First Problems with GoPro Hero4 4K Camera – Dangerous Battery?

I've only had a few days with the new GoPro Hero4, and although I love the image quality there's been a few issues i've run into. Most of the accessories seem to fit, but 'The Frame' from GoPro does not work properly. The top recording button on the HERO4 appears to be more 'raised' than on the HERO3+.

Collection of GoPro Cameras - HERO, HERO32, HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4

Another problem is an SD card error which i'm still experimenting with. Possibly it's the 64GB card, so I'll try to replace it with a smaller 32GB (instead of 64GB) microSD Card.

GoPro 4K Issues

[UPDATE] Not all Class 10 cards will work. Here's a list of cards that should work:

The biggest and most important problem that I found is with my new Battery BacPac ordered directly from the website and I just received it today. The bacpac seems to get unusually hot, and if you leave it on long enough it continues to get even hotter. I've had a few GoPro cameras in my time, so I know this is far from normal. Here's a video about some of my issues below.

Originally I thought I just ended up with a bad Battery BacPac, but here's a little bit more testing using the same extended battery on my Hero3+ and the Hero4. Keep in mind, this is the 'NEW' battery bacpac which that has been redesigned from the old one and I just received it today. In just a few minutes the Hero4 gets hot enough to distort the plastic, but trust me - leaving it on any longer feels like it will catch fire.

So I don't know what to make of this just yet, but if this could be a serious issue. I've heard stories of 9V batteries thrown into a garbage shorting out and burning down a house, so it's not something to take lightly. Throwing a bacpac onto your GoPro Hero4 and leaving it unattended to get extremely hot could be very dangerous, so i'm just putting this information out there. I honestly hope mine is only a defective product, but i'm curious if anyone else has the same issue???

HERO4 Battery
GoPro HERO4 w/ new Battery BacPac deforms plastic from overheating

101 thoughts on “First Problems with GoPro Hero4 4K Camera – Dangerous Battery?

  1. Justin

    What a piece of crap. By far the worst shitty product on the market. 3 cameras 4 memory cards 2 backpack batteries I can't use because it freezes camera up. 2lcd bacpac i can't use because it also freezes camera up. Avoid these hero 4 blacks at all cost. Mine is going back and for the price j have paid for accessories I am getting a nice real camera. Screw this worthless pos.

  2. TimF

    I just purchased a GoPro Hero 4 Black to record video from my airplane. There are way too many problems with it -and returning it tomorrow. Key issues are:
    1) crappy battery life - only 55 minutes MAX for the GoPro Hero 4 Black
    2) Uses TCP/IP rather than Bluetooth to communicate with an app. This is a real problem when the ipad is connected with Foreflight and Stratus in the airplane. if it used Bluetooth, would solve a bunch of problems
    3) Screen so little, very difficult to read. Can not use the ipad or iPhone for settings until connection established. Can not establish connection if you can't see the screen
    4) Seems to stop recording after about 10 minutes
    5) USB/HDMI Cover easily gets losts
    Really wanted to use it for video - bottom line is that I believe my iphone6 (with a .9 ND filter) works much, much better than the GoPro

  3. Alan

    Got a reply from GoPro
    Remove SD card, remove battery,
    plug in and go to reset camera,
    Reset the camera,
    Turn camera off
    Install battery, it should start charging, the red
    Light on the front should illuminate solid red
    Wait for full charge, do not turn camera on
    Till its finished charging
    When fully charged, install the SD card
    Save all video and photo to your computer
    Go into settings and go to DELETE ALL/FORMAT
    It's very important to format your SD card
    Im up and running again, good luck to all!!

  4. Alan

    Reset the camera, installed the one battery with partial charge
    And the "BUSY" message came up but shows it is charging but the red
    Light on the front is not illuminated...

  5. Alan

    Same problem with not being able to charge either one of my batteries
    The "BUSY" message comes up. Sent the complaint to gopro, am going
    To try and reset the camera(gopro4 black)
    Will follow up if I hear anything!!

  6. hasan

    i have bought gopro4 with most of it shity accessory, i wanted to take video and photos for my vacation in bali, I noted after recording a video 10min it get fked up ! yeah many times and today i was recording while i was diving and it was recording only for 10 mins ! then nothing loool ! i was checking the camera because my gf's she was recording and the red light was working , my diving was for 45mins and when i checked the SD only 10 mins was recorded. and this wasn't the first time In Ubud activities . It runined my vacations fk it i wish if i bright my old camera with low quality it will be better. dont trust this camera if u want more 10mins.

