Dual Light & Sound HotShoe Bracket

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Earlier I posted about how you can use a rotating flash bracket to add an extra hotshoe to your camera. The rotating flash bracket is nice, because it acts like somewhat of a half DSLR cage, but here's another option. This dual bracket mounts to the top of your Canon EOS 5D Mark II or Canon 7D. Not sure if I would put this type of weight onto a 550D / T2i, but that's your decision. Available through the links below.

Click image to purchase from BHPHOTOVIDEO.com

find-price-button Photo Video Dual V Bracket for Video Lights & Microphone at B&H

Other version is half price via Amazon
find-price-button Photo Video Dual V Bracket for Video Lights & Microphone

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  2. Brad

    Hey guys,

    Just my two cents. I use the Rode VideoMic directly plugged into my 5DMkII and it does indeed get a bit of hiss. Depending on what your doing it can be acceptable. I was able to reduce the hiss greatly just by playing with the EQ in FCP and using high pass filters.

    This is a video I shot using only the RODE VideoMic ontop of the 5D.


    I was looking at getting that Y Bracket to mount a Z96 LED Light and my VideoMic... But I was curious... Do you guys think it matters that the LED Light will be off center?


  3. Jason

    Yea that's what I've been reading. Thanks for the reply. Turns out I ordered to late or Amazon was slow to process and my ship date is next week. So I canceled the whole thing. I'm actually glad I did. I'm over at the DVX forums and they pretty much said plugging in any mic into the T2i sucks and investing $150 or $500 in a shotgun doesnt matter, it will just produce the same distortion with loud events, (instead of the hiss) because of the AGC..

    Now I gotta rent a recorder of some sort..Thanks again for all your input emm, you rock!

  4. Love the sound of the Rode - but the senn is smaller and therefore nicer in that respect. Easier to pack - may not be as intimidating to people etc. Still - the Rode gets the win if you're after audio quality.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    The Rode VideoMic is a nice cheap solution, a bit big though. The sennheiser MKE 400 is much smaller, but also a bit more in price. I think some people prefer the sound of the Rode over the Senn. (anyone comment on that?).

    The main benefit of using a shotgun or any off camera microphone is you don't hear the handling noise of the camera operator. With just my 24-105mm lens the internal microphone picks up the Image Stabilization motor, and quite annoying. By using the shotgun microphone I don't get any of that IS noise.

  6. Jason

    Jason I was thinking of doing the same thing...Funny Jason's thinking alike

    Do you have any results?

    My Z96 is somewhere stuck in LA custom (im in San Diego) and I hope to god it comes tomorrow. I got a gig on sunday.

    emm/jason. Is it really worth it to purchase a video rode mic for the t2i? I don't plan on getting a field recorder or h4n anytime soon, and I'll primarily be filming and outdoor event with lots of loud music..

    How is the bracket with t2i and said rode mic and / h96?

    Im realllly curious..

  7. Do you think this bracket will work with a combination of a Rode Videomic and the z96 light? I ordered all three today.

    Thanks for you for taking the time to post content to the blog. I've learned so much just from here it's kind of ridiculous. I check it daily. Keep up the good work!

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