DIY Single Slider Stand

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When you've got yourself a fairly long slider (usually over 4ft.), it will often require one very very heavy tripod, or two simple lightweight stands. There's also a few sliders that ALWAYS require two stands, like JuicedLink's latest DIY slider. Rod's DIY solution is to use a single ironing board that is quick to setup, can adjust to various heights, fold flat, and is dirt cheap. [Thanks Rod] Keep note that you'll probably require some level ground as each corner is not adjustable.

If you're concerned about aesthetics, another cheap solution that mimics the same folding and height adjustment features as an ironing board is a musicians keyboard stand (as found below).

Keyboard Stand
find-price-button Adjustable Height Folding Keyboard Stand

17 thoughts on “DIY Single Slider Stand

  1. Elliot

    @NormanBates I have the 190xprob and it works fine with the glideshot 4ft crane which weighs like 7 pounds. When I turn up the friction it gets off the ground.

    I put like 5lbs of weight on it and it holds up fine.

    BTW I love that idea with the keyboard stand. I'll try that!

    Does anyone have any idea of something that will fold up and go in a backpack??
    I don't really want to buy a 2nd tripod xD

  2. I'm using either a velbon DV-7000 or a 717 for my 88cm long zaza 16-60 slider..
    not amazingly tough but will hold it as long as it's not over the head. (tripods will hold the weight but not the heads..)

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @NormanBates - I haven't tried the taller version, but i'm using those same ones here httpss://

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @NormanBates - The one I used under the Konova in this article will work httpss://

  5. Kenrik

    I have the metal sawhorse that was posted here a while ago. Much nicer, compact and professional setup IMO.


  6. what kind of tripod would be enough to single-handedly support a 3 feet slider with a 3 pounds load?

    my current (cheap) tripod holds it in place, but gives in when I slide the camera

    would a manfrotto 190 or 055 be enough? how about the 755?

    and those cheaper amazon options from D&S, Rivelli, AVT, libec, etc, are they strong enough?

  7. This gave me a great idea. When I am shooting a wedding there is usually always an ironing board in the hotel room of the bride and groom. This will help with higher and elevated slider shots. Glad I saw this.

  8. Amused Observer

    Unlike Michel, I like the ironing board approach.

    I can first shoot some slider video, then get to those shirts I've been meaning to press ...

  9. michel

    Keyboard stand!! I got really tired of setting up the slider so the ends wouldn't bend down, this is a cheap and fast solution. Thanks!

  10. crazyrunner33

    Great idea! This will be perfect for the 5 foot slider I'm making. It'd probably also work well with a table dolly if you lay a nice flat surface on it like aluminum sheet metal.

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