.

  7. Stix


    I've been doing much research on gimbals trying to purchase what will be most useful for us. I'm shooting with Canon 60D and 70D. I'm right at the breaking point with the 2.6 lbs weight limit on this CAME-Single Gimbal.
    Does anyone have knowledge of these cameras being used on this Gimbal and it functioning well?

    Much appreciated.

  8. Emm

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    @Gus Kennedy - No don't ever change the sensor positions. I added an option for detecting inversion and you have to reboot the system upside down. But also changed some settings for max angle to acheive the level horizon ipside down.

  9. Pretty excited to try this out - don't suppose you could share how you did it? I take it you inverted the sensors - but then this would be problematic as it wouldn't be profile specific, so you couldn't easily change back, right? Thanks again for all your great work, so so useful!

  10. Joe

    Any idea where I can get one of those arms&clamps to attach to the side screw hole so I can use an iPhone for monitoring?

  11. Emm

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    @Miguel - There may not be enough weight from a CAME-SINGLE to operate properly on an ISO ARM. The springs on a vest typically need a good amount of 'minimum weight' to operate properly.

  12. Andrew

    I'm considering this to fly mainly GH4 + 7-14 or 12-35 but on occasion the 35-100 which comes in under 2.1 lb. According to Came-TV max weight is 2.6 lb. Anyone actually test claimed max? Would balancing that setup push the camera too far back and into the motor?

  13. Emm

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    @Eric Zee - You need a LANC remote for Panasonic. The only ones I know of have a cable though.

  14. Emm

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    @Romel - Yeah because PID is relative to battery voltage, the original version was just 7.2V, and now the new one is 12V (or more?). So the original PID values I posted before won't work. If you're getting vibrations, try to lower motor power first, and not change PID values.

  15. Romel

    Used your PID settings you posted a couple weeks ago for a GH4 with 12-35mm lens. Lots a vibrations just turning on. I'm guessing your PID settings may be different than mine since my came-tv single is the one with the built in rechargeable battery. Did they ever send you one of their newer ones? Any suggestions on PID settings. Thanks

  16. Peter Bosch

    Do you recommend to lower both settings: the normal power motor setting and the + ? Or only one or with which one to start first?

  17. Emm

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    @yakir - Try to lower the motor power settings and it should still be good with the 12-35mm. They have it set pretty high for heavy camera setups.

  18. @Emm Sorry, the setup was GH4 and samyang 7.5mm f3.5, I figured that maybe the motors was too strong, this is the setting you mentioned before, I use it with the GH4 and 12-35 setup and it works good but I'm trying to find a way to use this two setup without me changing setting in the software, do you think it can be done or because of the weight differences I can't do it and need to change every time?

  19. Emm

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    @yakir - You don't leave me with much information about what your camera and lens setup is, but with the 'buzzing noise' my first guess is that the default motor power settings are too high. Most likely you're using a setup that is too lightweight. Use the software, and lower the power settings on the Motor. Don't change anything else, just lower the Motor Power settings.

    Change the Motor Power values a little at a time (especially on the motors that vibrate). Then test again. Don't mess with the PID values, just start with the Motor Power settings.

  20. @Emm Can you have a look at this video i made strait out of the camera and try to tell what do you think is the problem with my setting?
    Thank you.

  21. Emm

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    @David - The encoders make a good stabilizer even better. I can't say if a pistol grip style gimbal is right for you, but there will be more gimbals coming out with encoders soon. The DJI Ronin-M is one, but i'm sure there will be a smaller lighter version out soon but bigger than the SINGLE.

  22. Emm

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    @Taylor - Most likely the motor power settings need to be adjusted. If you're using a lightweight setup, I would start by figuring out which motor has the vibrations and then lowering those motor power settings. Leave the PID alone, just lower the power on the motors.

  23. I just did some tests with the came-single. Spent a good amount of time getting it perfectly balanced. But I'm still getting a ton of micro vibrations. If I grab the frame, they stop, but they come back on any long-ish shots. Using GH4 with Rokinon 7mm. Also tried with a speedbooster and tokina 11-16 and that was even worse (I'm guessing too heavy?)
    Any ideas? Maybe I just need a lens with image stabilization to compensate?

