DJI Phantom GoPro Quadcopter w/ Sony RX100 MOD

Just showing a quick video of me setting up the DJI Phantom Quadcopter designed specifically for the GoPro Hero cameras. The directions are a little weird, but I got through the user manual and was able to get it off the ground in less than an hour. The Phantom is Ready-To-Fly with no setup required except for a few AA batteries in the remote. Once you place the battery into the Phantom you go through a series of system calibrations and then off you go. Though many will not consider this a professional Quadcopter - THIS IS STILL NOT A TOY.

Video sample of GoPro Hero3 with Phantom

I've already modified a special mount for the Sony RX100 Camera because it has better video quality than the GoPro and built in Image Stabilization. I basically took an old GoPro mount and modified it with a little hacksaw. It fits natively to the Phantom, and the right angle mounts under the RX100 (upside down). The camera is short enough so that it doesn't touch the ground as the Phantom lands.

Cheesycam RX100 Phantom Quadcopter

DJI Phantom RX100 Cheesycam

Quadcopter RX100 DJI Phantom

The test flight was a success and the Phantom has no issues carrying the Sony RX100. It's dark right now so I don't have anything worth showing, but tomorrow i'll try to give her a test flight in an open field and share some of that footage. You can find the DJI Phantom Quadcopter following the link via eBay (click here).

GoPro DJI Phantom Quadcopter DJI QuadCopter
find-price-button DJI Phantom GoPro Quadcopter Kit GPS + NAZA-M - eBay

If you're lucky and they are still in stock, the DJI Phantom Quadcopter Ready-to-Fly kits are also available via Amazon (click here)

DJI Phantom QuadCopter GoPro Hero Flight
find-price-button DJI Phantom QuadCopter for GoPro Video Cameras - Amazon

DJI Phantom Quadcopters Currently on eBay

62 thoughts on “DJI Phantom GoPro Quadcopter w/ Sony RX100 MOD

  1. david

    hello i tried this but the craft vivrates a lot, battery obviusly last less. what prop can i use to increase stabilty andl lift power. i am using 2800 battery 5 minutes of fligth it also has a dampening base or mount.

  2. david

    hi there does any one know how to make the rx 100 2 make video right side up even if camera is upside down
    regards david

  3. Jesse

    Also interested in a step by step for making a mount for the RX100 or other point and shoot camera...

  4. 4FR

    Any updates on this topic guys!? I only want to take photos with my Phantom and would love to use the RX100 or even the new RX100 II - Has anyone found a good solution or is it too heavy?

    Thanks for any thoughts!

  5. Vicky

    Have you tried to take continuous aerial image with the RX 100 at 20.3 mp? The gopro is too distorted and the resolution is not great. I am just wondering whether the RX 100 can give you good and steady RAW image. I have a phantom but i am not happy with the gopro 12mp resolution to be used as a still image.

  6. Anthony

    Emm, whats the latest on this? Would love to see some footage of the RX100 mounted to the phantom. I'm interested in mounting the Sony HX30V to a Phantom as the camera has by far the best optical stabiliser I have seen on ANY camera. Should make for some super smooth footage.

  7. metku

    hi i got the mount but may i know the size of the nut used to mount the camera? i use the standard nut (fits in the camera mount) but it wont go thru the go pro mount. please help.

  8. Huisman

    I'm planning to attach new Panasonic DMC-FT5 (in Europe) as it is shockproof and has time lapse . I'm taking mainly photos. I would prefer camera wit RAW (under 250g and time lapse) but I have not found any which would be suitable for Phantom. If somebody has any ideas it would be great to hear. Btw there is some kind of gimbal coming out from DJI in the future.

  9. Holland

    I exchanged my Gopro 3 Black due to endless freezing problems. Quality of the Sony RX100 is a least equal.
    When cloudy even far better than Gopro.
    I'm now developing a crash protection frame around the Sony in case of..