  7. Brian petty

    I am very unhappy with my Go Pro Hero 4 Silver. My employer requires me, as a professional cameraman, to be knowledgeable in the field, and I work with a lot of cameras, and I have to know them and research them. The Go Pro Hero Silver 4 my wife gave to me for Christmas 2014 has been a waste of my time and money. It worked well the first few times, then went south. The camera fired up a few times and worked great, but then later would not record. Now I have to power it up and down scores of times, and after that, if I'm, lucky, I get to see a live image on the back LCD screen then and it records. Also the android phone I use sees it on the WiFi but cannot control it, unless the Go Pro Silver Hero 4 shows an image on the LCD panel after many starts as explained earlier. No fix after an camera upgrade connected to the internet. Also this camera also gets very hot. Unacceptable performance Go Pro. Fix it Go Pro!

  8. Marc

    I have the GoPro Hero 4 Black and the Hero 3+. I use the frame housing for both of my cameras and i have no issues with the frame housing for either camera.

  9. Mitchell

    When I came down to the product "Hero 4" GoPro and the replacement battery (as a backup). I was rather disheartened.
    It's greatly stuck on my helmet. Great bond, secure. (I ordered a 64gb micro SD card for it specifically to).
    However my disheartened view is from a few points.
    1st I went to the GoPro site, and ofcourse downloaded the GoPro Studio to download/edit and modify the pictures/videos taken.
    My computer does reach each of the specification for it.

    However this is my 3rd time I've taken the camera out now as a general test.
    The battery seems to not last more than 1 hour, or just over one hour from being fully charged from use.
    Also, the first time I used it, the camera kept going off while recording. (The settings are set to never switch off) - However, I've googled that and others were having the same trouble. I updated the camera with the studio software as it shows, update 3.0.0 or so, and people stopped having that problem with the camera going off.
    I've yet to notice the change to be honest.

    I went out with a mate on the bikes today, and the image quality is fantastic on the device. But at times, (I assume would be the wind causing it, I don't know) it was windy today... But at times, the entire footage stops, laggs, and jumps. The sound is still clear on it, but the video jumps about.

    The photos taken also, when I tried to load them onto the computer, were all blank except for one taken (non continuous) All the Burst photos (30/6 seconds) - were blank.

    On the way out, so about an hour into the journey, we stopped and had a quick rest. I noticed the camera had gone off from recording video only. Turned on, it showed a flat battery, so with the other charged on me, I swapped them over. Then from there it was ok with battery.

    I put it on record, however it's just not on the camera.... Unless it's come up blank to?

    I'll try a few more times with this when my bike comes out the garage. (Goes in tomorrow - 10th). But it just goes off randomally, and I won't know whether or not, it's protecting me from anyone pulling out or if anything should happen on the road. If you understand my meaning there.

    I used two batteries today, Both depleted. Was a tad disappointed to be honest.

    I am a first time GoPro buyer. I will try again a few times.
    (When the videos/photos all supposedly transferred of the camera, to the PC. Instead of deleting everything the camera still showed 06 on there. Yet plugging in again, shows nothing on the card >.>.

    Go Pro seems to get hot when in video/photo mode - the other day, so thought the battery would last longer with only video. (nope 😛 )

    Anyway, any feedback would be great.

  10. russell

    Is anyone else having an issue that the gopro hero 4 blk is draining the battery even when switched off? I fully charged it went to use it next day and it was completely dead, i got this for my birthday a few days ago and can homestly say i wish i hadnt doesnt seem worth the money

  11. calipedro

    @Steve K

    I have the same problem with the front red LED not working (even when selected that all 4 LED should blink)
    Did you have a fix for that?


  12. Rambo2425

    My silver hero 4 will not turn on any more please help its brand new !!! The red light will not light anymore so either its charged all the way and still not working or something else please help!!!!! Asap

  13. My droid based wife was working just fine.... until my app auto updated and now I'm having the same problems being reported here. I think it might be time to reset the thing, but am a bit hesitant as I can't afford any downtime if this thing should brick.

    I'm also a first time gopro owner and am quite disappointed that fixes for these problems are taking this company so long. Too late to return mine... and in fact am almost to the point of needing a lot more. But I'm thinking of purchasing up a bunch of GPH3's instead, given all the issues with 4.

    Anyone know of any "like" camera's they would recommend? Perhaps another brand is the answer.

  14. Bernard

    I recently purchase a hero 4 black and I am having problems charging or should I say it won't charge so I purchased another battery and when filming or photographing it says busy also I now cannot charge that battery either

  15. James

    I just picked up my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and installed the SanDisk 32 gb sdhc and it's working perfectly. The "busy" message seems to indicate it's shooting and / or saving photos or video...mine comes on "busy"immediately after shooting video and while taking photo bursts.

