Fake Nikon D7000 Battery Grip

Lee Morris of F-Stoppers picks up a NIkon battery grip, that turns out, it's really not a battery grip. For those on a budget we often choose aftermarket, but at least we know of our decision. Picking up a complete knock-off being marketed (and priced) as the real thing is bad news. Anyways, if you guys are looking for a grip on your D7000 watch out for those too-good-to-be-true Nikon branded ones, and if you're choosing the aftermarket brand for around 40 bucks, at least Lee says this one seemed to work pretty well (click here).

Nikon Battery Grip Aftermarket
find-price-button Neewer Vertical Battery Grip for Nikon D7000

2 thoughts on “Fake Nikon D7000 Battery Grip

  1. Man.. you'd think for the efforts that went into the fake, minus the rubber, they'd be able to pull off reversing the knobs, tightening up the tripod screw, and ensuring the battery pack fit.

    Not that I want fake Chinese manus to be able to pass off stuff at 500% markup...

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