Feet or Stand for your next DIY Slider


This is just too clever. Chris writes in and shares a very easy addition for DIY sliders. If the slider is sitting on the floor directly onto the rail, the carrier usually won't be able to roll or slide. Most people end up using a block of wood to raise it up, but this simple solution using 'push up bars' is less of an eye sore a more stable setup as opposed to blocks of wood. Pretty self explanatory on how it all comes together, but Chris has more at his blog. Here Chris is using the IGUS rails which is the simplest DIY Slider solution, you can find (Click Here).

You know sometimes the simple things that stare you in the face, end up being the solution. Trust me, I have a set of these bars staring at me every day. I just pretend I don't see them...You can literally grab a set of these bars for $10 bucks (click here). [Thanks Chris]

find-price-button Push Up Bars for DIY Slider Feet

3 thoughts on “Feet or Stand for your next DIY Slider

  1. Nick

    I have been trying to figure out how to make some legs for my slider! Perfect! purchased and on the way!

  2. Seems like you could make something similar with some PVC and spray paint for even cheaper. Great idea though.

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