  16. Rushdi Baharum

    I also have priblem with my GoPro Hero 4 Black. Only a few days I use and now I have a problem with my GoPro.. The problem start when I use BaPac battery. The video become pink and green. The unit always hang or freez. It is make me disppointed. This is my first GoPro. I don't recommend to my friends to buy this brand. I think GoPro will die. Too many camera like this. For me Sony is the best choice. I don't believe with this brand anymore.

  17. joe

    I am glad to know i am not the only one having this problem. On top of that, the primary battery in mine will not even charge while inside the camera when i plug the camera in. Nor, will the primary battery piggyback off of the bacpac...It just dies leaving the bacpac about 3/4 charged... thus making the bacpac USELESS!

  18. Paul Abrahams

    Bought my hero4 black in december, this week I've been setting up my DJI Phantom and Zenmuse Gimbal. Got that working nicely but having problems setting up the FPV and now I have a bricked Hero4. Tried updating card but camera won't respond or update, just says BUSY. nothing gets the camera working again.

  19. luis

    hola, mi gopro hero 4 silver después de funcionar bien una semana, empezó a distorsionar colores hasta que quedo completamente negro, la actualice, funciono una vez normal y ahora cada vez que la prendo esta la imagen en negro y si quieres cambiar de modo te deja dos veces y se queda completamente tildada, no se puede apagar de ningúna otra forma que no sea quitándole la batería. cualquier ayuda es muy agradecida, me tiene a mal traer el asunto.

  20. Bud

    Follow Up:
    From the GoPro Website explaining the new Firmware Update:

    HERO4 Black update v02.00.00

    New Modes + Features

    Adds Time Lapse Video mode
    Adds 720p240 video mode (Narrow FOV only)
    Adds 2.7K60 video mode
    Adds Auto Image Rotation
    Adds 30 photos/6 seconds Burst rate

    Performance Improvements

    Changes Protune default video ISO to 1600

    Usability Improvements

    Adds Reset option for camera Wi-Fi settings
    Displays Night Lapse shutter time on the camera status screen

    LCD Touch BacPac Improvements

    Delivers the ability to add HiLight Tags during playback
    Adds new gesture to display the last photo or video captured
    Automatically locks the display after the camera goes to sleep

    General Improvements + Bug Fixes

    Night Lapse stability improvements.

    The Hero 4 Silver Update Lists this:

    HERO4 Silver update v02.00.00

    New Features

    Adds Time Lapse Video mode
    Adds Auto Image Rotation
    Adds 30 photos/6 seconds Burst rate

    Performance Improvements

    Changes Protune default video ISO to 1600

    Usability Improvements

    Delivers the ability to add HiLight Tags during playback
    Adds new gesture to display the last photo or video captured
    Automatically locks the display after the camera goes to sleep
    Adds Reset option for camera Wi-Fi settings
    Displays Night Lapse shutter time on the camera status screen

    General Improvements + Bug Fixes

    Night Lapse stability improvements.


  21. Bud

    Follow up:
    On the packaging of my LCD Touch BacPac it states:
    Compatible with all Hero 4, Hero 3+ and Hero 3 Cameras.
    Regulatory Model Number: BPLD3
    SKU # ALCDB-401
    130-07346-000 REVA


  22. Bud

    I bought my Hero 4 Black at Christmas time and I had a LCD BacPac on my Hero 3+ Silver.
    I noticed that the LCD Bacpac from my Hero 3+ was very jerky on my new Hero 4 Black.
    I called GoPro Support and the Support Rep asked me the date and version of the LCD Bacpac that I had.
    It turns out that it was an older version and in fact when I looked on the original packaging for my LCD BacPac and sure enough it did not show applicable models of the Hero 4.
    If you look at the current LCD BacPac's it packaging will clearly state applicable to the Hero 4.
    You cannot purchase the older version of the LCD BacPac but look on the package...If it shows Hero 4 then it is the latest version.
    I was selling my Hero 3+ Silver so I left the LCD BacPac on it and purchased a new LCD BacPac for my Hero 4 Black.
    Yes the older version will work but the Hero 4 version is much smoother overall operation.

    I just applied the new Firmware Version:
    From their website:
    HERO4 Black v02.00.00 | February 4, 2015
    HERO4 Silver v02.00.00 | February 4, 2015

    I am very Happy with my Hero 4 Black!
    Hopefully this update will help with the WiFi and problems mentioned here.

  23. I have the Hero4 Black and a droid smartphone. I never have ANY problems with the wifi connection on this setup and I have used it a lot. I'm thinking, based on the comments here in this thread, that the problem is with Iphones, and not with the Hero's wifi.

    Is anyone with the Droid app having this issue ?


  24. Alex

    I'm just curious and please enlighten me, because I'm planning to get myself one of these cameras and i'm surprised that there's a considerable amount of negative experiences with the GPH4 SE but when you look at their website, there's not a single negative feedback. I believe there's only 9 feedback posted on their website and all seem to be happy with their device. Could gopro be deleting negative feedback? Now I'm torn...

