Exclusive New PNC Camera Handle Grips

(BTW: The video (below) was shot on the Fuji X10. Notice all the aliasing? I think the Sony HX9V shoots better video, but the X10 does way better Photos)

Even though small cameras don't share the same video quality as the DSLRs, I still love to shoot with them. Especially for little reviews like this on the blog, i'm not overly concerned with quality. Heck most of my videos are uploaded in 480 SD. When shooting videos with small cameras, I like using grips. I wasn't too happy with the current small handle grips on the market, so it was about time to make something new.

PNC Grip (4 of 4)
(left to right - Barska, Opteka, PNC Grip)

The Barska is a great handle, but you'll need to grind down the threads a bit. The narrow platform overflows a small and wide camera base, but is suffice for light gear. The Opteka is mostly plastic and has a mini-quick release. This is not suitable at all for anything more than say a FlipHD. I wanted a handle that would fit my needs when it came to the cameras I was working with. I felt that most people who shoot with small cameras like me could benefit with an updated handle design.

PNC Grip (2 of 4)PNC Grip (3 of 4)

These new handle grips from PhotographyandCinema.com have a wide base compared to the narrow ones available today. The new PNC Grip is much larger than the Barska, and has the rubberized coating which has a professional feel to it. The wide platform carries the weight better and ensures less twisting with a heavier load. Great for all the new small cameras like Canon S100, Panasonic GX1, Fuji X10, Sony NEX-5n, etc. A simple idea that makes a lot sense with the current trend in pocket video cameras (at least for me). It's on the last leg of completion and should be available soon. Target retail price?? Trying to get it around $20 bucks. Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on new products like this https://twitter.com/Cheesycam.

PNC Grip (1 of 4)

[Note: PhotographyandCinema.com is a website I design products for.]

24 thoughts on “Exclusive New PNC Camera Handle Grips

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  2. andrew00

    I can see a good handle being useful with the Sony NEX-7 when it comes out, sort of making it like an old 8mm camera in feel.

  3. Hey Em!

    Great work on the grip! I have the Zacuto model which the Opteka looks suspiciously like (the quick release is exactly the same but Zacuto red on mine).

    I shot this BTS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CwVKBGPYT8) video with the following setup: GH2, Nikkor 50mm, 28mm primes, LCDVF, Zacuto handgrip. All that was mounted into a rapid fire shoulder strap. I was overly careful with the setup for exactly the reasons you outline. Your grip would have erased my concern with the stability of the setup.

    Looking forward to getting this in my kit!

  4. Randy

    This looks really great for a simple run-n-gun setup. My spark plug clamp shoulder mount (from right here on cheesycam) provides great stability but I find myself now wanting something smaller and less obtrusive for my t2i. Not sure how much stability this will provide.

    I've been considering making your monopod stabilizer or some type of shooter style rig with a shoulder brace. Something like the Cinevate Simplis Dual here: https://www.cinevate.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=261 Hey! There's a project for you, Emm. Something adjustable in the $100 - $200 range. Or maybe Gini coming up with a shooter style rig.

  5. J Toha

    Cool, I've been holding off on Barska and Opteka and I'm glad I did 🙂
    Again, hopefully international shipping won't be expensive. Or if you let Amazon carry it, we can still go ahead with the mail-forwarding method for the lot of us.

    At $20, it'll be popular. At $15, it'll be a major sell-out.

  6. Looks interesting for sure, but would you post some videos showing the grip in action? I always wondered how do one use these grips, are they really more efficient than just grabbing a DSLR by it's side grip area and having the other hand at the bottom of the lens.

    But of course, I guess these are really more suitable for the smaller cameras as you say. (:

  7. JSS

    Hey Emm,

    thanks for the info. The new grips look great. I also had an Opteka handle I really liked the built in quick release but like you i found the support a little weak for anything but the lightest of cameras. So when can we expect the grips to come out and for how much?

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