eBay Daily Deal Nikon D5100 + 2 Lenses (or 3?)

Daily Deal Nikon D5100
find-price-button eBay Daily Deal Nikon D5100 + 2 Lens Camera Bundle

Today's Daily Deal is a Nikon D5100 kit bundled with two lenses. One is the 18-55mm kit lens, the other is the 55-200mm VR Lens. The confusing part is that their images actually show three lenses including an image of the Nikon 50mm. Reading through the auction more carefully, there's no mention that it includes the 50mm, but I wonder if they really meant to. Too bad, it would have been a much sweeter deal. [UPDATE] Seems like they've corrected the listing and now includes the 50mm too.

2 thoughts on “eBay Daily Deal Nikon D5100 + 2 Lenses (or 3?)

  1. Kenrik

    Keep in mind the Nikkor 1.8D that it comes with WILL NOT autofocus on the D5100.

    The only Nikkor 50mm that will autofocus on the D5100 is the Nikkor 50mm 1.8G that retails for $220 and is a Superb lens with a metal mount and an amazingly creamy Bokeh.

    1.8D = Good for Follow Focus. Bad for Photography unless you are ok manually focusing 100% of the time.

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