  25. Olivier

    I managed to solve the issue with my GPH4 Silver, whereby connection and preview from app on iPhone5 was no longer possible (with "connection lost..." message).
    I installed the last firmware and the last version of the iOS app. Then I switched off "cellular data" on the iPhone and abracadabra : I can now preview and control my camera from the app ! Not quite sure if this is thanks to the new versions, or the turning off of cellular data. Anyway, who cares...
    Alas, I still experience the problem of the camera getting VERY hot, up to the point that the soft touch backdoor seems inflated a short while after having closed and locked the case. I hope it will not ignite finally ?

  26. TEJH

    Had similar issues to some people above - Hero4Black freezing if recording more than about 5 minutes @ 1080/60. Gets quite hot, sometimes stops recording all on its own, a blue mist on the video when played back. All research pointed to inferior MicroSD (SanDisk Ultra) so purchased a genuine, fast, expensive SanDisk Extreme PRO. Unfortunately still having same issues... Have initiated dialog with GoPro Support, but tempted to take it back to the shop. Any advice? If not, will report back on my progress.

  27. Trey


  28. jj

    Has anyone had a problem with the gopro 4 curved mount falling off after a 24 hr waiting period? I only had mine for 2 days and the mount and camera fell off, are gone. Of course the warranty will not cover.

  29. Trey

    I am having the same wifi taping noise. Contacted gopro, they wanted proof so I sent videos. They asked a few questions (was it my hand hitting the case etc.) Today they said camera was bad and I needed to send a photo of receipt and photo of the 15 digit serial. Then once they determined it was still under warranty ( wife gave it to me for Christmas) they would send me a shipping label to return it to them. After they receive the camera they be sure to mail me a new one.

  30. nick

    I took my new 4 black out surfing today, on the 5th wave the case came right out of the the mount. It had a float back, found it on the beach, ran up to it to see the snap came off and the case was open and camera in the bottom of the ocean. Now what???

  31. Marius

    I got the battery today and was on my way home to try it out but my camera wont start or charge:/ have you heard anything about this? have tried everything but it is still dead.

    but i will try the bacpac battery if i can get the camera to start again.

  32. Cross

    I'm having the same WiFi issue with iOS app where the connections will fail and once it fails the WiFi of the camera cannot be found by my device or any other device so I have to manually turn off and on the WiFi of the camera so it can be then found... gopro customer service and myself have been doing trouble shooting for 3 weeks now and cannot make it work properly yet.

    The only think I haven try yet is a camera reset... I was told that I had to reset the WiFi on my camera first but for some reason I cannot reset it so I'll wait for the OK from customer service to proceed with the camera reset (it seems like that worked well for andy)...

    This camera I'm having issues with is the replacement of the first camera I bought due to a similar issue, I'm unsure if I should exchange for another camera since it could be fixed with a new firmware or resetting the camera and I don't want to get another camera since it could be worst and getting my money back is not an option since I already spend a lot of money on accessories.

    I'll update the result soon.

  33. Arne

    Do you leave the first original battery inside the pro 4? when u put the extra battery backpack on?

    ore do u have to remove the little one to use the big one?


  34. Gary

    I am also having sound problems ON my Hero 4. With the WiFi on I get constant clicking on playback. Turn the WiFi off and it goes away. Any ideas? Anyone...anyone...Bueller...anyone?

  35. Hi
    is anyone got the same problem as me ? i got gopro 4 black and tried to film in 4k few videos but the quality seems to be lower like galaxy s3 720/1080. is anyone knows how to solve that ?


  36. gokce

    I have a sound problem too... when using wifi remote control i hear tap tap tap in playback clip. Have anyone a solution.

  37. NaujTheDragonfly

    Thanks for the review and all the comments. I just broke my Hero 3, and after reading all these comments, I'm going to buy a Hero 3+ over the Hero 4.

  38. Patrick

    I was having the same Hero 4 Silver wifi issues (drops connection within seconds) on my Moto X, so I decided to download the GoPro app onto my Nexus 5. I paired the two together, and the two have remained connected for the past couple of minutes, downloading a 1.2 GB file... we'll see how long this lasts. If the same problem recurs, I'm returning the camera. I've bought a few different mounts already, will have to return those too. In my opinion, GoPro SUCKS! My wife gave it to me for Xmas... maybe I'll get a new tablet instead.

  39. Drew

    I'm having problems with a new SD card for my 3+.

    Today I bought a SanDisk Ultra Plus 64GB micro SD card and now I'm getting SD ERR message on the screen. I tried the format option in settings but it hasn't done a thing so I'm really p1ssed!!

