Drop Test on New Zacuto ZFinder EVF

Redrock Micro was the first to the scene with the 'microEVF' announcement, but still no word on what's going on with that. Zacuto made an announcement about an EVF (very) shortly after, and here they are showcasing an actual working product with complete specs far far ahead of RRM. Here Steve Weiss drops the much anticipated Zacuto EVF (Electronic View Finder) to show off the durability. Let's hope this really doesn't happen on any of your shoots, especially twice from 12ft. Should it happen, at least you know you have a fighting chance with this sturdy little monitor. The new Z-Finder EVF is listed to start at $675 without a Loupe, up to $1K for the full deal, and a few options in between. The new 3.2" LCD EVF has a resolution of 800x480 and will be powered on Canon LP-E6 batteries or optional 12V external. Said to be shipping next month (May) and Pre-orders are now available on the Zacuto website. Check out more of the features this little EVF is said to provide. I have a feeling with all of the new cameras coming out later this year, they will sell out fast (not just for DSLRs).

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13 thoughts on “Drop Test on New Zacuto ZFinder EVF

  1. imgpro615

    it costs more than a T2i with the kit lens...i like the DIY finder...making one this week...and 2nd body in a couple projects

  2. Zach

    Anyone that has take Non-Linear Editing 101 can easily swap out a dropped EVF with a new one. Or make the EVF turn into a banana on the first bounce.

    Either you believe that they're being honest, or you don't. Personally I think Zacuto is honest enough that they'd only pull a stunt like that on the day after March.

    Still if I had an extra $1k to spend & I could get a EVF or a 60D, I'd really need a good reason to get an EVF instead of an entirely new camera.

  3. Diesel

    Yeah, Give me a SmallHD for that kind of money. Redrock quote is a bit more reasonable but we'll see.

  4. Agree w HDtography. Just ridiculous pricing. How about a less robust version for a decent price, and like all my other gear, I just won't drop it.

  5. The EVF leaves frame, every time before the plug it back in. I'd want to see the test with the EVF never leaving frame. That also being said it does not have the Z Finder on it. The EVF could easily be getting switched out of frame of camera. I'd wan't to see the EVF the whole time.

    But who cares, does this mean Zacuto says it will cover drop or physical damage?

  6. It appears he turns the unit off prior to dropping it each time. That is why it drops out of view when he brings it back so he can turn it back on.

  7. HD-tography

    WAY to much money for what they are, and don't give me the standard R&D excuse Zacuto is infamous for, it's a plastic box around a LCD panel, not exactly rocket science.

    Drop test was a bit entertaining, meant to conjure up warm youthful memories of high school science class...

    Totally pass on this, just get a smallHD for that kind of money, I'm sure they will be right around the corner on this one anyway, most certainly for less scratch... However we are bound to see a barrage of Chinese and Korean clones in mere weeks/months which will be just as capable. What is with the still 800×480 res on small LCDs? You would think technology would be advancing in this area but it seems to be lagging behind worldwide progress on every other level of DSLR products.

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