Fostex AR501 XLR Phantom Power Mic Preamplifier BIG Savings Just $79

fostex ar501 mic preamp xlr 48vfostex AR501 Mic Preamp DSLR Audio XLR Phantom

I know a lot of people have switched to smaller camera bodies like the Sony A7 series or Panasonic GH4. But what those cameras lack is a simple XLR audio input with Phantom Power to support high quality mics. If you're looking to add this feature to your camera without a big price tag or bulky accessory the Fostex AR501 Mic Preamplifier is currently on sale - cheapest price you'll find anywhere. Normally listed for over $349 dollars, you can now get it for Just $79 (very limited supply and only for a limited time at this price).

It's not quite as full featured as other preamps (no headphone out, etc) but at this price it should do the job quite well adding the much needed XLR and 48V Phantom Power to your tiny camera setup. That's seriously even cheaper than trying to use a Zoom H1 as a preamp (which I know many people do). My stance is buy it now at this steal of a price. Try it, return it if you're not happy, or sell it for a possible profit.

fostex ar501 preamp
Learn-More-sm Fostex AR501 XLR Phantom Power Mic Preamplifier


Camera Mountable
48V Phantom Power
XLR Input & Output
Attenuable 3.5mm Output
Selectable Input Gain Level
Selectable High-Pass Filter
Aluminum Chassis
Powered by 1x AA Battery

[UPDATE] Looks like many of use missed this deal, and not so much of a deal, but discounted to $150 over at Amazon (found here).

5 thoughts on “Fostex AR501 XLR Phantom Power Mic Preamplifier BIG Savings Just $79

  1. Bob

    @Lainol If you are looking to add wireless capability to your G3 kit, I made a boom pole adapter that the G3 snaps into and attaches to you boom pole. Here is the build if you want to make one... httpss://

  2. Lainol

    Too late 🙁 This is perfect for a wireless boompole with the sennheiser g3 eng kit.

    Yesterday I received the iRig pre for this porpouse, not bad for $30

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