    Anybody have any possible solution? I tore up the packaging so can't really returns the SD card 🙁

  40. Russell

    Just got the 4silver last week. Went to try and watch my recordings on my 1080p plasma but as soon as i plug the micro HDMI micro into the camera it just goes black and is unusable. The front display works, but as far as viewing anything on the tv from the camera not happening. I have followed instructions and my HDMI cable supports 1080p 1920 x 1200 and beyond so the cord should not be the issue. Why is my brand new camera going black when i plug this in???

  41. Steven Masterman

    Is anyone having trouble with the sound on their video clips when using the remote for their Hero4 Black. I'm getting an annoying continuous tap, tap, tap..... sound in the background? Yet if I use manual controls then the sound is perfect.

  42. andy

    Hu guys, i had all the same problems with the wifi random connectivity, making my new hero 4 totally useless at this stage BUT....I HAVE FINALLY FOUND A WORKING SOLUTION! 😉 just need to check with all of you now if can this will solve the problem definitely as did for me, so stay tune and let me know!
    Here what i do....
    RIght after half a day becoming very nervous for this disguise and after tried everything in order to solve the problem with wifi, I made a RESET of the camera at the default conditions, then opening the app on my Iphone 4, the miracle happens! 🙂 still right now while writing, after more than 30 minutes, the devices are stable connected and apart for the missing preview (i suppose it's due to my old version of Iphone 4 with IOS 7.1.2), everything works perfectly and without any signal loss! EUREKA! Right this morning, i have updated my hero 4 with last firmware - v.1.02 because was not working well with the go pro remote control bought just yesterday (connection was instable also with it!), then when solved the working problem with remote, i start to re-set the camera with my personal settings ( firmware update restore all settings as default!) and i'm almost sure is the cause of the later problem with wifi via app, there's should be some bug with some setting that makes some conflict with wifi connection, so my HOT SUGGESTION is: RESET your hero 4, THEN try to make connection to see if work finally (DO NOT RESET the wifi settings before camera reset!) and if everything works well then you're get lucky like me! 😉 Only one time proved it works, be free to change your settings freely (I did directly via iphone!) and good luck to all!

  43. J.G.

    i just got a gopro 4black and i havent used it yet. but i did noticw ir getting hot in just minutes after turning it on. way to hot for comfort.

  44. please anyone can suggest me which laptop is good for editing gopro4 black videos? how about 13inch macbookpro retina display with dual 17 processor?

  45. Gui Pereira

    Hi there you all.

    I've bought the Hero 4 Silver and after 10 days it frozen.

    Now, the camera freezes after 10 seconds it's on. I've formatted the micro sd card and / or resetting and hard resetting the camera,but it freezes again.

    I have the latest software on the cam (HERO4 Silver v01.02.00 | October 14, 2014 ).

    I'm using the Samsung 64GB PRO Class 10 Micro SDXC up to 90MB/s (MB-MG64DA/AM) and it should work fine. I'm worried to buy the Sandisk or Lexar recomended by Gopro website as I've read some people have done it and the freeze problem still happening after this change.

    The problem to send the camera back to Gopro in California is when they send me back to Brazil it might be taxed by the customs... So I would pay U$ 800 for one Gopro... It's a shame!!!

    Anyone knows what should I do???

  46. Skamber

    HI GUYS! Im planning on purchasing the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I wante the Hero 3+ Black but there's none for sale at bestbuy. Is the Hero 4 Silver worth my $399?

  47. kozy

    Hello to all
    can anyone let me know how i can have my gopro hero4 connect to my laptop at the same time on my tv to see the recording in delay time please.
    your help is much appreciated.
    if that can be in diagram is even better

  48. martin

    update about my gopro hero 4 black: i purchased an other card as recommended by Emm (SanDisk Extreme plus). After that the camera kept on freezing in the middle of shooting, as it did before. I had to send the camera back.

  49. A.Matos

    I have the Hero4 black and i have no problems wth my kingston microSDHC/SDXC Card — Class 10 UHS-I 64gb sd card.
    Whem i use iphone4 app the conection drops but work 100% with my samsung "android" phone.

  50. D

    Since I got the camera a week ago (Hero 4 silver) I have not been able to charge the battery through any USB port. I have tried with several different PC's and laptops; charging the camera for more than 4 hours on each attempt, the red led light turns on, as if it was charging, but never turns off, even after charging it for about 6 hours. Then, when I disconnect the camera from the USB port and turn the camera on, battery will only last for about 2-3 minutes and then die.
    Very disappointed as a first time gopro user.

  51. Alan Anderson

    Update on my earlier "hot" pair of Hero4 Silvers: I now find that they get hot when switched on, and not even recording. Even if they're off, they automatically switch on when plugged in for charging, which led me to believe it was the charging function making them hot.

