Edelkrone New Motion Control Action Module for SliderPlus+ Video Sliders

Here's yet another MoCo (motion control) module from Edelkrone that adds additional functionality to your SliderPlus+ video slider. I was a bit confused at first, but generally the new Action Module combines features from previous modules all wrapped up in one.

And of course for additional information, you can visit the Edelkrone product page (found here).

Edelkrone Action Module for SliderPlus+ Video Sliders

16 thoughts on “Edelkrone New Motion Control Action Module for SliderPlus+ Video Sliders

  1. Hello Minu,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    Currently we do our best for our customers to experience the best on every step of their investment. We know that there could be some delays sometimes however we are working on it to decrease the lead and delivery times.

    If you any suggestions or questions about our products or services please let us know via [email protected]

    - İnanç

  2. I bought the wizard and the target. Never even used the wizard yet and I just discovered they transformed it in the action module. Very sad. I asked twice for an upgrade but no answers... lousy client support...

  3. Yeah,

    I haven't seen that many edelkrone users either.

    Yet, I like the way that they improved their stuff including this action module and so on.

    As a formal Kessler cinedrive owner, I am moving on this product.

    Because it's easier to use.

    Hey, actors or your client have no patient while you are setting up hours with your 20lb equipment.

    I am getting pro XL, action, target in as a package.

    Price was around $2300, and I guess its worth investing more than 70-200 canon's lens.

    (I use mostly prime lenses, by the way)

    Also, I am thinking about the new Ifootage cine drive, because it looks easier, and faster response finally looks light.

    I am living in NYC. I don't want to bring more than 4 packs of 1660 pelican case, with my A.C

    CAMERAS (FS700, CANON, NEX 6000) (Tilta rigs)

    Lenses (Nikon prime sets of nine pairs)

    Tripod (Golf bag) + mini jib + 4pairs of light standing [Gimbal]

    Extra tripod + go bo arms + 4 pairs of 500 LEDS.

    This is basic equipment for interview session as a crew member.

    There are usually 6 people running in the set with out interviewee.

    If I want to make a Edelkrone slider system like on kessler, I need two extra bags. This occurs me to take twice more time and human resources.

    Therefore, I bought these guys and waiting for the shipping. Here is the idea about edelkrone's service.

    Response? - Not that fast, Not that late - It's okay.

    After service? - I originally bought a craft module, and they replace mine to action module for free. Hey, most of companies are trying to sell more stuff instead of replacing them to me. I am very satisfied about their honesty decision about replacing the previous models.

    Quality? According to my friend who owns a slider plus 2v, I think there isn't a doubt about it.

    Shipping? This is the only thing that they should replace them seriously!!!!!! I am waiting the product since last month... (They said it will take a month) But, I am very impatient person originally.

    If they change the shipping service to be faster like (2-3days in USA) They really would rock it.

    P.S: If you want cine slider, you better get wireless monitor system too, which gives me even harder time.

  4. Hello Chowtime,

    First of all we think that you wanted to write gear instead of fear 🙂

    As we mentioned on emails nowadays we are receiving overwhelming amount of emails but our customer support team do their best to respond them as soon as possible.

    Film and Video Makers Community is the one of the biggest community of the art so actually it is good to know we have so many potential customers around you which have not using edelkrone slider.

    Anyway we are happy that you switch your Wizard Motion Control Module to Action Module. You will love it.

    If you have any question you could contact us anytime via [email protected] our customer support team get back to you as soon as possible.

    - İnanç

  5. I am waiting for its delivery.

    I ordered pro xl + Target + Action

    Edelkrone is doing good job!

    Yet, Delivery is quite slow....(1month at least...)

  6. Chowtime

    I had a wizard on order and have switched it to the action module now. Overwhelmed is an understatement I'd say. I have emailed them 3 times over the last few weeks and the only response I get is that they will get back to you in 2- 3 business days. I ended up phoning a few times instead. I found they were much more responsive when they were in Turkey. Funny thing is that for a company that makes great fear and is so popular in the online community, I rarely see anyone using their stuff. I'm in the automotive media and when there's an international car show, there is usually 3-4000 camera ops. Only seen an Edelkrone slider once and I travel all over the world. Anyways, I really hope that Edelkrone has a winner here.

  7. Chuck

    Wow, that's a pretty impressive piece of equipment! A bit out of my budget unless someone in the area starts renting one, though.

  8. Smokermarine

    already ordered the complete package, can't wait to finally test it!
    also really fair to be able to upgrade from wizard or craft module.
    great customer support at edelkrone, although it seems they are a bit overwhelmed by the sheer demand right now.
    hope i will get mine soon! 🙂

  9. Mike

    It looks so nice... but i hope it will ship fast!
    I'm already waiting since February on my Order -.-
    You pay 1700 euros to wait 3 Months... hopefully i get my craft order switched to Action with no problems!

    Otherwise Edelkrone products always look amazing... just to bad i don't got them yet!

  10. Hi Nicholas,

    We are glad you like it. Even if you purchased the Wizard or Craft Module there is great program for switching them.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime via [email protected]

    - İnanç

  11. Nicholas

    Great so this is the Wizard & Craft combined into one! Perfect! Glad I didn't buy the Wizard!

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