Extended Shaft D-Ring QR Plate Screws Mount Accessories to Video Cages

I shared these little extended shaft D-ring screws in an earlier post, but here's the real reason why I have them around the studio. The extended shaft works great to mount accessories to your DSLR Video Cages, and the D-Ring makes tightening or loosening the screws easy without tools. Just yesterday I used these to mount my sennheiser G3 wireless kit Sennheiser G3 Wireless Receivers to the GearBox directly to it's 1/4-20 mount without having to use an additional hot shoe adapter.

I can guarantee that these will work perfectly on the GearBox Cage P&C GearBox Video Cages (found here), and also on the Kamerar Tank Cage Kamera Tank Video Cages (found here). If you happen to have a different cage, the shaft on these screws are about 13mm so you can easily measure if these will work for you too. You can find these Extended Shaft D-ring Quick Release screws via eBay (Click Here).

Extended Long Shaft D-Ring Dring Tripod Screw Quick Release Plate
find-price-button D-Ring Extended Shaft Tool-Less QR Plate Screw

7 thoughts on “Extended Shaft D-Ring QR Plate Screws Mount Accessories to Video Cages

  1. Darren

    You could also get a massive quantity of 1/4-20 thumbscrews at a hardware shop and collar them with 1/4 neoprene bonded washers, though you'd of course be missing out on the low-profile action.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Ronn - Thanks for sharing. Just FYI, the one I use is a 13mm shaft, the one you link to has a 15mm shaft. This 2mm could make a difference when mounting some accessories. It would be handy keep a few washers around in case the screw is too long.

  3. Would these work with a manfrotto 501p plate? I have found that most of the shorter d-ring style screws are too short to fit on the 501p plates. These plates need a longer unthreaded shaft portion.

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