Episode II – HDSLR Hub with Shane Hurlbut, ASC

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When used properly DSLR's can provide amazing quality video footage. Of course you've probably already heard of all the problems that go with shooting video DSLR cameras too. If you're just starting out with DSLR's or might be wondering about implementing DSLR's into your workflow, you should definitely check out B&H's HDSLR Hub taught by Shane Hurlbut, ASC. So far it's based around the amazing Canon 5D Mark II, but many of the tips, tricks, and advice are general to all DSLR's. Episode II was just released today, and there's a schedule to release more in the coming weeks. All found here: https://www.hdslrhub.bhphoto.com

3 thoughts on “Episode II – HDSLR Hub with Shane Hurlbut, ASC

  1. liu

    @filips, works on my side (United Kingdom). could be your browser, it wasn't working initially for me.

  2. Could it be that it's only available in certain areas such as USA? For me (europe) it just shows red page and none of the episode links work: https://cl.ly/2G2H0O3h1E0t1C3a0X1b

    if it's like that - it's really stupid and shows that they only made this to enhance their sales not to help HDSLR community in general.

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