  52. Alan Anderson

    I got two new Hero4 Silvers in the mail today. I'm charging them for the first time right now and both are getting alarmingly hot. I don't see much choice but to shoot 'em straight back to Amazon.

  53. John G.

    I have terrible problems with Wifi plus the camera itself after softwareupdate through my nexus5. update run ok, but now I can not connect, I only have access to the first "video-menue", then switch to photo ( single) and here the camera "hangs up". Now I reseted WiFi on the camera but no chance to activate again, setup-,emue cannot be selected. A manually softwareupdate does not work, the display only shows "busy" but nothing happens. Anybody has same problem?

  54. Steve K

    Just purchased the hero 4 silver and the front red led recording/activity light isn't working, anyone had or heard of this yet?

    Also the fpv is not working on my zenmuse gimbal, i'm lead to believe that GoPro have tweaked the bus port on the back deliberately as DJI aren't an official partner of GoPro...

    Luckily here's a workaround as always -

    Whilst I'm here does anyone here believe it may be possible to jailbreak the gopro hero silver so that it can do 4k @ 30, 2.7k @ 50 and 1080 @ 120? Surely these are just software restrictions.


    Steve (insta sknipey)

  55. Emm

    Post author

    @martin - Well even if you end up sending it back because it's a bad camera, you'll still need a faster card. I think even the 1080 has been improved over the last version. It might just be a good idea to start with the right card and see what happens.

  56. Emm

    Post author

    @martin - Sorry the Sandisk Extreme is not fast enough for the GoPro HERO4, so I wouldn't suggest you eliminate that.

  57. martin

    @Emm - one might think it has to do with the card but i already switch the lexor high speed card 32Gb for my sandisk extreme 64 gb card (from my gopro 3+ which always works perfect) and the problem is still there: freaky lolor effects and a freezing camera - with very neat green strips as a bonus. i could also see this color effects on my screen when i connected to my iphone. so guess it is not the card. might send the camera back to shop...

  58. Emm

    Post author

    @martin - Sounds like you have some weird recordings or messed up video frames. Try using a very very fast microSD card first, the Sandisk Extreme Plus ones: httpss://

  59. martin

    same trouble here with gopro hero 4 black - slow or no connectivity with ipohne, although it helps a bit when switching on both wifi and blue tooth. bit that is my least concern.

    the camera freezes after taking one or two clips. formatting and / or resetting does not help since after resetting / formatting it freezes again. i have the latest software on the cam (HERO4 Black v01.02.00 | October 14, 2014 ).

    i have not even come to the point how hot it gets - since i do not come to that point :-/

    one last thing about poor light environment. at first the image looks so slick and so beautiful. but than all of a sudden the camera freaks out: there comes a blue mist over the whole images, it gets dark with harsh contrast and freaky colors all of a sudden and than for no reason there is this blue mist back again. white balance does not seem to have any influence on this. not to happy 'till now.

  60. Eric Moss

    WTF!! Paid a lot of money for this camera, Hero 4 silver, and having major issues with IOS connectivity. First attempt was perfect, was a happy camper, but since then I cannot connect. I've done all the troubleshooting, resetting camera, restarting phone, upgrading and reinstalling app, d/loading new firmware via PC. . . all to no avail. Really disappointed!! And impossible for me to return as I'm in the middle east. Come on GOPRO!!! Sort this out!!!

  61. xIceHoundx

    I just got my gopro hero4 black in the mail a few days ago and fired it up this morning, saw that there was an update to be installed and installed it. Not sure how long ago the update was released but has it fixed any of the issues thusfar noticed? Does the gopro still overheat in lesser recording settings like 1080p 30 or 60fps or anything in 720? I noticed just with charging with the wifi up and connected to my phone the gopro seemed to be warmer than I would expect it to be but not excessively bad to have me worried just yet, just trying to get a feel for what I should be worried about or should check with mine.

  62. Now I'm starting to see some odd issues with Hero 4 BK and the 3+ Bacpac. Sometimes with it attached and USB charge cable into it, it's charging the camera internal bat but not itself. (You can plug in bacpac and it should charge both itself and the GoPro right?) Also hitting the battery level button was turning on the GoPro. Or the bacpac was making the GoPro turn itself on after a minute of being off. Weird stuff. GoPro needs to address this shit.

  63. Bobby

    Running tests @ 4K and finding that the hero black 4 is shutting down at random times with overheating warning. This is both using the new bakpac and without bakpac. Card is Lexar 64 gig x633 so was hoping to be able to record 4K for 2 to 3 hours with the bakpac.

    I can get 3 hrs with hero 3 +black with Brunton battery on same card. The 64 gig is the limiting factor here.

