Dual use Shoulder Pad or Gun Stock

15mm rails, clamps, and handles can be found just about anywhere. For cheap dslr rig shoulder pads, there's not a huge variety yet. Here's a Dual Purpose shoulder pad that can be used on a set of 15mm rails to throw your rig over the shoulder, or for smaller Target Shooter style setups the pad can be repositioned into more of a Gun Stock.

15mm Shoulder Pad15mm Target Shooter Gun Stock
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5 thoughts on “Dual use Shoulder Pad or Gun Stock

  1. Roger

    These are easy to find- look up psproductionsllc on Ebay. Does anyone have and like theirs? I don't find the stock gini shoulder pad comfortable.

  2. Ying

    Where can I buy one? I can't find this product anywhere, even on eBay from the link in the page. Thanks in advance.

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