  10. Emm, I purchased the prop balancer but awaiting a modified gopro mount to absorb more vibration than the standard mount. I hope you can use your giant computer-like brain to come up with a solution for us mortals.

  11. Speed and Timing (11.00)

    The RX100 supports both a burst mode and true continuous shooting with no buffer limit. In this same menu, you’ll also find a lightly customizable self-timer with options for self-portrait, as well as exposure and white balance bracket settings.

    Using Speed Priority mode, which triggers a 10 shot burst followed by slower shots that continue indefinitely, we clocked the RX100 at exactly 10 frames per second for the initial burst. Continuous shooting, which does also slow down eventually, is slower at only 2.5 frames per second.

    RAW drive modes are also supported, at the cost of reduced speed. The fastest RAW burst the camera can manage is a little over 4.2 frames per second. Not bad.

  12. Simon

    Is there a way to shoot stills rather than video with one of these? I know the gopro does stills but it doesn't seem to the the best quality stills camera. The rx100 looks like it would do the job but there is no way to trigger the shutter and it doesn't have an invalometer.

  13. Raptor50Aus

    I see the supplied gopro mount has alot of sideways rocking slop. I will change it for a stick on gopro mount which should eliminate alot of jello and use the gopro case.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Gonzalo - I am still working on my own Phantom, but others have been able to create a better mount for the GoPro, but first and foremost you need to balance the propellers. There is a small kit that that will help you do this, and you can find many tutorials on YouTube. You basically sand down each propeller until they are balanced so one is not heavier than the other. Here's a good propeller balancer kit (here).

  15. @Emm Could you please send some information about how you absorved the vibration of the frame, some footage. thanks and congratulatios for this great Blog

  16. Ross

    I think the video here is more than comparable with lots I've seen using way larger & more expensive lifting rigs. (I'm guessing any jerkiness is due to the vimeo player) With the Sony weighing what it does, did you have any problems lifting it and any throttle left to play with?
    I know the AR Drone groans with anything like 200g attached, and reduces flightime so much that's it's not worth the bother. The phantom looks great. I'm no RC guru and the idea of a plug and play system appeals.
    Thanks for putting up the article.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Weelian - I doubt i'll ever get as serious as you, but you never know. I see the problem that most people have with the Phantom out of the box is 'jello' footage. I still have to balance the props on the Phantom, but I just tried some vibration absorbing material and it worked amazingly well, even without balancing the props. Instead of trying to work on just the camera mount, i've actually absorbed vibration through the entire frame. I'll have more information this week.

  18. Looks like you have caught the multicopter cam bug Emm! I have been experimenting with them for the past 2 years. Progressed from KK board flight controllers to my current Arducopter APM2.5.

    Here's my KK2 board equipped Tricopter with the GoPro Hero 3 shot video.Props and motors still need some balancing.

    Here's another one shot with my TBS clone quad. This one is on a GoPro hero 1 though.

  19. Has anyone tried mounting an iPhone on this? With the Luma camera app ther is a pretty decent stabilizer and the phone does pretty good video. I ordered one but wondering in the meantime

  20. Has anyone tried mounting an iPhone on this? With the Luma camera app there is a pretty decent stabilizer and the phone does pretty good video. I ordered one but wondering in the meantime

  21. J Hanna

    Hi all,
    Be careful where you fly these. In the city of LA it is illegal to fly these things. With or without a permit.

  22. Just to add one more thing to what Kaz touched on and to counter what some others have said...please DO NOT fly over public areas where there are cars, trolleys, trains, or people! Don't fly near or over a submarine unless you want to get a visit from the marines. Flying over wildlife is probably generally ok, but depending on the area and animals might get you a visit from the humane society.

    Always fly with safety in mind, and remember that for professional use it is currently illegal to do aerial photos / video from an unmanned aerial vehicle. Rules and regulations are currently being discussed to make it legal, and while that is happening no one wants there to be any significant (or significantly stupid) situations that occur to cause more limitations or outright bans on doing this type of work.

