DJI Ronin DIY Gimbal Support BackPack $90 Dollars or Less

A short while ago I shared a DIY concept of mounting fiberglass rods into a backpack for supporting heavy stabilizers or gimbals like the DJI Ronin. Although mine was just a working concept, Vimeo member Coriolis-Visuals went all in on his build putting together a very clean and functional support system for about $90 bucks (or less) in parts [minus backpack].

In order to pull something like this off, you'll need a backpack with a waist support and preferably a chest strap (as seen in the video). This prevents the backpack from pulling away as you flex the fiberglass rods. It's unlikely you'll ever be able to break the fiberglass rods, but in this build a Braided Hose sits over the rods adding a layer or safety. The use of quick adjustable lashing straps was a great idea to position the gimbal up high or low. Great job on this build and thanks for sharing Jim!

Obviously you can modify any of the build suggestions, but if you want to take a look at my original video showing how I made my prototype version visit the original article

9 thoughts on “DJI Ronin DIY Gimbal Support BackPack $90 Dollars or Less

  1. @Jim.. where did your video go? I know I am late to the DIY game, but I am very interested in your design details.

  2. Jim

    @ Nasir Rahim, Hi Nasir I would gladly help you if you need
    any instructions, but as far as building it for you I do not have the time or patients to make something for anyone but myself, as DIY suggests it all on you.

    I would also never charge or accept payment since my design
    was based off of Emm's, and Emm's was based off of the Atlas.

    By no means would I want to take money for something
    that was not 100% my idea, it's just not worth the legal hassle. And Besides Atlas is a nice product if you can afford it.

    and on that note my favorite 3 Axis Gimbal Support thus far
    is the Ready Rig httpss://, this thing checks all the right boxes for me, still pricy but at about $2000.00 it looks to be a winner for all mods (High, Low, Briefcase etc..) and has a lower height than any rod based support yet, meaning it can run through a doorway
    without hitting the top.

    But Emm's and now my design are both working and functional Cheaper DIY solutions.

    Have fun, and DIY the shit out of it!

  3. nb

    great diy ideas but how come we never see a video that's shot with it.
    you have your camera already balanced and all, a couple of 5-10 secs of walking shots wouldn't hurt. I'm curious.

  4. Jim

    @Roger Hart
    I just wanted to add that my next DIY Camera support design
    could make you a believer.

    Stay tuned, this ones gonna rock!

  5. Jim

    @Emm & @Roger Hart

    I would like to add that I could easily lighten this support by cutting the center out of the 3/4" plywood, but it feels great as it is, and it can double as a "Back Straightener" if you have a hunched back 😛

    Seriously this DIY Support Backpack works great and feels great!!
    and as far as "using interchangeable rods for different weight rigs" that's as easy as buying thicker/thinner Rods from


    at a cost of about $4.00 to $6.00 per rod if that much,
    and simply slipping them in to the PVC pipe.

    Here is a tip:
    I cut my (Home Depot 3/4in.x2ft.PVC Sch.40 [email protected]$1.24 each)PVC pipe by 3&1/2 inches making them shorter because the longer the pipe the stiffer the fiberglass rods become,
    I Did a lot of testing with the 3/8 solid fiberglass rods and this worked great with the BMCC and all of my DSLR cameras.

    Thanks again Emm.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Roger Hart - You should try reading the original article (as stated in this article). That's already been pointed out about being similar to the other support. In my book, lighter doesn't always translate to better, especially at 5 times the price. If you want slimmer profile you can use a tactical vest instead of a backpack. Obviously if you're ok with paying for something, that's great. A solid DIY will do fine for others as well.

  7. Hi Em,
    This DIY support is very similar in concept to the Atlas system which I own. The Atlas has several models with one and two rod designs and uses interchangeable rods for different weight rigs. The Atlas is much lighter and slimmer than this DIY setup with the backpack.

  8. Jim

    Wow thanks Emm, but all of this DIY concept belongs here, with you, and all the while I was just a fan of Cheesycam,
    Now I'm a part of the DIY movement, and that to me is priceless.

    Thank you Emm,
    for everything you have done and shown us over the years.

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