Dual L Bracket DIY Fig Rig Stabilizer- First Video?

Cheap New DSLR Rig from Tony Carretti on Vimeo.

We've been donated many photos and ideas on the 'Dual L Bracket DIY Fig Rig stabilizer', but I believe Tony Carretti here has donated the first video tour of how this thing really comes together. The first idea is to use a a flat flash bracket to join the two together with a quick release plate, but Tony's got a great idea of using a wide flat base from an old Flowpod, so that the camera can stand on it's own. The Canon 550D / T2i is mounted with two Sima L brackets (same that I have), but similar ones are from Alzo or the Adorama L-bracket with 2 Standard Flash Shoe Mounts. For the quick release plate, he's using a Cullman QR. I like how that QR plate is mounted on that Flowpod wide base plate, fits pretty flush. Great job on this Tony and thanks for sharing the video. This gives more of us an idea of how it all comes together to make a decent hand held stabilizer on the cheap.

Not suggested for the Canon T2i, but I think this would be even more awesome with the DIY top handle idea.

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find-price-button Straight Bracket with Two Adjustable Flash Shoe Mounts

14 thoughts on “Dual L Bracket DIY Fig Rig Stabilizer- First Video?

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  2. Tony Carretti


    I just wanted to let you know that I updated the rig again. It wasn't as rigid as I would have liked so I did some modifications. It turned out really well this time and the best part is that it has become modular! I can go from completely handheld, to the rig, to the tripod almost instantly.

    Take a look and see what you think...



    P.S. -getem, this may work for you so you don't have to return the Sima bracket and still feel secure.

  3. getem

    I bought the one from Andorama and it simply does not hold the weight properly with a battery grip, wide lens and led light mounted.....

    Maybe it needs two of them? Personally I think it feels very cheap, I will be returning it as I am not happy at all with this product from Adorama

  4. Emm

    Post author

    Mine is Metal. The bracket is thin which if used with very heavy weight make it a bit weird to hold. It would feel better if it were round wide handles for very heavy weights. For just a simple T2i it's fine.

  5. videoguy916

    I have been using these L-shapped brackets for a few years now, and have bought several different brands. The one I have now is solid metal (steel). It has no branding on it and I cannot figure out what brand it is or where I bought it.

    Question: Are these sima brackets metal or plastic?

    A while ago I was using a plastic bracket, maybe it was a sima, and thought it would support the weight of the Sony FX1 I was shooting with. The bracket snapped in half! Luckily I caught the camera with my other hand.

    So before I order another L-bracket, I want to know what brand is metal?

  6. Tony


    If you got the Sima L bracket, it should screw into the T2i base just fine. The threads aren't that long to begin with. Make sure you didn't cross thread it by accident.

    I went ahead and further modified my setup to work with my original "fig rig" for added stability. It's late now, but I will post another video tomorrow at some point showing the whole kit and kaboodle... (did I just really write that...?)


  7. getem

    Excuse my ignorance but do you need the base plate for this to work? I just received my L Bracket and it does not mount firmly to the bottom of my t2i


  8. Tony

    OK, went ahead and walked around a little this afternoon with the rig carrying the following:

    550D body with Tamron 17-50 2.8 VC zoom
    Battery grip
    Rode Video mic
    Z96kit video light

    While everything fits nicely, the shear weight of the camera, lens and battery grip might be a little overwhelming for the rig using the Sima L Brackets. It would probably do much better using an L bracket made of aluminum. This rig would be awesome with a smaller camera OR something like my HFS100 video camera.

    Will have to look into finding some beefier L brackets so I will feel more secure with this.


  9. Tony

    I looked on Varizoom's site and they don't sell the base separately anymore. In fact, the newer version of the Flowpod has a different type of QR/base plate.

    Fabbing up something similar would probably be pretty easy though and cheaper too.

    -Wallbanger, it's a little heavy. But you can manage to hold with either hand and still get to the focus ring. The LCDVF gives an extra point of contact so that helps also.

    Will try to get out and shoot some footage with it this afternoon. If anything looks good, I'll put it up on my vimeo site and link back to it here.


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