  24. David

    Hey Emm, thanks for answering my question, but would this be a set up you would recommend over the traditional style gimbal like the came mini? Or is this one better since it has the encoder? (use would be for weddings, run and gun)Thank you,

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @Bill K - The modes are the same as the other CAME-TV gimbals.
    Click once and the camera will follow your tilt and when you pan.
    Click twice and the camera will follow just Pan (won't follow tilt).
    Click three times, and the camera will not follow Pan or Tilt. The camera will keep it's heading.

  26. Bill K

    I just received my unit today. I'm having difficulty figuring out the different modes and what they do... And the pamphlet isn't much help.

    Anyone have it figured out?

  27. Dan K

    I realize running the camera low in the upside down mode is tempting and necessary for some situations, but I'm really happy with the ergonomics of the CAME Single the way it is.

    The camera is right where I want it so I can see the rear monitor and my arms are low so I don't get tired. It's so light I need no extra support of any kind.

    If I want a high shot or a booming crane shot I just lift my arms as high as I can get them and the camera is 7-1/2' high and smooth as silk.

    It's a remarkable machine.

  28. Dan K

    Southerndude, I'm running the CAME Single with a GH4 with the 12-35mm on it. I balance the camera at 12mm. Then if I zoom out to 35mm I take off the shade or the UV filter and it's back in balance. But even without removing shade or filter, the motors are so strong it still performs beautifully.

    I fabbed up a piece of aluminum bar stock that's 1/4" x 1-1/8" x about 12" and mounted a couple of grip handles that point up. Very similar to what Emm did using a 15mm bar. I found the rig too top heavy and the round composite bar clamp just could not be tightened enough to stop the camera and gimbal or a handle from sagging. The flat bar is absolutely strong enough. Also added an anti-twist plate to stop the CAME handle from twisting on the plate. Rig is very stable.

    Also snaked a GH4 remote button from the camera to the right handle and mounted it on the handle. This puts start/stop and focus on the handle. Very handy.

    Also snaked a thin right angle micro-HDMI cable from the left side upward and over. The HDMI can go to a monitor or into my Zeiss Cinemizer goggles.

  29. Peter Bosch

    @Emm- I just wanted to test it, because you wrote, that for lightweight cameras you felt, that these were better settings. You are right - I also think that the settings are pretty good.

  30. Emm

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    @Peter Bosch - PID and all values are relative to voltage. The old system was 7.4V and the new one is over 12V I believe. Why did you feel the need to change it anyways? The default should be pretty good.

  31. Peter Bosch

    I have tried your PID settings for my A6000 which is about 680g, but there the motors began to vibrate as soon as I turn the power on, so I turned it back. Maybe withe the new batteries they also changed something in the default PID settings.

  32. Emm

    Post author

    @Southerndude - If you extend the lens, then it's not properly balanced, but if you are not doing crazy aggressive moves (just smooth handheld movements), then the motors will be strong enough to compensate for imbalance.

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @David - They changed to an internal battery on the CAME-SINGLE, and that one is said to last about 20 hours. I don't know if that's true, but I think you'll be able to go a whole day without charging it, and just charge it up overnight.

  34. David

    For weddings and run and gun style shooting, would this be better than the traditional 3 handle gimbal? how is the battery life comparison? Thanks!

  35. V Pasioudis

    As Emm says, be very careful with new encoder gimbals, I screwed up my settings and can't get it back 3 days later. Im at cameTVs mercy now, how fully they'll help.

  36. Emm: Can you balance the RX-10 M2 at different focal lengths, Say 24, 50, 85? How is the handling for extended times, you don't need a support rig, and are you using a external monitor?

  37. Emm: How does the Came Single Gimbal here, compare to the Came 7500, in regards to handling? Can you hold it with 2-hands on the left side, I'm thinking about the weight when a 5" external monitor is added with a battery.

    I think it might be difficult to design some kind of support rig, like the Atlas.

    I have an Allsteady-5 Very similar to the Came 7500, I have DIY'ed my own backpack support system for it. But I really like this Came Single. I have one a little smaller designed for the GoPro, that works pretty nice. How do you think the RX-10 M2 would work with this?

  38. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter Bosch - I purposely only show PID settings because if that's the only thing you touch, you can easily punch those numbers back in. Write down your old numbers before making any changes.

    As for advanced changes like what i'm doing where i'm messing with so many other things, I would not suggest you attempt this.

  39. Peter Bosch

    In the other blog post of the Single you gave an example of PID settings for lightweight cameras. If I understand you right, you now mean, don't try this even, before you don't make a tutorial with a save procedure how do do that.

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