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Brendan Cusker over at ENDmedia caught a few posts on Cheesycam about the new Express35 rigs showing up in DSLR world. In the description of Brendan's video he states he needed a run and gun type stabilizer that will allow him to shoot in clubs along with support for a Follow Focus system. Working with owner Chris over at Express35, here's the configuration they came up with to suit his shooting style. It looks like handles off to the sides provide principles of a Fig Rig stabilizer while keeping things quite compact. Bottom rails on the rig are there to support the 'future' Follow Focus system. This looks to resemble the popular Redrock Micro Captain Stubling DSLR bundle, except that even after a Follow Focus system this custom ENDmedia / Express35 rig will only be about 1/3 the price.

above: Redrock Micro 'Captain Stubling' with follow focus

Nice config guys, and excellent demo of the unit, looks pretty stable. Feel free to contact Express35 and make sure to put in a good word about Cheesycam and ENDmedia.

[Update] This rig is now offered with a shoulder pad, upgraded HD Handles, upgraded knobs, and optional counterweight.

Run-n-gun trio
find-price-button Express35 Run-N-Gun Trio with Shoulder Pad (optional counterweight)

7 thoughts on “Express35 Fig Rig Config – ENDmedia

  1. matt

    Express35 now officially calls the Fig Rig the "Run N' Gun Duo." For those who are a little concerned about fatigue with this unit I'm really liking the looks of the "Run N' Gun Trio" which has an articulating Shoulder / Chest support. That will be my choice once I have the funds.

    You get a nice compact rig that you could take anywhere and you have the best of both words being able to do really agile shots configured as the Duo or stationary shots with the Shoulder support attached. WIN

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  3. Emm

    Post author

    Depends on how much stuff you have going on. The T2i + prime lens is fairly light. If you have to be stationary for long periods, you may want to add a body type support to carry the weight, then it will be easy. Check out my BodyPod article.

  4. Mike

    Just sent him an email requesting this. Thoughts on holding this rig out for long periods of time? Will your arms get tired? Trying to decide on a shoulder rig or this (I use it for wedding videography and want to remain as stealth as possible -- but it's long hours and holding it out might be tiresome).

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