Express35 Shoulder Rig – LITE


Another available discount for a high quality starter DSLR Rig. Express35 is offering the Shoulder Rig - LITE setup that includes the Tripod Mount (ready to sit on your fluid heads), Camera Mount, Dual Rails, a clamp to offset (position the camera more in front of your face), shoulder pad (with another rail to adjust fore/aft), and a single long HD handle.

There's a number of 1/4x20 accessory ports to adapt your accessories or friction arms. Designed to easily move between tripod shooting and going mobile and when it's time to pack up, the unit breaks down into small parts. The dual rails is ready to accept your 15mm accessories such as a follow focus. Find more information for the Shoulder Rig - LITE following the link (click here).

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7 thoughts on “Express35 Shoulder Rig – LITE

  1. Rob

    The great thing about Express 35 is that they listen to their customers.
    Chris has always taken valid comments and adapted the rigs to what his customers (field testers) have asked for. Express 35 was one of the first to supply gear that was affordable to the rest of the DSLR community Add to the fact that they are selling from the USA. I have bought and used gear from Express 35 and have had no problems with their rigs (even when I have frankenrigged them).

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Seenematic - I think if you use the setup for what it's intended for (light setups), it should be fine. This is actually a similar setup I use with my 561BHDV monopod when covering events. I shoot with the monopod to carry the weight and stabilize my shot, but I still have the option to go mobile for more freestyle shooting.

  3. Tony

    Seenematic - you speaking from past experience? As Emm stated, I dont think that's a concern for a small camera with minimal or no accessories. Hence the LITE in the product name. Plus I heard a lot of good things about Express35 rigs, so I'm sure this is utmost quality and lightweight materials. I'll know soon when mine arrives!

  4. I don't trust these single rod offset mounts, it's a matter of time before the connections become loose or you have to overtighten things in order to keep it solid. you need at least a double rod offset mount in order to keep things secure and tight.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - It's stable for a small camera setup, but you could only carry so much weight with an offset. If you plan to really load up a rig, then I suggest going with something that moves the weight closer to the body and use counterweights.

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