First Sony RX100 Mark II Cameras Available

If you've been following some of Sony's latest cameras, they've announced a new version of the Sony RX100 (Mark II). The new Sony RX100 Mark II camera offers just a bit more sensitivity in low lighting than the original, but the slew of new features make it worth upgrading for existing RX100 owners. Check out the YouTube video from imagingresource below.

For those who use the RX100 for video, the new frame rates (including 24fps) should be appealing. The multi hot shoe can now offer powerful external flash options, and with the ability to add an external EVF, the camera will be easier to use outdoors in bright lighting conditions. The built-in Wi-Fi feature will make it easier to instantly share your photos or videos to your social networks. There's a very long list of enhancements to this popular camera. I currently own (2) original Sony RX100 cameras, but i'm definitely looking to upgrade. So far most retailers remain out of stock, but several retailers (including USA retailers) have them available now via eBay (click here).

Sony RX100 Mark II RX100M2 Bundle Sale Stock
find-price-button Sony RX100 Mark II RX100M2 Digital Camera

[Update] B&H now has them in stock following the link.

rx100m2 mark II rx100
find-price-button Sony RX100 Mark II (RX100M2)

8 thoughts on “First Sony RX100 Mark II Cameras Available

  1. @emm understandable and I think for my purposes(lowlight video) the Panasonic LX7 works quite nicely and saves me $200 per unit too

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael - Sure thing, but my friends and neighbors are already asking the same thing. The original RX100 is still a great camera. I took one out to Australia and shot RAW photos during some of my trip. Amazing quality.

  3. Emory Dively

    Owned an RX100 before part of it broke and I got my money back. The video quality was very nice and the still photos were very sharp. Excellent low light IQ.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Habez - Yes i've heard a few things, but they didn't bring HD resolution so it's still very low res (600 pixels) and I think still has 4:3 aspect ratio (not widescreen for HD video). The monitor can be detached from the hinge but still needs to connect with an hdmi cable. Good idea originally, but I don't think they followed up with anything better.

  5. quite excited for the rx100 mk2. Any recommendations on audio for it? I know that there's a stereo mic that attaches electronically to the hotshoe.

    I was wondering if there was an adapter to fit a 3.5mm mic to the electronic hotshoe. HMM.

    Either way, im definitely looking to get the rx100mk2 to accompany my 5d3. Looks sexy and small 😀

    On a completely irrelevant note however, did u know/hear about the Swivi External LCD Monitor Mk2? One of my local retailers are selling it already (singapore).

    Apparently the monitor can be deattached and shit o.O Don't have much info about that though.

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