DIY Time Lapse Skater Dolly

Great little video from Vimeo member Stavros Koulis showing the build process of a Time Lapse Skater Dolly using an arduino controller. You may not require the need for a skater, but the parts list and instructions might be a good start for adding motion control to even a slider. For a complete parts list and build instructions, check out the article at

DIY time Lapse skater dolly

6 thoughts on “DIY Time Lapse Skater Dolly

  1. What is the need for that big box as a controller, why not use the simple switch that you (Emm) used on your motorized juicedlink slider? Could you hook that up to a very slow motor and put it on a pico flex dolly? Or is there a need for the giant controller box thing and 15mm rails?

  2. Martin Roberts

    You can see my solution for the controller for a slider here. along with the sketch and flicker photos. httpss://

    The slider build has already been posted on CheesyCam, but I never got around to sending in the link to the controller.


  3. People would make so much money if they would just produce these things for us instead of posting DIY we would never attempt for fear of them being too hard and confusing.

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