DJI Phantom GoPro Mount Jello Fix

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The DJI Phantom Quadcopter for the GoPro Hero cameras are still gaining popularity, but getting smooth footage is impossible without a few modifications. The first step is to ensure your rotors are balanced properly, and then start looking into a way to create an isolation mount for your camera. There's been several ideas on how to create this, but this DIY Wire Isolation Mount seems to be a great and more secure solution.

The single wire isolation mount design is adjustable to have more or less tension. A few web searches show how to DIY one yourself, or if you're not the DIY type, check out one ready made GoPro Hero Wire Isolation Mount for the DJI Phantom now available via eBay (click here).

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8 thoughts on “DJI Phantom GoPro Mount Jello Fix

  1. gnarg


    Do you have another Post/links i may have missed which reviews any other accessories for the DJI Phantom? With the $200 price drop this week I couldn't resist picking one of these up along with lots of extra batteries, props, etc. Figured if I'm going to abuse one learning might as well be a less expensive model then I can consider what the upgrades will offer on the new models which I believe will be out later this fall. Do you feel these wire type mounts work better than the ones that use the rubber grommets in reducing vibration?. I read somewhere that with the rubber ones because of the softness of the rubber may not support the weight of a GoPro if you want to use it with its waterproof case. If I find the quad copter thing to be useful in my business I probably will step up and buy one of the more expensive gimbal mounts but I also might wait to see if it makes since to spend $699 plus the additional upgrades necessary for this legacy model or wait to adapt such capabilities to a newer version of a quad which will probably offer more capabilities as a stock model.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Rick - ND helps, but far from a fix I have tried. Especially when the scene changes exposure so quickly in the late afternoon it will just boist noise levels in the camera.

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