    So please think before you fly. Don't put others into harms way. Don't fly over crowds, in dense urban areas, or over military or civilian vehicles (without explicit permission). And always let those around know how dangerous the copter is before you show them how cool it is.

  23. @Marcus

    The video you shot using the hexacopter, what is the setup? You mentioned it is not expensive one but the cheapest I can get is the DJI S800 with Zenmuse in order to produce something that stabilized. Care to share?

    When you told @Buster that to buy some propeller balancer, may I know which site did you get these reliable propeller balancer from?

    I have no quadcopter, but interested in investing in one and might go with something in the range of USD 1000 - USD 3000. This DJI Phantom is looking more interesting and more stabilize that the last time I saw the footage coming out of it.

  24. itsjohnny2

    That nice that it's NAZA equipped. Can one add the GPS module?

    I just started my build of a Ecilop Easy and Nex5 or GH3 combo.

  25. Whoa this looks like a pretty sweet setup. Leaning toward getting an RX100 for a walk-around but this might be a great use for it if I need some aerial footage. Look forward to more updates on this.

  26. kaz

    @pops - the graupner 8x5 e-props gave me noticeably smoother video using a GoPro, using the RX100 it was slightly better but not night and day. It's more important to just balance whichever ones you are using...the Graupners are more to have rigidity for sport flying, not exactly what the Phantom is built for (though you can do it). Especially when playing around you will most likely crash, or bump, or fall over when landing in high need to break $40 in props, just use the stock ones and balance them.

    Here's Tony at RC Drones sport flying his Phantom (he changed props, added rx/tx, turned on manual mode) Like

  27. shoestring concerts

    Wouldnt the way to go be to create a shock mount like you would for a microphone, only big enough for a gopro or preferably a hx9v or rx100?

  28. kaz

    I got my Phantom 2 weeks ago and have learned a lot, here are my humble short tips from a 2 week newbie, to brand new newbies waiting to get theirs:

    1-read up on LiPo battery safety and fires, just get at least a LiPo battery bag or just charge outside. The stock batteries are high quality but, just be safer than sorry. A search on YouTube for lipo fires should explain everything 🙂

    2-balance your props (search YouTube) this will allow the use of the stock GoPro attachment and greatly reduced jello -this in addition to Sorbothane, earplug platforms, etc. will get you great video. To get the roll and pitch out of the video you will need virtually no wind, and be barely touching the throttle or coasting in ATTI mode.

    3-use the Naza assistant software via USB to active IOC (go on the DJI website) this will allow you to have the Course Lock mode and Home lock mode activated. Out of the box these are not turned on.

    4-remove your props when the Phantom is plugged in with power, and you are working on it via USB or any other reason - it's basically a flying lawnmower, if you've never seen a modern day quad spooling up for flight, the blades are almost violent when up to speed and they make mincemeat out of skin and fingers(that's a fun google search)

    5-this one is common sense, but fly away from people in general, not over strangers heads...the normal stuff that you tend to forget because it's pretty exciting to fly this thing. In dense city areas like LA, NYC, you are going to get stopped by public safety patrols and police, a lot. Go to the country side or park, big soccer fields, etc. I flew mine very high above the pool in the middle of downtown LA, and if one of the props had broken mid flight or the flight controller went haywire it would have landed on top of a person's head 2 blocks away most amazing video but I won't be doing that again lol.

    6- there are amazing forums from highly experienced fliers who can help all of us newbies, I've been on in the multiprop section, there are many other communities. The most expected result of you getting into this via the Phantom is you will want at least 2 more quads...a tiny one to fly indoors (I got the RC Logger Eye One), and a larger one that can have more stable footage - have fun! (ordering a QAV500) and anyone who is not a newbie pointers are welcome, still learning.