    The hero 4 black shut down test was inside without the housing, so in the sun, in housing, the problem I guess would be more pronounced.

    I am hoping that cycling the battery a few times may improve its efficiency and possibly reduce the heat buildup:)

  64. derp

    I have also started to see problems with my SD card and my lcd backpack is also overheating the camera where not only does it overheat but drains the battery 2 to 3 times faster, even when the lcd screen is off, I thought it was my lcd screen but I believe the unit itself is giving problems if not its the battery.

  65. Emm

    Post author

    @Skylar - I had that problem, and there were even times I couldn't stream the live view. I'm not saying there's a fix, but I rebooted my phone, and then went through the process of setting up the same GoPro in the app all over again. Instead of hitting connect and control, you choose the 'settings' (top right gear wheel) and and then choose connect your camera. It will walk you through the entire process again and see if that helps.

  66. Skylar

    I have the same issue with Wifi. Yesterday was working, but today it does not work.
    I can not "connect + control" or see any image on preview of app.
    I'm already reset WiFi many times and some thing like that, still same thing.
    Strange issues, waste so much time to find out this fu*king problems.
    Anybody has same problem?

  67. Nikos

    I have the very same issues with my Hero 4 red hot battery and corrupt files on my Sandisk 32 gb card!

    Amazing that gopro can realise a product with know issues!

    Very annoying as I am now trying to return it, I will not bother with gopro any more, feb up with their quality issues.

  68. russell v

    i cannot connect to Iphone 5 app....keep getting lost connection message and connecting to a different camera..... did all the setup procedures many times and contacted gopro... they sent me a link for their studio app.... $500worth of crap again... i had 2 bad hero 3 black cameras last year too

  69. vlad

    There is a BIG bug in the wifi setup on the hero4 and they admit if you insist. At first they were trying to convince me everything is ok and went throug the whole "update, reset, firmware bull$hit). They just made me lost a few good hours instead of admiting from the start point they their fu%&ed up ... .

    Here is a response from the gopro support.

    Hi Vlad,
    Unfortunately, it comes down to the fact that we are waiting for the new version of the firmware as well as the App. I'm afraid timing was just bad for you. We have been receiving many cases that have similar issues, and I assure you our engineers are working on the solution as quickly as they can. I cannot tell you when exactly updates will be released, but hopefully in the next few weeks this will happen.
    I apologize, I know it can be frustrating, the App is really helpful in filming. I assure you we are working on resolving this issue, as for now, all we can do, is wait.

    Many Thanks,
    Luke P.
    GoPro Support

    WHAAAAT ? wait a FEW WEEKS ?????????????? are they real goPROs or just some goAMATEURs ? ... very bad impression as a first time gopro buyer ...

  70. Joe

    I'm also having problems with WiFi. It works but will disconnect and say no WiFi available, or something like that. I get frustrated watching their advertising material and they show someone using the app and having things happen so quick. This thing stinks. How can they release it with these problems. I'm using the iPhone. I know that is a very unusual phone ???

  71. Dave

    Exchanged my first gopro 4 black. The second one I could at least record without. BUT it still have the date issue. Once I go into the date or time settings I'm stuck and it won't save the setting and I can't back out. Anyone else have this. What am I missing?

  72. Dave

    Exchanged my first gopro 4 black. The second one I could at least record with out disk errors and I can retrieve the files. BUT it still have the date issue. Once I go into the date or time settings I'm stuck and it won't save the setting and I can't back out. Anyone else have this. What am I missing?

  73. Alex

    Like Chris, also trying hero 4 (though silver not trying my black yet!) on Zenmuse H3-3D and DJI F550 and it got really hot when just testing on ground with the usb connector and receiving power via usb. Not had a Hero 3 either but a bit concerning, my FPV seems broken now (not stable signal) though was working before OK the other day, but have changed a few other bits around on drone so not 100% sure if heat issue which has caused this, could just be a faulty connection.

  74. Dave

    I have had problems with the following:
    -Numerous SD disk errors and file corruption. All files have been "Fixed" but still unretrievable. Used SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSDHC.
    -Lock ups, the gopro lights are blinking record but it is not recording and is completely locked up. I must pull the battery or hold the power button down for forced shut off and restart.
    -Very sluggish menu response.
    -Menu freeze, particularly when attempting to set the date.
    -Menu changes not saved.
    This unit is going back, hoping for a better one.

  75. Blake

    Have had my Hero 4 Black for 4 days now and it is simply unusable with how hot it gets shooting in 4k and don't even try to connect it via wifi to iPhone, as it gets so incredibly hot it constantly disconnects. I have emailed GoPro for some help, but no response in 4 days. I'm taking this terrible camera back tomorrow!!!

