Express35 Inline Shoulder Rig Discount

Express35-Inline-Shoulder-RigExpress35 shoulder rig

Express35 knocks $100 dollars off the Inline Shoulder Rig today. The inline rig gives you room to work with a monitor or EVF off to the side while keeping the majority of the weight closer to your shoulder instead of way out in front of you (which can wear out your arms). The 8" rods on this rig will give you room to work with a Follow Focus or Matte Box. I believe there may be some discounts available for the optional top handle and tripod mount if you're looking to build up a bit. [Thanks Chris] Find more information about Express35 products at

Express35 Inline Shoulder Rig
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9 thoughts on “Express35 Inline Shoulder Rig Discount

  1. Tony

    Thats one thing that peeve'd me about this deal... the tripod mount is an $47 option! That puts it close to $300 with shipping. I ended up buying one anyways. If anyone is selling a 15mm rail tripod mount. Let me know =)

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Ffaronbi - You can get an optional tripod mount. It's a plate that attaches under the rods.

  3. ronjbase

    I agree with Emm, ask or tell chris what you need. He will work with you, been using Express35 since the beginnng, best bang for the buck and great customer service IMHO

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Roberto Dacosta - I would contact him if you have any questions. He could probably better answer your questions.

  5. Roberto DaCosta

    Can this be incorporated with the CowboyStudio Shoulder mount? If not I wouldn't mind him offering a discount on the RigX-B.

    Also, Em or anyone purchase/have experience using the Rig X-B Gorilla?

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