  29. @Emm

    i know, that's why i wrote that this thing is perfect for beginners. but i wouldn't put a rx100 on it when i start flying things like this. when you crash the gopro nothing will happen,maybe the case get's some scratches.


    the key is to balance your propellers. you can buy some propeller balancer and use tesa to put it on the side which is lighter.

  30. Emm

    Post author

    @Marcus - Thanks for sharing, footage looks awesome. I think eventually people want to achieve the best footage possible, but we all have to start somewhere small and affordable.

  31. William

    I live in one of the windiest parts of the country. I wonder how well that little quad will do down here. I would definitely invest in a 2axis gimbal if they were to ever develop one.

  32. Kenswift

    Emm I love the Phantom. Saw it first on your blog and agree, I hate the way the GOPRO video looks. Lots if guys working in a custom gimble but I like your setup the best. I'm going to pick up an RX100 and do the same mod. Thanks

  33. buster

    guys, I just got my phantom with a GO PRO 3 but I'm having MAJOR Jello issues, could you please post details on what you used to reduce vibration? Its driving me CRAZY!

  34. that's a really good thing for practice and i would prefere to use it with the gopro. because when you start flying you will crash. another thing what i miss on that little thing is a gimbal with gyro control. because if you want to fly fast forward the camera is nearly pointing down.

    you can get good footage with a quadrocopter a bit bigger, if you know how to build one. i use a nex5n for my aerial stuff.

    here is what it looks like:

    httpss:// shot with a hexa, but not expensive + cheap ebay gimbal

    httpss:// shot with quadro and cheap ebay gimbal too

    but as i say, start small to feel comfortable when flying. fly circles, fly eights... without crash 😉

  35. Martin

    Looks still kinda shaky.
    I think IS can do with vibrations but for big unvoluntary twists and tilts you will need an "air steadicam". If not invented, it's time to invent it now! 😀

  36. Martin

    Hey Emm,

    how about trying to capture some aerial footage over the windy part of Lombard Street ...zoom past a trolley going up Hyde Street on the way.

    Maybe some footage of the submarine (USS Pampanito?) down at Fisherman's Wharf ...catch it going out into the bay ...maybe submerging, if it does it near shore. Buzz around a few sea lions, if they're around this time of year ...laying around the pier.

    Flying over a vineyard or the San Francisco National Cemetery at Presidio(?) might be a cool effect.

    An elevator shot of some of the big trees in the local parks (Muir Woods?) of San Francisco.

    Buzzing around Alcatraz would be something.

    Man! ...there are a ton of cool spots in and around San Francisco. Haven't visited since 1986 or 1987.

  37. Emm

    Post author

    @Shah101 - No it won't. That would be too big for this little copter. I find this one has the right features for someone to practice with before stepping into one for a larger camera. It's stable and easy to maneuver.

  38. Emm

    Post author

    @Kaz - That's totally wicked. Your video looks very smooth already compared to what it looks like Out of the box. I know it doesn't take much to DIY something that will get better performance, I just have to spend more time playing with it.

  39. Kaz

    Emm - here's a quick second test I did with the RX100 on my Phantom

    You might find without something between the camera and the Phantom you'll get some jello even with active stabilization on - I used Sorbothane and a vibration mount on mine to get it that smooth. Also try coasting in ATTI mode to get the smoothest video, there are also some 2 axis gimbals being developed for the GoPros.

  40. You continually out do yourself. I love it. Can't wait to see your RX100 footage.
    I wish I could get one of these for my RX100. But living in NYC, I'd be shut down pretty fast, trying to get some street shots, or park shots, or harbor shots, or other streets, or anywhere.

  41. if it can take the sony maybe the eos-m would work its like 30 grams difference in weight. but the power shot N in white is lie the perfect match for this copter

  42. Tom

    So keen to see a video and review, I've got an Ar Drone and am looking forward to getting something more reliable and compatible

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