  76. Donna

    I, too, am having trouble with WiFi connectivity. I am extremely frustrated with it because I am going to Aruba next week and bought the Hero4 Silver specifically for this trip.

    When I attempt to download files via WiFi, it consistently stops midway and tells me the camera isn't connected - when it most definitely is! :/

  77. Emm

    Post author

    @Damian - They say it has a longer run time about 15% longer than the previous bacpac.

  78. Damian aka DSLRnerd

    No problems with my 4 blk. I bought a bacpac with it but ob the package it said compatible with 3+ so I assume it's the old one.

    Emm, what is new about the new bacpac? Besides the heater.

  79. BlueBomberTurbo

    GoPro has a history of poor Apple support. The 4 also isn't recognized in OS X. The app works fine on my Android phone, minus a couple issues with the streaming preview. Zero disconnects.

  80. I have the same issue with Wifi, does not work. I can not stream or see any image, etc. I can turn the camera on and off and change settings. I did not test my hero3+ with wifi.

    Also, I did get LCD image overlap. When I press the setting button on the side, it does not clear the LCD before it show the new menu. I get image over image. It does not happen all the time.

    In photo protune mode, I should get "RAW camera" and don't see it. Like they say

    I guest it's the same old routine with GoPro, we have to wait until new firmware. Same problems with the Hero3 went it came out. So many bug at launch.

    btw, when you go on the gopro website for update it is writting "coming soon!"

  81. Kyle Ohlson

    I can promise everyone that GoPro is aware of these problems and they are working hard to release a new firmware update that will most likely fix these issues. The first firmware on every GoPro camera right after it it is released is always frustrating but they will fix it soon, and it'll work fine.

    @kyleohlson // Instagram

  82. Stephan

    Where is the new LCD touch available? Doesn't have it another version name then the previously one? Of typenumber? I have no idea how to order the newest one if it the new one getting sold under the same name... :S

  83. Brian

    Maybe this will start following the iPhone mentality for me. I'm on an upgrade cycle where I don't buy the new release, I buy the refreshed/updated version of the same release - pass on iPhone5, buy iPhone5S. Maybe the Hero4+ will be the one to buy when all the early adopter kinks are worked out?

    Regardless, I likely have a need to acquire additional GoPro's in the relatively near future for a production need, so I may just have to break down early and pickup some HERO4's rather than the 3+'s.

  84. Lucent

    Dustin - I also had the issue with the Hero 4 Black disconnecting from the App consistently. I'm hoping that this isnt another 'released too soon' product from GoPro :/

  85. Greg

    If they charge $100 more than the previous new models, you think they'd want to impress their customers with the new product.
    If they spent nearly as much money on testing and perfecting prior to release than they do on marketing, they would have happier customers. Or perhaps, more people willing to upgrade from their Hero 3 models. But hey, profit.

  86. I don't have the go pro 4, but I use the go pro 3+ and ever since upgrading to the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, I've had issues with diconnecting randomly over the wifi and app. Never happened with my iPhone 5/iOS 7.

  87. Ant

    I too am having wifi issues. Aside from it not being able to connect to my iPhone gopro app for more than a few minutes, there is no sound via the phone / app (connect a hero 3 and you hear the camera sound through your phone)

    It also isn't recognized by my macs when I plug in via usb. Says "no camera found"

    I emailed gopro. See what they say. If not, $560 is going back into my account when I return this thing.

  88. Chris

    I will also add that when I connect my Hero4(black) to my zenmuse H3-3D+Phantom2, the entire gopro unit gets unusually hot, is this normal? I've never owned the gopro3 on this setup.

  89. Chris

    Hey Dustin, I have a similar problem with my Hero4. When I connect to my gopro app using the wifi feature to my iphone6+, it constantly disconnects~ It's really annoying. I'm gonna try and exchange mine for another unit. Let me know if your problem persists with your new unit

  90. Emm

    Post author

    @Dustin - I have an update on my battery bacpac tests. The results are interesting, and from these test I will agree there are some serious duds out there. Uploading soon.

  91. I should add- I tried resetting the camera with the iOS app and even went as far as loading the firmware manually from my computer and the issues persist. I really think (and hope) I got a dud but we'll see.

  92. I bought a Hero4 Black and have been using the old Bacpac on mine with no issue. However, the Wi-Fi is simply unusable on mine and I'll be taking it back to the store for a refund ASAP. It randomly disconnects using the iOS app and tonight I tried to use it on a shoot with the Wi-Fi remote, tested it right before and it fired up with no problem. As soon as I went to shoot the show I was working, the Wi-Fi remote was unable to make a connection. Extremely frustrating but I think I have a bad unit.

    I have had a Hero3 for 2 years and other than the initial firmware issues, I never had a problem with that one so this is a bit disappointing.

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